-One year later-

"Yang where are we going!?" yelled Blake as she hung on tighter to Yang. Yang quickly turned a sharp left, her motorcycle screeching against the pavement.

"We're almost there! Just wait a little longer! And hey no peeking! You better keep that blindfold on!" yelled back Yang.

Blake rolled her eyes and rested her head on Yang's shoulder. They rode the dark, empty streets of Vale a few more minutes before they finally arrived a well lit italian restaurant. Yang parked the bike in front of the restaurant and they went in. As soon as Yang helped Blake through the door she took off her blindfold and said "Happy anniversary Blake!"

Blake smirked and said "Yang our anniversary was two weeks ago."

"I know, but I couldn't book this place till this week so I pretended to forget and get you a crappy 'last minute' present." Yang said as she sheepishly looked down at her feet.

Blake chuckled and said "Either present would have been fine with me Yang." She got onto her tippy toes and kissed Yang on the cheek. "It's still very sweet of you to do this, thank you."

A light blush spread across Yang's cheeks as she grasped hold of Blake's hand to drag her over to a random table in the empty restaurant. They were both very under-dressed for the fancy restaurant. Blake was wearing jean-shorts, a black low-cut T, and some sandals. Yang was wearing a v-neck shirt with a leather vest, jeans and riding boots.

"Why didn't you tell me we were going to go to a nice restaurant so that I could have dressed nicer?" said Blake.

"Well this is part one of the date and I don't want you to get your nice clothes dirty during part two."

"Part two?"

Yang nodded and smiled, before Blake could question her further a waitress had come over and asked to take their orders. They ate and Yang quickly put the blindfold on her once again before she forgot. Yang lead Blake back to the motorcycle and they took off to the next secret location.

Ten minutes later Blake heard waves crashing and the fresh salty breeze hit her nose. Blake already knew where they were going and But decided to stay silent and cuddle up against Yang a little more. After a few more minutes of what felt like Yang driving in circles, they finally stopped and Yang helped Blake off the bike. She had yet to take off her blindfold well into the trek into the warm sand.

"Okay we're here," Yang turned around and took off Blake's blindfold. When Blake looked around she found herself in the middle of a large heart drawn into the sand. There were four torches round it burning brightly, chasing away any darkness within the drawn heart.

When she looked back at Yang to find her down on one knee and holding out a very expensive looking ring. "Blake Belladonna, you are the light of my world. I have loved you since the first day I saw you. I fell even more when you ran from me and even tried to get me fired. I can't believe that you chose me of all people to be with, but I have got to say that I am the luckiest girl in the world just standing next to you. Ugh I'm rambling now, dammit Ruby, anyway Blake Belladonna will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Blake stood still, the words all hitting her at once. Just when Yang believed she had been rejected and had started to get up off her knee. Blake tackled her down into a bone crushing hug and kissed her like she had never kissed her or anyone else. "So I'll take that as a yes?"

"Yes." responded Blake before going back to kissing her new fiance

-One year after that-

"So? How do I look?" said Yang as spun around, allowing Ruby to see the rest of her tux. It consisted of a sleek jet black jacket, vest, and pants. Her white collar shirt popped against her bright gold bow tie.

"You look good Yang." said Ruby "Are you ready for the big day today?"

"Yeah…" said Yang with a hint of uncertainty. Her face scrunched up and she began to bite on her bottom lip, she resisted the urge of running her hand through her carefully combed hair hair and settled for re-adjusting her bow-tie.

"What's wrong Yang?" Ruby put her hand on Yang's shoulder making her jump and look at Ruby.

"What? Oh, nothing." Yang crossed her arms and began to fidget. Before Ruby could continue to interrogate her, a heavy knock from the other side of the door resonated through the room. Ruby stared at Yang for a few more seconds before walking across the room to open the door. When she opened to door, there stood Tukson waiting patiently with his hands hidden behind his back, he was wearing an all black tux and his usual red tie neatly tied against the collar of his plain white shirt.

He gave Ruby a small smile and said "Hello Ruby. Would you mind if I talked to Yang for a bit?"

His warm silky voice put Ruby on edge. "Yeah sure. Um I mean yes sir. I mean yes Mr. Belladonna." stuttered Ruby while trying to figure out why she had gotten a sudden bad vibe from Tukson.

Tukson laughed and put his over-sized hand on Ruby's shoulder. "It's alright Ruby Tukson is fine." Ruby nodded and walked out of the room with her shoulders hunched, you could almost see a tail tucked between her legs as she walked out. Tukson walked into the room and sat down on the love seat closest to the bed. The room's walls were a pale tan with gold swirls dancing across its edges. A bed with white sheets sat in the middle of the room, next to it was a full length mirror Yang was currently in front of and two wardrobes were on the opposite side of the room with a vase of flowers on it.

Yang sat on the bed and smiled at Tukson. "Hey old man, what brings you around to these parts? Aren't you supposed to be making sure the bride is comfy?"

Tukson smiled and said "Well you are one of the brides, but that's not why I'm here, I'm here because of an important issue we never brushed upon these past few years."

Yang rested her head on her hand and asked, "Really? What's that?"

Tukson leaned back in the love-seat and laced his fingers together, the mood in the room suddenly shifted and the temperature seemed to dropped a few degrees. "I wanted to discuss the consequences for if you were to break my baby girls heart."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that Tukson. I lo-"

"Don't. Interrupt. Me." interrupted Tukson. Yang silently nodded and waited for him to continue. "As I was saying, if you were to break my little kitty cat's heart I will break you. I will kill everyone you love and make you watch as I burn their dead bodies front your. You'll see their dead eyes silently blaming you for what you did to them. You'll stew in your own sadness and guilt begging me to kill you. Then, and only then will I kill you in the slowest most painful way possible." Yang swallowed and stared into his ice cold amber eyes, for a long minute before his mood did a complete one-eighty and he hopped out of his chair with a big smile on his face. "Well that's all I wanted to talk about,". He harshly patted her shoulder on his way to the door and said "Good luck on the wedding! I'm sure it'll be a wonderful ceremony." and with that he walked out of the door, leaving Yang to silently go into a panic attack.

Yang sat perfectly still until Ruby walked into the room. "Yang it's an hour until the ceremony are you ready?"

Ruby noticed Yang"s glazed eyes and grabbed her shoulder. Yang jumped and stared at Ruby as if she had seen a ghost. "Ruby, I have to leave the wedding a and disappear forever. If i disappear everyone will be safe, Blake will understand right? Right?"

Yang continued to ramble about leaving as she the length of the room. While Yang was busy pacing and coming up with a plan of escape Ruby managed to call Nora. "Nora? Code blue and call Sun for help too."


Ruby locked her phone and tried to calm Yang down, ultimately succeeding in agitating her even more. Yang made a mad dash for the door and opened it to find Nora standing there with her arms crossed and a smirk stretched across her face. She turned away from the door and ran across the room to the window with Nora on her trial. The moment she opened the window Sun jumped in through it from a nearby tree blocking off her last exit. She tried to run for the door one last time, but Nora had locked it behind herself. Sun and Nora tackled her down to the ground and Yang still got back up with Sun and Nora clinging to her. At this point Yang's irises had turned completely red and she had powered through her friends clinging to her, she had slowly inched her way out the door when Ruby finally joined in and helped tackle Yang down to the ground and back into the room.


Blake twirled in her pure white dress allowing Weiss to see her all dolled up for the wedding. "You look beautiful Blake."

Blake smiled and said "Thank you Weiss."

Shortly after Blake and Yang had gotten together, Ruby and Yang had conspired together to make Blake and Weiss friends again. After weeks upon weeks of arguing and yelling, Blake and Weiss were finally able to be friendly towards one another and soon after they had become close friends again.

"How are you doing with the nerves?" asked Weiss.

"I think I'm doing well, I don't think it's hit me yet that I'm going to be marrying Yang yet. Right now I'm in between being excited, happy, nervous and a bit scared, but I'm sure as soon as I see Yang waiting for me across the aisle all of that will go away and I'll just be happy." said Blake.

"I'm glad you finally found someone Blake."

"You too Weiss. So, do I hear wedding bells for you too?"

Weiss laughed and said "I really don't know that's up to Ruby."

After fifteen minutes of struggling Yang finally calmed down enough to tell them what had happened with Blake's dad. "Yang, you forgot to factor in the fact that you love Blake too much to ever break her heart." said Ruby as she up got off Yang, along with Sun and Nora.

Yang sighed and said "I know, but what if I do break her heart? I don't want to put all of you in danger like that."

Ruby put her hand on Yang's shoulder and said "If you somehow manage to break Blake's I swear I'll kill you myself before big daddy Tukson can sink his claws into you and book it to Canada before anyone finds your body."

"Thanks sis, that was oddly comforting." said Yang.

"That's what I'm here fro sis." the looked to sun and Nora and said "Great job team go back to standby mode.' They both saluted Ruby and marched out of the room.

It was finally time to for the wedding, all the guests were waiting for the arrival of the brides. First came Yang, she walked down the aisle accompanied by Ren. He had graciously agreed to walk her down the aisle since her father had gone missing some time after her uncle Quow's death. After her came Ruby in her stunning red bridesmaid dress.

A minute later Blake emerged from around the corner of the hall accompanied by her Father. Yang's breath caught in her thought the moment her eyes met Blake's. The world seemed to stop and for just one moment everything else was lost. It was just them in the over-sized room and all of her silly prenotions of leaving were left in the dust. When Blake finally reached her she couldn't wait to hold her hand and to kiss her one more time. The priest's words flew right over her head, and she hardly paid any attention to the ceremony, the only time she responded was when she had to say her vows, and I do's. When she was finally able to kiss Blake and call her her's was the best moment of her life.



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