I woke up the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I groggily rolled out of my black and lavender striped sheets and made my my to the door. Upon opening the door I found Yang with a big smile stretched across her face.

"Goooooodd morning!" She yelled as I shut the door in her face, locked it and tried to go back to my bed. Before I could reach my bed Yang burst into the room and cuffed my left hand. "Sorry Blake but we still have another six days of this before your punishment is over."

"How'd you get into my room? I thought I had locked the door."

"Oh your dad gave the universal key to the most of the rooms in the house in case you tried to lock me in a room again."

Dammit that was the next plan to run away from her.

"So what are we going to do today?" She asked as I tried to pull my way to my comfy bed. It had been months since I had slept in it since I usually just slept in the clock room.

"I just want go back to sleep Yang."

"Nope. I want do something other than chase you around and read." I just looked at her and tried to go back to my bed before she started to drag me out of the room and into the hallway.

"Come on let's do something!"

"Fine we'll do something after we get these cuffs removed because I am not even going to be seen in public with this thing on my wrist."

Yang seemed to think it over for a couple of minutes before her smile grew and said "Sure!"

"Fine now that I'm up mine as well give you a proper tour of the house instead of having you chase me through it or would you want a tour of the entire estate?"

"Let's do both!" She said as we started to walk in a random direction.

How in the world can someone be this happy and energetic? I really hate giving tours of this place all I want to do is either go back to bed or read in my nice comfy chair in the clock room.

"...-ing first!" I heard Yang say and causing me to break away from my thoughts.

"I'm sorry I wasn't listening what did you say?"

"I said where are going first?"

"I really don't know just pick a place and we'll go there."

We ended up going to the garden behind the house it was a massive garden with hedges of roses around the perimeter and plenty of of rows of large trees that provided a lot of shade every once in a while we would come across the occasional bench. The garden was so large it was basically a maze to anyone who didn't know their way around.

That's it! As soon as I get these stupid things off I'll just get her lost in the maze. My malicious thoughts caused me to smile. One of which that did not go unnoticed by Yang.

"Wow! You finally smiled!" I looked at her after her outburst and went back to my usual expressionless face.

"Aw come on smile again." I ignored her and continued walking through the garden.

"Please smile again you look beautiful when you smile." The comment made me turn away from her to hide the bush that had started to form.

"Come on you need to face the situation." After her horrible joke she burst out into giggles and I smiled a bit at how cute she is when she laughs.

Wait cute? Oh hell no... No way I'm starting to feel something for this girl... Crap... Well it doesn't matter she'll be gone soon anyway.

"Oh hey there's that smile again!"

Oh hell she noticed me smiling again. I sped up to the point where I was dragging her behind me, making her trip and take me down with her.

"Ow" We said in unison tried to get up from the nicely cut green grass.

For some reason Yang started laughing again making both of us sit down on the grass. After the first few giggles I started to join her.

Man long has it been since I really laughed?

"See there's that beautiful smile." I looked over to Yang before quickly getting up with a small bush on my face.

"Come on. There's still more to see."


We finished exploring the garden and I took Yang to see the rest of the house, but the estate was so big that we could only explore half before we called it a day and ended up in the clock room.

"Well today was fun, but I have to go home I'll see you tomorrow Blake. "

"Okay goodbye Yang." She left and I couldn't help but miss her just a bit. I sat down on my comfy chair and started to reflect on today's events.

I really want her to stay... but I really don't think I'm ready for another relationship. I need to get rid of her sooner rather than later before this crush develops into something more.

I stayed up late reading and eventually drifted off thinking of Yang. The next morning I woke up to the door of the clock room opening and closing with a soft click. I kept my eyes closed and waited for whoever entered the room to get closer before I attacked. The moment I felt the presence close enough to attack I quickly pulled out the knife from under the cushion of the chair, rolled out of the chair and tackled the person down. By the time I opened my eyes I already had my knife against the intruder's neck.

"Is this how you treat all the girls?"

It took me a second to recognize that the person I had my knife against was Yang.

"Oh sorry Yang I've had so many assassination attempts against me that it's a reflex to attack anyone who comes close to me unannounced." I got off Yang and offered her a hand up. She took the hand and got to her feet, her hand lingered in mine for a few moments.

"So um what are we doing today?" She awkwardly took her hand away from mine and seemed to blush a bit.

No that's probably my overactive imagination.

"We could explore the rest of the estate." I said with a shrug.

"Alright" She said sounding relieved.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the rest of the estate and I couldn't help but smile the whole time.



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