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Summary: AU. Kanda, CEO of Infinity Co., and Allen, owner of Crown Clown Café, have been in a relationship since their high school years and they had just moved to begin a new life in a new place. Everything was just going fine but it seems like their past just won't let them go. Yullen.

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****Loving You****

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

"Okairinasai Yuu!" Allen exclaimed to Kanda who was standing at the now opened front door of their new apartment, his jaw slacked.

"What the hell…" Kanda's lips twitched and pointed at Allen.

"Oh this…Hehe Tyki, the guy next door, gave it to me as a welcome present," Allen twirled a few times in his frilly pink apron.

"And he said it looks good on me. Oh, can I go to his apartment tomorrow? He said he would like to have a photo shoot with me tomorrow cause he has lots more for me to try out and if I do that he would even let me keep some of them!" Allen said cheerfully while throwing up his arms in excitement. Kanda slammed the front door close and with several long strides he then pushed Allen to the wall.

"You stay away from that pervert." Kanda said solemnly.

"That's mean Yuu, he's not…" Allen tried to protest but was cut off when Kanda slammed his palms on the wall beside his head, Kanda's glare sending shivers down his spine.

"Stay. Away. From. That. i Kanda said it a word at a time while glaring daggers at the twenty year old boy. Allen shrinks away at the scrutiny and muttered his reply nervously.

"O-Okay…" Kanda sighed deeply and dropped his hands to hold Allen in a tight embrace.

"…Yuu? What's the matter?" Allen was frozen in place, confuse with his lover's sudden change of behavior.

"Is it work again?" Allen asked and Kanda just hugged him tighter.

"I guess that's a yes then," Allen laid his head on Kanda's chest while rubbing his palms in circles on Kanda's back, soothing away the tension off the older man's body.

"So, wanna tell me what happened?"

"Those fucking Noahs stole an important client from the company. I bet that bitch slept with him to make him change the contract..." Kanda murmured to Allen's hair with a slight irritation in his voice. Allen knew whenever Kanda mention 'bitch' it would always referred to Lulubelle of the Noah Family Corporation, the nemesis of the Infinity Corporation.

Kanda Yuu, despite being the company's CEO, he was a really humble human being; he never brags or misuses his fortune or his charms (does he even have one?). Though he is sometimes an ass on the outside, but he's really a gentle, romantic and considerate person in the inside, especially towards his lover, Allen Walker. In comparison to Kanda's job, Allen only works in a café he owned across the street, the Crown Clown Café.

"There, there Yuu. I bet, everything's going to be alright in a few…days, I think," Allen patted the moping raven haired gently.

"For now, let's have dinner first, okay?" He continued. Kanda nodded his head, let go of the white haired in his arms, and stared down at the boy at arm's length.

"Alright then, Itadakimasu…" Out of the blue, Kanda bit Allen's right ear. Kanda's jet black eyes glinted mischievously; the flabbergasted Allen abruptly elbowed the older man and ran to the kitchen his bangs covering his red face.

"It's time for dinner, BaKanda!" Kanda smirked at his runaway meal and sighed nonchalantly then made his way to their bedroom to clean himself.

"Tonight, we'll be having…Spaghetti!" Allen held both of his arms toward the dining table, presenting his cooking to Kanda; which was a huge bowl of spaghetti, with fist size meatballs on top of it.

"I thought I said I want to eat Soba tonight." Kanda snapped at the white haired boy.

"Nu uh, I already gave you Mori for breakfast this morning, I know you had Zaru for lunch, and yesterday we had Oomori for dinner. You know people said that if you frequently eat Soba you'll be an idiot, well that's explain a lot about you, so just shut up and eat." Allen replied in a matter of fact tone. Kanda sweatdrop and seated himself on the table, fit enough for four people. Satisfied with Kanda's compliance, Allen served their dinner and both of them ate in silence.

Glancing once every five seconds towards Kanda, Allen blushed ever slightly when Kanda slurped and suck at his spoon every time it enters Kanda's parted lips. Allen shifted in his chair and shook his head, a blush darkening on his pale cheeks. Noticing the pair of silver blue eyes on him Kanda's dark one looked at the other from the corner of his eyes.

"What's the matter, Moyashi?"

"It's Allen, BaKanda! Mou…we've been together for years now and you still call me that! And here I was hoping that in this new home of ours, you'd at least start calling my first name when you were the one who told me to call you with your first name!" Allen said exasperated, he whipped his head away from the smirking raven haired and continued shoving the spaghetti into his mouth.

"Whatever." Kanda shrugged his shoulder and continued devouring the delicious cooking of his lover, but Kanda would not admit that to his Moyashi. Allen just pouted adorably, the one that the Japanese man absolutely just loves to tease the Brit for it to appear.

"You're doing the dishes tonight BaKanda!" Allen snapped at Kanda, who was still eating, and placed his empty plate in the sink, same goes to the huge bowl of spaghetti.

"What?! But that's supposed to be the wife's job!" Kanda growled with a scowl on his face.

"I don't care! You're the one who ask for it when you piss me off, humph!" Allen turned on his heels and was stomping out of the kitchen/dining room when suddenly Kanda grabbed his waist with both of his hands.

"Oh, no you don't…" Kanda purred into Allen's ear.

"You know, you're still wearing that sissy apron…and I've just finished my first plate, but I'm still…hungry…" Kanda kissed and nipped at Allen's neck.

"D-Don't be stupid…ah…Kan…ah!" Allen muttered but was cut when Kanda suddenly bit the skin on his neck hard enough to draw blood.

"Now, now what…did I told you…to call me," Kanda said between two kisses.

"Yu…Yuu…" Allen sighed after moments of moaning, and his knees started to buckle from Kanda's hot touches. Kanda smirked and swept Allen off his feet then laid him with hungry kisses; Allen smiled and circles his arms around Kanda's neck to move his body even more closely to Kanda. Not able to take it anymore Kanda walked to their room across the living room straight ahead with Allen still in his arms.

"Wait Yuu…how about…the…dishes…?" Allen breathes heavily.

"That'll have to wait until I finish this meal in my arms…" and they continued. Kanda kicked the bedroom door open and threw Allen on the King size bed. Allen was already weakened by the kisses he'd received, so he just laid there trembling slightly without his lover's warmth. Kanda slipped his shirt off and crawled on top of his meal.

"Itadakimasu…" He whispered huskily and proceeded with their love making, well according to Kanda, his second course.

Tsuzuku kamo… (Might be continued…)

(Continuation of A/N)

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