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****Loving You****

Chapter 2: Allen's day



After placing the freshly baked Cheese cake in the display fridge, Allen wipe his hands on the clothe that was hanging on his apron and puts on his cotton white gloves. As the bell above the door suddenly rings he looks towards it and makes his way behind the counter in front of the kitchen's entrance and where the cash register was placed.

A blonde hair teen poked his head through the gap and looked around hesitantly; he probably was a student from the high school that was several blocks away from the café. Allen leaned his elbows on the countertop in front of him and placed his chin on his palms then smiled softly at the scared boy.

"If you're looking for a ghost," he began and the blonde haired boy snapped his attention towards the voice. "I don't think you're looking at the right place." Allen chuckled when the boy's eyes widen and a red blush dusted his cheeks.

"S-shitsurei…shimasu…"* the boy stuttered while making his way to a table near the counter Allen was at. Holding the café's menu and a tray with an ice chrysanthemum tea, which was made fresh from the flower itself, Allen went towards the teenager.

"Welcome," Allen said with a bright smile while placing both the objects he carried just a moment ago on the table the blonde teen occupied. The still blushing boy smiled in return and bowed his head in respect towards the beautiful elder.

"T-thank you." He stuttered. Laughing softly, Allen seated himself in front of the fidgeting teenager.

"You don't have to worry. I'm not keeping any secrets of being an ogre." Allen joked trying to lighten up the mood and it worked when the boy smiled and scratched his head in embarrassment.

"So what'll you have?" the café owner asked, gesturing to the menu in front of the now comfortable customer. He immediately opens the menu and after a few moments of flipping pages after pages of the available cakes he asked the white head for recommendations.

Pointing out several choices of dessert that would suit the teen's taste, they finally settled with the Natsu-Matsuri set which consist of a glass of passion fruit mousse, a peach jelly and bowl of condensed milk iced cream, all on a big square shape plate. After that, a slice of Akutagawa cake, which was the cheese cake Allen, just baked recently, a slice of Iori cake which is an apple tea mousse cake, a slice of Toudou cake, which was a chocolate cake with raspberries, and lastly a Kagami, a tart of fresh fruits.

"Wow, you must really be a big fan of sweets if you're ordering this much of the cavity induced meals," Allen commented with a light laugh.

"I-I just really love cakes because I enjoy baking them myself but I'm not really good at it. Hehehe yeah…I know I'm weird because I'm a guy yet have baking cakes as a hobby…" he shifted in his seat, blushing madly after confessing to a stranger. Allen blinked twice before barking out a laugh at the boy's claim.

"I knew it, people always laugh at m-" the boy cried frustrated but was cut off when Allen waved his arms in front of the boy's face.

"T-that's not it," Allen said between bouts of laugh while clutching his sides to contain them.

Pointing a finger at his own face, "It's just that…I'm also a guy you know," Allen said with a snicker after finally calming down.

"E-eh?" Allen bobbed his head in affirmation and the boy's face turned from confused to blank and then red rise from his neck and spread until the tips of his ears.

"EH?!" the black haired teenager exclaimed while standing up abruptly causing the wooden chair he sat on toppled to the floor. "Y-you're a g-guy?!" the blonde pointed an accusing finger at the whitette.

"Last time I check, yeah, I apparently have the genitals of a guy," Allen smiled and chuckled at the stunned teen. Overall, the situation was quite comical if anyone were to pass the café and watch them, the younger male bowing deep apologizing repeatedly for his careless misinterpretation towards the older man's gender and the latter trying to calm down the boy.



After preparing and serving the boy's meals, Allen returned to the seat in front of the embarrassed teen. "So what's your name?" Allen asked excitedly, propping his chin on his fist while his elbows placed on the table, staring at the blonde.

Allen observed the blondes appearances, he noticed the two dots behind the boy's fringe, his long golden locks braided, and finally taking in his school uniform, consisting of cream pants, white button down shirt, black tie, black shoes and a crimson blazer. The Rose Cross High school's badge, a red rose on top of a silver cross, sewn above the left breast pocket, and a small golden badge in the shape of a number two in roman secured to the blazer's collar indicating he was currently on his second year in his high school.

"H-Howard Link…" the teenager muttered shyly before saying grace and picked up the spoon with his right hand. After taking the first bite, the blonde's eyes widen and he began to taste every dish, slowly savoring the heavenly taste of the whitette's cooking, his face frozen into the expression of bliss.

"Such amazing texture, the flavors are all in balance, you can just taste every piece of ingredients without any of them trying to overpower the others, and blablabla..." and Link kept on rambling his compliments and critiques on the food while Allen just tuned out and stared contently at his fully satisfied customer.



'I wonder what I should cook for dinner tonight. This morning he just had a couple of toast because he was late. Hmm….I think I should cook something heavy since I only wrapped the extra spaghetti from last night for his bento…'

The sound of a chair scrapping on the wooden tiled floor pulled the white head out of his thoughts. Silver blue pools stare up on the standing teenager, his blonde fringe covering his eyes from view. Abruptly, Link kneeled on the floor in front of Allen's chair and took the man's gloved hands in his, staring heatedly at Allen. Allen's eyes widen when he heard the next spoken words.

"Please marry me." Link said determinedly.

"Eh?" was Allen's smart reply with his head cocked to the side.

"A-ah! I-I mean, P-P-PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR APPARENTICE!" the teenage boy corrected himself with a flustered face, but Allen just tilted his white head to the opposite side.

"Onegai shimasu! I really want to make cakes the way you do! The taste is just s-so divine and you were able to maintain such perfect texture-"Link explained himself towards the café's owner.

"Okay." was the elder's response with an understanding look upon his face.

"And you really know h- wait what…I beg your pardon?" Link's jaw loosens and with unshed tears in his eyes he bowed deep on the floor in gratitude for the elder's willingness to take him under his wings.

"A-arigatou gozaimasu!" the teen exclaimed gratefully.

"But I didn't say it would be for free," Allen said thoughtfully.


"You have to work here for it…because I could get kinda lonely here." Allen wink playfully to the dumbstruck blonde.

"O-of course….etto…"

"Allen Walker at your service…Howard-kun,"

"Of course I'll work for it…W-Walker-san…" and the deal was sealed.



The next day…


A soft melodious voice echoed through the empty Victorian style café, it was still quite empty because it was a weekend and usually customers would come by ten in the morning and onwards. Furthermore from today onwards, Allen will begin the blonde teen's promised training.

Two bodies pressed closely to each other in the already warm kitchen, the taller one was starting to fidget because of the unnecessary closeness from the attractive and shorter male. A giggle came from the said whitette after a few fail tryouts by the blonde on whipping the cream milk, "You are moving like a robot Two Dots. Here," he began. It's not that Link didn't know how to do even this simple task but the close proximity of the other was making him extremely nervous for reasons he barely understands.

Taking the large hand of the blonde teen, Allen slowly guides the uncomfortable teen. "…you just have to put a pressure like this and then…" gracefully he brought the appendage in a full circle a few times to demonstrate on how to whip the fresh cream to-be.

In the midst of Allen's concentration, warmth and tan hands circled his narrow hip and a familiar voice whispered softly from behind him "…Ohayou Shou-Ouf!" without a second thought the said albino rounded a horse kick towards the offending appendages' owner. The tan man flew across the room and collided with the built in stainless steel shelves and ended up face planted on the not-so-soft floor.

"Ara ara, Mikk-san ka? Ohayou gozaimasu." Allen said with a bright smile on his face feigning innocence. He turns away from the annoying man and face the blonde teen whose jaw was slacked and eyes wide as saucers.

"Howard-kun is something the matter?" the white haired man's bright smile was still plastered menacingly on his adorable and flawless face**. Making mind-notes to never get on his boss' bad side, he shook his head vigorously and tried to ignore the groaning man sprawled on the kitchen's floor.

"N-nothing Walker-san," Link returned his attention back to his training. "Well, let us proceed then." Allen clasped his gloved hands and picked up where he left to continue his apprentice's training.



"I think I just fractured a rib. That freaking hurt you know Shounen, didn't know a small kid like you could ac- OW! My head!" the Portuguese man complained but was cut off when a steel tray connected with his head and ended up felling from the chair he occupied a moment ago; screaming in agony on the floor while clutching his abused black haired head.

"Who you're calling short, you PERVERTED OJII-SAN!" Allen shouted while his body still posed from the earlier perfect pitch; right arm stretch as far as it can, and legs apart firmly one on the ground and the other in the air after transferring all the gauged power to his throw.

"OJII-SAN?! The perverted part I won't deny but seriously? I'm haven't even reached thirty Shounen!" abruptly standing he replied defensively for the sake of his youth. Turning his head away from the older man, Allen crossed his slightly toned arms and grunted. "Tch whatever perverted old man."

"Hmm I'm finally starting to see Mister Kitchen Knife's attitude rubbing on you," back on his flamboyant side, Tyki Mikk scratched his non-existing stubble thoughtfully. Pouting too adorably for his own good, Allen hissed, "What's that supposed to mean?!" flailing his arms in the air while mumbling incoherently about a certain samurai wannabe. All that Tyki caught was the said samurai stinking attitude of rarely helping out with the chores around their house and et cetera.

Eyebrow twitching while small drops of blood dripping from his nose, pervert instincts kicked in, the black haired man slowly advance unnoticeably towards the younger male while the said male was occupied with his thoughts. Snatching the dangerous arms from the air, Tyki pinned it firmly to the wall behind the owner's arms.

"Tyki…?" Brought out of his world Allen stared up innocently towards the obnoxiously taller man.

Tyki inhaled deeply when he rubbed his nose at the crown of Allen's white head and purred lovingly. "You smell so good Shounen. Faintly spicy but sweet all the same…just like the person it belongs to…" Tyki continued his admiration not noticing as the boy went rock solid and his eyes widen.

Allen began to tremble and this was noticed by Tyki. "Shounen…? Are you alright?" Tyki said, alarmed by the vigorous trembling and when he looked closely he could see deep dark fear reflecting in the orbs and fat tears threatening to fall from his wide dull grey eyes.

The ring of the entrance's bell brought Allen out of his shell shocked mind. By now his arms was now no longer held in captive, he mustered all the strength he could at the moment and delivered a painful jab towards the assailant's broad chest.

"…What…the hell happened here…?" Link asked distractedly when he stared at the scene inside his workplace. He had went on a grocery shopping that his employer asked him to do several minutes ago, and when he had just set foot in the vicinity, he saw a blur flew from the left side of the room and collided to the wall on the other side.

"Oh dear…Mikk-san, you wouldn't want last week's incident to repeat itself don't you?" the said employer of Howard Link said threateningly to the figure that was once again face planted on the wooden floor.



To be continued…

*Excuse me (something like that, it's like informing the owner of the place you're entering)

**Allen don't have the scar…yet

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