Alright yes I know ya'll are waiting for a new chapter for harry potter series

I blame the plot bunnies I saw this movie and ever since it will not get out of my head

I had the next chapter all in my mind and then the plot bunnies came hopping in and over hoped my mind

I own nothing though I wish I did the only thing I own is the plot and the character and a few plot changes hehe


Enjoy and tell me what ya think

Prologue: Intro

Alright my friends have been bugging me to write this stuff all down I mean most of it seems to be impossible but they also seem to think it would make a good book. I shrug so how to starts this off I guess hmm I never really thought about how my life would be well not very often I felt often enough that wouldn't have a future that I would just struggle to survive day to day life. I pictured myself taking care of my mother for the rest of her days or until I died. Even though I graduated high school with great grades college wasn't even an option I didn't have the money and mom certainly wasn't going to help provide that. She hadn't been able to hold onto a job for a few years now after dad left her everything fell apart so I did the best I could I had to mature faster. I found it harder to relate to other people my age and found myself often wishing now this is in my mind not out loud that I could fit in or find that place where I belong.

When I would walk to work I would see all these couples my age and older holding hands going out to eat having a good time and here I was all alone trying to take care of my mother when it should have been reversed. I knew my mother wasn't a very good parent but she was when I was little and I can still remember all the good times we had. I'm just taking what life gave me and trying to make the most of it and I do my best I still make time to do things that I enjoy. But what happened the one time I decide to say wishes out loud was magical I don't know how it happened and I even tried to go back but I wasn't able to. Now I have it all we'll not it all some bad stuff has happened while I was here but I've realized now that I can't control everything and I can't save everyone. Welcome to the written down versions of what happened to me.