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Now a funny story

apparently my friend wanted to set me up with a guy she then came to the conclusion that he was gay he then turned around and asked her out she then proceed to freak out and shout out in the middle of the mall " I could have sworn you where gay" I of course not holding back burst into laughing cause sadly she had me convinced he was gay too oh dear it was the walk of shame at least for him and my friend. I was glad I kept my thoughts to myself.

And that my friends is why you never assume anything.

Chapter 2 New Life

After finding out where I was I started to explore the house trying to find some clue as to what was going on was I dreaming I pinched myself on my arm hard it hurt a lot okay yeah so not dreaming great. Lovely at least my headache was fading I walked around till I looked at a picture of what looked like me with my parents I assume and suddenly I get this head rush as memories and knowledge suddenly just slams into my brain. I realized that yes these are my parents here at least it's almost like a parallel universe bad thing about it was the headache was now back full force for now I don't even want to bother with all the reading and school stuff that has just rushed in though I did acknowledge the fact that just like back in my world I had graduated from high school already and I'm only 15 turning 16 in like 6 months.

I turned to the memories of my childhood or the other mes' childhood I smile she had a good one at least well in a way I guess I could say I had a good childhood ugh I'm confusing myself. She had her parents all through out and they took her to the park for picnics and outings just for family time I looked to through my brain to see where her parents would be right now since the house was so quite. Ah they were at work and would be home soon if the clock was anything to go by to have lunch with her. Her mother worked at the library as a librarian for the children's section taking small kids to story time and reading different books for them. I remember going to work with her from time to time and enjoying watching her interact with the children and sometimes I would help her. It brought a smile to my face my father here worked as a doctor at the local hospital thought he was only a regular doctor his specialty was just giving checkups as he called it. He never really went that much into with her I could tell by looking through her memories of all the times she asked him about it.

I have the chance to have a real family here should I stay I have mixed feelings mainly cause I want to stay since I would get the chance to have what I've never had but I feel bad for taking over the other mes' life. I mean where is she right now has she taken over my body is she having to live with what I have for the last ten years if so she can't survive that. She's been sheltered she won't be able to take it I finally decided that I would stay here till I could fix the plot from the movie if it was going to happen and then once I'm sure that the plot is going to happen or not I'll fix the plot if it happens if it doesn't then I'll start working on a way to get home. As soon as I came to this conclusion of my thoughts my other mes' mother walks through the door and greets me with a smile upon her face.

Are you still in your pajamas? My mother asks me.

I give her a sheepish look hehe "yep."

She gives me a look, "please tell me that you haven't just gotten up."

"No I've been up for a while my pajamas are just more comfy then regular clothes," I say with a big grin on my face.

She laughs "you always say that."

"And I still wonder why you ask me when you know the answer" I say.

And we both laugh as she replies it's all for kicks.

"Well," my mother turned to me as she headed into the kitchen, "What do you want to eat for lunch?"

"I don't know why don't you pick I picked last time," I told her.

"Okay well then I guess we're having burritos one because their easy and two because I have been craving Mexican food all day."

I start to laugh as my mother says this and reply with, "There we go now we have the real answer as to why we're having burritos for lunch."

Then I realize dad was late I turn to ask my mom, "Hey where's dad he's usually here by now."

"Oh he called me earlier and said there was a meeting up at the hospital where he worked and that he would be late but he would still make it."

I shrugged I was okay with this answer not that she could see me she was too busy trying to make sure that the refried beans didn't burn on the stove. After about ten minutes I just had to ask it was rushing around my mind did he give her a specific time that he would be home.

"How late exactly?" I ask giving her a suspicious look.

She turns from the stove and gives me a playful glare, "I don't know it's not like he gave me a specific time he'll be here as soon as he gets the chance. While we wait why don't you go and get dressed and after you finish lunch and we go back to work you can start to explore the town. I don't think you've been out of the house much since we moved here about a month ago."

I sigh, "Mom do I have too you know me I would rather stay up in my room listening to music and reading a good book then go explore."

"Yes, I know dear that's why I want you to go out you're not going to make any new friends staying cooped up in this house while me and your father work. I'm sure walking around town you'll find something to do like and arcade, go to a café, maybe you'll find a movie to watch at the local theater."

I groaned, "Or get lost."

My mother glared at me I was actually enjoying myself with the playful banter that me and my mother where exchanging. My mother this was something different is this what it was like to have a parent that actually cared about what you did and loved you. At first I thought I would completely fail at acting like my other self and having to figure out how to lie to her parents. But I seemed to be able to fall into the role of my other self quite easily it was a little weird but I think I can contribute part of it to the fact that I have my other self's memories. I had gotten so lost in thought I hadn't come back to myself until I heard my mother repeatedly calling my name trying to get my attention.

"Juliette did you hear anything I just said," she asks me.

I smiled sheepishly at her, "Sorry mom I didn't hear a word I got lost in my thoughts."

She only sighs and smiles at me with affection, "What am I going to do with you and your little space cadet moments let me know when you back from the zone."

I laugh and stick my tongue out at her, "I'm back now but you know you wouldn't change anything about me otherwise I wouldn't be so like you as dad has repeatedly told me."

She smiles and kisses my forehead, "you are absolutely correct though I think I would prefer it if you weren't such a brainiac you make my head hurt when get really into all those complicated equations," she says with a laugh.

Right then I heard the front door I jump up with a smile and exclaim that must be dad I run to the front door and there he was. He was taller than me by at least 5 inches but still he had brown hair and brown eyes little crinkles by his eyes from smiling and was tan he looked loving. I ran to him and gave him a hug like my other self in all the memories of him coming home to have lunch with her even when her mother was unable to.

"Hi there kiddo good to see you to did you accomplish anything while we were gone like finished unpacking?" he asks me.

I scrunch up my nose at him, "of course not I was too busy with my nose in a book you know me dad."

"Don't I know it," he sighs and laughs running his hands through his hair a sign that he was tired.

"Rough meeting today daddy?" I asked him.

"Yeah some board member was trying to get rid of a procedure that is very much needed in the hospital but thinks there's a better way to go about it when really this way is the most efficient I hate when these people think that just cause their on the board means things have to go their way." He replies.

"Well I hope you and the rest of your coworkers have told him who's boss or at least are going to cause if something's already correct there's no point in fixing it only making it better." I told him.

He smiles at me and ruffles my hair, "Right said there kiddo."

"Daaaaaaddd I whine please don't ruffle my hair your messing it up."

He put on a fake surprised look and the replied, "you mean you already fixed your hair could have fooled me I thought a bird had taken up nest so I decided to set it free."

I give him a dull look, "ha ha ha very funny dad."

"Don't I know it." He stated as a fact playfully.

I laugh, "well moms in the kitchen she decided on Mexican food I'm going to go upstairs and get ready mom has made a demand that I go out and explore the town after lunch worried about me being cooped up in the house all alone while you guys go to work."

"Well you know sweetie what your mother says go and I kind of agree with her it would do you some good to get out of the house I've been worried lately you're so pale you might become like one of those vampires you read about in some of those books of yours." He replied giving me a kiss on the forehead as he headed into the kitchen.

I headed up stairs and got into the shower and did the usual routine of cleansing myself I was actually looking forward to spending time here at least for a little while it would feel like I had an actual family. I was drying my hair as I thought this and I couldn't help the smile that stayed plastered to my face as I finished getting dress and headed down to have lunch with my parents. Even if it was temporary I was going to enjoy it while I had it.