The Whole Hollow

Disclaimer: Tite Kubo owns Bleach. If I did, the ending would have been better and Ichigo would have married Rukia.

When Mayuri Kurotsuchi had cornered the Quincy Ryoka, he had thought it would be rather simple to capture him and bring him to the Head Captain. After all, he had experimented on countless Quincy over the years and knew all about their barbaric techniques, so nothing this boy had up his sleeve should have surprised him.

But when the Quincy was covered in a blinding light that faded away to reveal the teen wearing a Japanese themed archer's outfit with armored hakama, archer's gloves, and a silver bow in his hand and wings of Reiatsu on his back, Mayuri wondered if he had truly learned everything there was to know about these people.

"This form," said Mayuri, "it's fascinating. You called it what again?"

"Quincy: Wiedergeburt," said Uryu, "an evolution of the original Quincy: Letzt Stil. This is the pinnacle of my current abilities. Prepare yourself, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, for I will not hold back."

Uryu's hands blurred into motion, and it was only Mayuri's skill with Shunpo that allowed him to avoid becoming a pincushion, though he did receive several cuts and tears on his uniform from the Reishi arrows that the Quincy shot at him. The Captain of the 12th Squad quickly readied his Zanpakuto and turned to face his enemy, but he was strangely absent. As Mayuri looked around for him, his senses screamed for him to move and he just barely escaped getting an arrow through the head.

'Curses,' thought Mayuri as he relied on his Shunpo to dodge, 'I don't think he'll give me enough time to release my Bankai, and I don't want to give him an even bigger target. Luckily I have ways to combat Quincy.'

Mayuri quickly pulled out a vial and threw it into the path of one of Uryu's arrows, causing an explosion that released a wave of energy that slammed into Uryu and knocked him to the ground where he convulsed in pain.

"Surprised Quincy?" asked Mayuri, "I created this compound to neutralize your kind. It reacts with your unique Reiatsu to cause you debilitating pain."

Mayuri walked closer to Uryu and pulled on his ear, transforming it into a kusarigama attached to his head by a flesh cord, "Perhaps I haven't experimented enough on your kind, Quincy," he sneered, "this new form of yours warrants further study indeed. Thank you for delivering yourself to my operating table."

Suddenly Uryu's arm lashed out and he stabbed blade of vibrating Reishi into the Captain's leg causing him to cry out in pain and jump away.

"How can you still move?" growled Mayuri as he injected himself with a chemical to stop the bleeding, "You should be in agony."

"Local Anesthetic," smirked Uryu as he flipped the blade in his hand, "and I would think a scientist of the caliber you claim to be, should remember something told to him, only a few minutes ago: Ransōtengai. I'm going to take your life as retribution for those you've taken."

Uryu then rushed forward and swung the short blade of Reishi in his hand at the enemy Shinigami, chipping his Zanpakuto as he moved to block, before using a burst of Hirenkyaku to put some distance between them, notching the blade in his bow like an arrow and firing it with pinpoint accuracy to spear through the cord attaching his kusarigama to his person, severing it, before firing a normal arrow to shatter the weapon.

"You brat," growled Mayuri as he injected himself with two syringes, one causing a jagged blade to emerge from the wrist of his free hand, and the other causing his Reiatsu to spike, giving him a sharp increase in strength and speed.

The Captain of the 12th Squad quickly closed the distance between the two of them, attacking with both his blades and knocking Uryu into a wall when he tried to block the weapons with his own, causing the teen to wince as he felt the impact creak his spine. The young Quincy dodged another attack with his Hirenkyaku and fired off the blade and several more arrows, directing the regular arrows' trajectories as they flew to intercept the Captain as he tried to dodge, destroying the arm with the jagged blade.

"Damn you," growled Mayuri as he used a drug on himself that caused his arm to painfully regrow, minus the extra blade, "try this."

Mayuri threw a vial of chemicals onto the ground, causing plant tendrils to burst out of the cobblestones and try to snare the Quincy, proving to be able to endure hits from his arrows without damage, the Reishi projectiles embedding themselves in the thick vines. As the tendrils wrapped themselves around Uryu's body, he pulled out another Reishi blade and cut himself free, before firing the blade at Mayuri like an arrow once again.

The clown-faced Captain dodged the projectile this time and aimed his free hand at Uryu, "Bakudo #63: Sajō Sabaku!"

The Kido formed chains that wrapped around Uryu, holding him firm as Mayuri moved to fire another spell, but before he could finish, the Quincy cut the chains with another of his Reishi blades and fired it at the Captain.

"What is that weapon of yours?" asked Mayuri, "you shouldn't be able to cut through a level 63 Bakudo spell with just a blade of Reishi.

"It's called a Seele Schnider," said Uryu, "it is a Quincy weapon with a blade of Reishi that vibrates at 3 million rounds per second, turning it into a preverbal chainsaw that can easily sever other Reishi constructs. Also, it isn't a blade, but an arrow."

"I see," said Mayuri, "then I should end this quickly before that weapon gives me more trouble."

Mayuri then pulled out several capsules and threw them forward, causing them to burst in the air and release a cloud of smoke that irritated Uryu's eyes and lungs, causing him to cough and tear up, allowing Mayuri to get in close and stab a knife into his side before Shunpoing away to avoid getting shot with an arrow in retaliation.

"Does that hurt, Quincy?" taunted Mayuri, "Don't worry, the poison coating the blade will fix that soon enough. Once it finishes you off, I'll find out what I want from your corpse."

"I see," said Uryu through the pain, "then it seems I should finish things up myself."

Uryu then raised the bow on his arm and fired off several high speed Reishi arrows at the Captain, forcing him to have to utilize his Shunpo skill to dodge and weave. Uryu watched Mayuri's reactions to his shots, noting in his head the directions the Captain went when dodging his weapon, and he began to subtly direct the Captain, firing arrows seemingly at random, until he was in a certain spot.

"Now," said Uryu as he pulled out a small silver cylinder and threw it at Mayuri, "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed – GRITZ!"

The cylinder glowed with energy and formed a stone shell around Mayuri that was emblazoned with the Quincy Cross, holding him in place.

"Please," scoffed the captain as he broke out with a few strikes from his Zanpakuto, "is that all?"

"No actually," said Uryu, having just placed his last Seele Schnider into the ground, "I just needed you to stay still for a moment."

The young Quincy pulled out another small cylinder and tipped it over, pouring the condensed Reishi stored in it onto the handle of the blade/arrow in front of him. Mayuri instantly understood what was happening, but found himself unable to move as the weapon had connected to the four others that Uryu had shot into the ground earlier, forming a pentagon on the ground with the Captain locked in the middle.

"This is for my Grandfather," said Uryu, "Sprenger."

The pentagon seal that the captain was trapped in glowed with power before an explosion of energy erupted within it, engulfing Mayuri's trapped form as he cried out in pain. When the energy faded, Mayuri was seen still standing in the middle, badly burned, with several grievous injuries, including his entire right arm being missing and his left eye being burned shut.

"Goodbye," said Uryu as he notched a final arrow in his bow, "with this, may my people finally be at rest."

Uryu fired the arrow, which pierced the injured Captain straight through his head before exploding, vaporizing the mad scientist and ending him once and for all. Once that was done, Uryu fell to his knees as the poison on the blade Mayuri stabbed him with began to take its toll. As the world around him faded to darkness, Uryu felt a pair of strong arms pick him up and he caught a glimpse of an orange outfit on tanned skin before unconsciousness claimed him.

"Let's go," said the figure as they vanished in the blur of Shunpo, "you fought well, and, though this will bring more problems, I'm sure your father would approve. Now let's get you treated. Unohana should be able to deal with that madman's poison.

Sorry if the chapter was somewhat short. I wanted to focus on the battle between Uryu and Mayuri here and Uryu's new form. I tried to portray Mayuri as a mad scientist, carrying lots of drugs and chemicals to aid himself in battle, but honestly, I hate his guts. I can completely understand why he was the only person in the Maggot's Nest that was kept locked up. He's sick and deranged, and I'm sure the Gotei 13 only keeps him around because they've got nobody better to replace him with.

But anyway, this fic is NOT dead, it just took a while for my muse to return to me. See you next time.