Arrows and Infinity Stones

Author's Note: This (as the summary implies) is a STANDALONE spinoff of PhoenixAngel47's Infinity Stones series, you don't have to have read The Avengers (the first installment in the series), Agents of SHIELD (the second installment), or Thor: The Dark World (the upcoming third installment) to understand what's going on, all the info you need is in the first few chapters, this will be based on Arrow seasons 2 and 3, and will stand on its own from the main Infinity Stones series, but if you are a fan of that series and that's why you're reading this, this begins during the Agents of SHIELD prologue, for those who want to know this story's place in the timeline of the series. Danny Willows, the younger brother of the main character of the main installments of the Infinity Stones series, Paige Willows, will be the protagonist and POV in this story, I am free to make him my own character as Danny will be only be mentioned in the main series, same goes for Paige in this little spinoff I've created here (go check out Angel's entries in the Infinity Stones series for her adventures). I will write this story in my writing style, so you Infinity Stones series fans know why things look different from the way Angel writes her stories. I will do my best to keep the characters from the Arrow TV show in character, but this is my first time writing Arrow fanfiction.

DISCLAMER: I don't own the Arrow TV show, that belongs to DC, the Infinity Stones series and main character of this story Danny Willows belong to PhoenixAngel47 (special thanks to her for allowing me to create this story, make it a spinoff of the Infinity Stones series, and giving me freedom to make Danny my own character).

Prologue: Three years, three years. That's how long it has been since my older sister Paige had disappeared without a trace, for all I know she could be dead, chilling in Costa Rica, or trapped in a different universe altogether, and I'm no closer to answers now then I was 3 years ago, ever since she left I decided to check out the TV show "Arrow" and I like it, I totally ship Olicity (Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak), I also like anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well, you can be fan of both Marvel and DC, even if you are a 14 year old boy like me. One day I was just walking home from school when I was suddenly sucked into a portal and I kept falling, until a few minutes later when it stopped and I was knocked out cold. When I woke up I saw that I was in a dark room, all I saw was Oliver Queen/The Arrow, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak walking in, 'wait, that can't be right for 2 reasons, 1. They're not real, just characters in a TV show. 2. If I am in the Arrowverse now, Oliver is supposed to have been killed by Ra's Al Ghul.' I thought to myself.

"I've made a few improvements down here. Just in case, you know… You decided to come back." Felicity stated as she turned the power on. 'So I'm in the Arrowverse now and am here during the events of the first episode of Arrow season 2, "City of Heroes if I remember right' I thought to myself.

"Wait, he wasn't down here earlier." Diggle thought out loud once all the lights were back on. 'SHIT' I thought to myself.