Hey everybody! TeamLeo'sVeryOwnFlinxShipper a.k.a Batman here with my first real multi-chapter story and also my very first Teen Titans story.

Also, so that this story makes a little more sense, my head canon is that after the Brotherhood of Evil, Jinx and Kid Flash accept an invitation to join the Titans West as full members, also this will contain hints and references to Young Justice, like how Robin and KF are best friends and also there will be a reference to Artemis (not sure about the others), but none of the Young Justice members that aren't in the Teen Titans will be in it so it's not a crossover.

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Jinx was walking along a small track on the outskirts of Jump City with her boyfriend, Kid Flash, it was late afternoon and they had had a great day so far, they had got up early and gone for a walk along the beach of Titans Tower Island, then they had gone down to a coffee shop overlooking the bay, then they had gone for a swim in the Jump City Bay, after that they had gone to lunch at the Jump City Pizza Place, after lunch they had both gone for a walk around Jump City's surrounding area, now the sun was setting and they were taking their time in going back to the Tower, the day had been perfect, no super villains or anything, so naturally, that's when things went wrong.

The first hint that something was wrong was the rustle of leaves from behind them, but Jinx saw nothing and apparently Kid Flash didn't see anything either, because he simply shrugged and continued walking, a few minutes later Jinx saw something out of the corner of her eye, a dark form, but when she turned for a better look, nothing was there. Jinx couldn't shake the feeling that something or someone was watching them.

"I don't like this Wally." She muttered into her boyfriend's ear.

"I don't like it either," He replied in an uncharacteristically grim tone, "Maybe we should-"


A dark figure, much like the one Jinx had seen earlier landed in front of them, hidden from the pair by shadows, but stepping into the light they saw the black and bronze face of one of Slade's robot commando's.

Similar sounds told Jinx that they were surrounded.

"It's an ambush." Kid Flash realized.

Jinx cursed, there was no way out.

"What do we do?" She asked.

"The only thing we can do." Kid Flash replied, "Fight."

The robots didn't move, except for one, the robot reached into a hidden pocket and pulled out a small machine, with a glass window, showing a kind of gas inside, the robot pulled the top off of the machine and threw it to the ground, the moment it hit, gas started billowing out of it, filling the air, instantly Jinx's vision blurred, the last thing she saw was Kid Flash crumpling to the ground beside her, then the world faded to black.


When Jinx came to she had a splitting headache and her stomach felt terrible as well, wetting her mouth, she tried to gather her thoughts, sleeping gas, robot commando ambush, her day with Kid Flash...

Jinx's eyes snapped open, Kid Flash! Wally! Where was he? Looking around she failed to spy the speedster.

"Kid Flash?" She called, receiving no response from the speedster, Jinx panicked, where was he? What if he's in danger? What if he's injured? What if he's de-

Jinx shook her head, she couldn't afford to think like that.

Reaching into her pocket, Jinx's trembling fingers closed around the circular shape of her Titans Communicator, fumbling with the catch to open the keypad it took her a while to tap in the number, once she had calmed down enough that her voice wouldn't shake she pressed the red button that confirmed her call, the call went through almost immediately.

"Jinx?" Robin asked, staring at her with worried eyes (okay, she couldn't see his eyes, but she could tell he was worried) "Where are you? Where's Kid Flash? We've been trying to call both of you for hours!"

Jinx looked up at the sky, shocked to find that the moon was already past its high point in the sky, looking back at the communicator, she steadied her voice and replied, "I'm in the forest, it was Slade! His robots knocked us out, they took Kid Flash!" Jinx's attempts to calm herself did nothing, she was in tears as she explained what happened to herself and Kid Flash, if possible the expression on Robin's face grew even more worried.

"We haven't been able to lock onto your locator signal or Kid Flash's." The leader of the Titans explained, "Something's blocking it, it's like you've both dropped off the map."

Jinx looked at the top corner of her communicator, astonished to find that it still displayed the latitude and longitude; she gave Robin her location and ended the call.


The rest of the Titans West arrived in less than ten minutes, once Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven had heard Jinx's story they searched the woods for Kid Flash and any hints to where he was.

"I've done a test," Cyborg said "There are traces of the anesthetic fentanyl in the air, common side effects include diarrhea, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, sleepiness, confusion, weakness and sweating."

"Thank you Wikipedia." Beast Boy grumbled.

"Don't whine about Wikipedia, Beast Boy." Cyborg frowned, "You can learn a lot from it."

"That's why he doesn't like it." Raven smirked.

"Guys, can we please get back to the topic on hand." Robin growled, irritated. "Kid Flash is missing."

At this the team sobered immediately.

" We haven't found any hints to where he is." Raven said "He's gone."

"Don't say he's gone, he's not dead!" Jinx shrieked. "You're making it sound like he's dead!"

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