Hello everyone, so I know what some of you are thinking right now "Aspiring-Creator? Why the hell are you here and what is this?! I thought you said you wouldn't do chapters like this anymore! Are you going back on your word?!"

To which I'd like to reply that yes I did say that and originally, this was all supposed to be in the next chapter of Saiyan Prince with the idea being that I'd make a little announcement at the beginning, would tell people to read the addendum if they want far more detail and would heavily emphasize doing this before consuming the chapter since it does get kind of heavy and that would be the end of it but over the course of these past few days as I tried to write out the addendum? This kind of thing was really way too heavy for me to just include with a fun smut one-shot and while I would've just put this on my profile? Well let's be honest, most people don't really bother reading that and so instead, I've decided to put this in the place where most people can see it which means that yes, we are doing one of these chapters again and hopefully, this is the ONLY time from this point forward that I will have to do this.

For those of you who are really just wanting the basics? Here's the TL;DR version.

It is due to a combination of my writing changing drastically over the course of a few years and events that have occurred between me and Lil Soniq that resulted in me cutting off our friendship that the AGK saga is most likely going to be the last STANDARD series of chapters

Now for those who are wanting more information? Oh boy, strap in people, this is going to be a LONG one. Mostly because before I even get into the main details of this, I feel it's important to go into some degree of detail about my friendship with one Lil' Soniq or as I used to know him as? Lil' Knucklez.

This name should be something you're all pretty familiar with on here for he's the one that provided the main inspiration for this story with his fanfics "Sonic's Ultimate Harem" and "Shadow's Big Harem 1 and 2", he's the guy the Cana chapter was dedicated to and most recently he crafted the ideas that I have been using for the Akame ga Kill gals with the exception being this one and some other minor characters that I feel like giving chapters to. Lil' Soniq is also someone who I have to thank for basically being my main inspiration for wanting to write fanfiction in the first place for in spite of how flawed his stories were? I liked that he was able to push forward with his ideas and that he had the passion for it all the while not caring for what people thought of them. This led to feeling inspired since one of my biggest hang-ups with fanfiction and why I didn't engage in it for so long despite being a fan was issues involving self-esteem. Even as I started writing a Transformers fanfic, I ultimately became disillusioned and uncertain about my work. I kept doubting myself, letting my brain tell me that I would never be good enough to make any fanfiction that people will care about and that any story that did get likes would be less because of my own writing ability and more people doing it out of pity.

Then here I see Soniq, a guy whose writing skills are not the greatest and yet he's out there doing stories starring Sonic the Hedgehog and others and he's not caring what people are saying, he's just making the stories he wants to make which in turn made me realize how important it was for me to just get out there and follow my dreams regardless of what people may say about my work, that I should just do something because I enjoy it and not for validation and so I started this humble account with a pen-name that was so woefully generic on purpose. Now in terms of my interactions with Soniq? They were a bit more rocky because you see, now that I had this account, I also in a rather naive manner thought that it meant I could post reviews now while not knowing you could post reviews even without an account but whatever, now with this in mind? I thought I'd send a review to Lil Soniq since I did feel his story "Sonic's Ultimate Harem" could use a TON of work and I saw on there that not many people seemed to be making attempts to criticize and were instead either attacking or their reviews were just too positive so I went on there and posted this:

"I must say, this was a fantastic story although I do have a couple gripes I will get to right now:

1) Both the grammar and spelling are really not all that great and now that we're over 152 chapters in, I highly recommend that this issue gets addressed as while I do get that spelling errors slip through the cracks sometimes, the amount of them especially when it comes to the grammar, is starting to get very distracting to the point where it is hampering my enjoyment of the story.

2) All of the little writing oddities really are starting to stick out for example during the "Parasoul" chapter when you had the scene where the soldiers burst in, I thought the constant repeats of them calling Sonic a creature was starting to drag as no offense, but as much as I love this story, your writing kind of needs more tinkering for it to really flourish.

3) The sex scenes while some are shorter and some are more sensual. Most of them are essentially the same and they even follow the same basic formula most of the time which is:

-Mario is shocked about the woman that Sonic had sex with
-Sonic gets a text or phone call from one of these girls with the question always being about if Sonic is ready to have sex with them again with Sonic usually saying no or on the rare occasion yes which leads to a sex scene
-Sonic surprises Mario with the name of another woman that he had sex with with Mario stating the franchise they're from most of the time
-The story starts which has Sonic not wanting to have sex at first but since the woman thinks they're handsome and the fact that he is usually very nice, he eases into it
-They put on music so that the mood can thrive
-They have sex for an abnormal amount of time
-The woman's ex, husband, or boyfriend calls only to get no response which leads to him wondering about she is
-They finish and then the next chapter rinses and repeats the formula
I think more variety and details would not hurt and it would only enhance the sexual energy.
and finally...

4) Some of the females that Sonic encounters to me feel more like parodies rather than the actual character which to me, nearly kills the erotic nature. For example, Rogue in the very first chapter I felt said "sugah" so many times to the point where I just couldn't picture Rogue anymore, what I suggest in order to rectify this problem, is to go onto a wiki of each character's respective franchise (for example, go to Wookieepedia for information about characters like Ahsoka Tano) so that way characters actually feel like how they should.

But despite these gripes and issues, I love this story, I think the amount of care and respect that you have for your fans are truly remarkable qualities and I hope to see more from you in the future, but please take think about these criticisms when you make your next chapters.

When all is said in done, here are two females I would love to see with Sonic:

1) Asajj Ventress from Star Wars The Clone Wars

2) Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead

I hope you read this review and take these criticisms and requests into consideration."

Not bad eh? It was my first review and this was when I was still getting a grip on just writing so it's not the greatest but if you don't mind me tooting my own horn? I think what I put down here holds up rather nicely as a criticism of the fanfic. It complimented the story but it also made it clear I had problems with this that I felt could've been rectified with my criticisms coming from a place of love. Overall, I liked it and I thought since it would definitely stick out from the usual and with Soniq being known to do responses to reviews? I thought this would get a response and had the hope that it would help him improve or that he may even PM me. I waited for what was admittedly a period of time that was slightly too short and saw in the newest chapter that there was no response and so I decided to post this review on the most recent chapter with me thinking that maybe he's looking more for reviews on his most recent chapters rather than earlier ones and this review to be fair was posted on the very first and by a certain point kind of got buried by other comments so I thought maybe Soniq didn't see it. I posted the same review, waited for awhile and at a certain point during the waiting period I got impatient and later that impatience turned to anger, especially when as the chapters went on the same issues were still present and so I made what was quite possibly one of my biggest blunders ever. I went into the review section and posted this:

"Okay, I tried to be nice with my review. I told you exactly what was wrong with it and what you could improve on but you still don't get it. Very well, I will be blunt with this (all caps warning):



1) Your grammar is still abmysal.

2) Each chapter still does not have any variety.

3) The females are still just fucking sex dolls with legs and a voice.



No amount of all-caps rage can describe how utterly angry I am. After all, no offense to the people here but... HOW CAN YOU EVEN CALL THE STUFF THAT YOU POST REVIEWS?! Most of it is just praise that, as far as I can tell, might've gotten to this author's head as once someone posts an ACTUAL review. He seems to flat out ignore it. Well let me tell y'all niggas something right now (apologies if I offended anyone), instead of just putting down that you like the story, why not add some fucking detail and critique the work. You know, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! That dying form that no one ever pays attention to anymore.

*sigh* I need to calm down, look Lil Knucklez, I've seen how much you really care for your fans but you need to wake the fuck up and start listening to actual critics for they will help to improve your stories a lot more than the standard fans that go:

"WOOOO! This chapter got me so pumped!"

So please, please read this and my previous review and see what exactly you need work on. This is Aspiring-Creator... needing an aspirin after that nigga moment."

I am... not at all proud of how I wrote this. This is not a review, this is an attack and it's one I absolutely still regret all these years later for it is not even remotely reflective of how I carry myself these days as a person nor is it reflective of how I want to be perceived as a critic. I want to be seen as someone who's brutally honest and not afraid to give a story a good lashing if it deserves it, not as a bully and it's unfortunately the latter picture that this "review" wound up painting of me. The next day, I was writing another chapter of my Transformers fic when I saw that I had two PMs which kind of surprised me since I was still fairly new to the site and was not expecting any sort of messages so I decided to check and saw that the PMs were from authors whose stories I reviewed. The first was MetroXLR99 who expressed that while my review of his story "War for Cluster Prime" hurt him a bit and was rude (Quite frankly, I AGREE with him on that front.), I was right about quite a few things and he said he'd be taking my advice which was appreciated. The other PM came from Lil Soniq and it was way less kind.


I got your review and I read your previous reviews as well. I look into it exactly. First of all, let me just say... I don't give a damn about what you say about my damn grammar. Did I just hear that correctly? My story eats Nostalgia Critic D*** and my writing is horses***? How dare you disrespected me like that, I don't tolerate anyone who disrespects me and you're like five words away from me to go off on you but I kept my composure and stay calm and take this as a mature way. I don't go down like that going off on someone, I just let it slide and forget about it. I'm that type of guy.

Second of all, yes you can say what you want what you like to my grammar and my writing. I don't care, I take it and try my best to work with them. All I'm trying to do is to get my story done and to be done with it. Also you telling me that each of my chapter doesn't have variety and being sex dolls? Oh hell no, those are just my ideas and I do whatever I want with my ideas and that's what I am doing. If you don't like it then go ahead and don't read my story then if that's how you feel.

Third of all, all I am trying to do is my very best. I don't give a damn what anyone has to say to me or my stories. I like building up ideas and entertain my fans. Yeah I confess that I almost quit but someone gave me a valid point and I stayed and keep on going and try my very best and my best with my chapters of my stories. That is my passion and my passion for my fans and my passion to anyone who is trying their best of their stories being disrespected nor having a bad flame like what you gave to me. You sure had the balls the flame me but you will never hurt me?!

That's all I want to say and I'll take you up on that review and think about it. Also if you ever have the nerve to disrespect me like that again, there's going to be hell to pay. Do you Understand me?"

And in all fairness? As much as I wanted to initially explode on him for basically not listening to my criticisms? I decided to go for the more mature option, took a step back and reread my original review and saw that this was not even close to the kind of critic I wanted to be. Like I said before, these days I regret that review immensely and that was where the regret started. I realized that instead of criticizing my inspiration and trying to help them improve? I just became yet another mindless troll who was hating for the sake of hating so with that in mind? I sent an apology. Not only did I make an apology but I made a now-deleted story that was a mock-up of what a Toonami promo for Fairy of Darkness would look like as an even further showcase of how sorry I was. He responded to me accepting my apology, he forgave me and because I mentioned it he actually read Saiyan Prince and said he was flattered that I was inspired by him. After that? We talked a bit over time but it came more in tiny bursts which made sense since after all, our first meeting was pretty bad so it made sense that we needed time. We didn't really become friends until April 13, 2015 where I saw that Ultimate Harem was labelled as being discontinued which led to me going to the author and asking why this was to which he replied with this:


Well... To answer your question I'm getting tired of reviewers keeping popping out of nowhere and keep flaming on my harem story and it is getting old."

I was pretty upset with this. Now look I know what some of you are thinking and I get it, it's just a smutfic, you can find HUNDREDS of them on the site and so you're wondering why anyone would dedicate this much time to it and to answer those questions? The thing is, one of the most admirable traits I felt that Soniq had was his tenacity and passion. Sure the idea of keeping one haremfic updated over the course of a few years is weird but at the same time, think about it, how many fanfics have you seen by people where very clearly the intent is to start a story and see it through to the end only for it to then be eternally in limbo because the author lost interest? I mean, it's difficult to find an author who even has the passion for even two chapters so to see someone who had the passion and drive to keep one series of one-shots going for a hundred or so chapters only to be stopped because the negativity was becoming too much? That bothered me and you want to know why it bothered me?

Because to me, no matter what happens, an author should be able to end the story on their own terms. I understood that there could be any number of reasons for why an author would want to cancel a story but I always felt that if you ask me? While you can cancel or end a story for any reason? It should never be because of trolls, an author should be able to end the story on their own terms and so with that in mind? I decided to send this guy this message in response:

"Oh I have seen that and all I can say is f*** those guys. But then again, these so-called "reviewers" are not what they say they are, they're just a bunch of dumb trolls who probably just looked at the first chapter and story length and typed down a bunch of garbage soon after with the intention of getting a rise out of you which they thankfully didn't get which I'm glad for but let me tell you a little something.

For every couple of flamers that you have, you have a whole lot more who legitimately enjoy the story to the point where they provided constructive criticism along with actual requests. People like Yoshi 2.1 and several others who have supported you all the way through Shadow's Big Harem. I mean hell, when you made your opinions of Sonic GX's random reviews known on that story, several guest reviewers and fans actually stood up and told GX to cut it out in response as a means of helping you. You also said in Shadow's Big Harem in response to some of the criticism that you didn't care what they thought of the story and that you were writing it because you were doing what you loved and that was writing fanfiction. Of course, whether or not you continue the story is purely up to you and if you still decide that you don't want to continue it, hey, I understand, I would get sick of the constant negativity and flames as well but still, you did say that you legitimately enjoyed writing the story, even saying that fans like the ones who gave you support during your massive talk after the Hinata chapter are what inspire you to keep writing and let me tell you, for every one or two insults or flames that I see, I see ten, twenty, even FIFTY more who gave out support, advice and praise. In other words, for the few a*** you have on your story like Abremed, pigporker69, jdavidson636 and 9Figs, who posted some of the most hurtful s*** I've seen on a simple Sonic story. You have people like Jacksonangelo105, Yoshi 2.1, James Polk, SonicTeam765, Jalen Rose, god's executioner REBORN, RagnaBloodedge3, RedDiEnd, Kanye Yeezus West, The Kitsune Saiyan just to name a few and while some of these people have only posted requests here and there with little actual criticism, keep in mind that these requests show that they actually enjoyed the story and they wanted to see it continue on and it was because of some of these people that you were able to have the inspiration to go up to 170 chapters in total and let me tell you my friend, regardless of what people like BrendanielReads or Perikrone (both of these guys posted readings of Sonic's Ultimate Harem which could be part of the cause of bringing these trolls over to your story as these readings were purely made to just laugh at what they considered a failure) might say, it is absolutely insane and amazing that you had the motivation to go that far, even I probably won't reach that on Saiyan Prince. Recheck your review section for Ultimate Harem and skim through the reviews for every chapter and you will see what I'm talking about in regards to positivity and true fans.

Personally, I WANT to see the story continue as to me, it's pure fun and even if it isn't that great in some areas like I mentioned in my original review/rage-filled attack, your writing is still great, the sex scenes are amazing and the passion is just oozing out of every word. Without this story and it's predecessors Shadow's Big Harem 1 and 2, I probably would not have ever gotten the inspiration to create Saiyan Prince. Don't listen to these random trolls, these... flamers that pop up just to derail someone and their hard work, tell them to f*** (obviously not in that way but you get the idea) and continue the story, thus giving them no satisfaction in believing that they might've convinced you to quit writing fanfiction as to me and several other fanfiction writers, these types of reviewers aren't worth wasting even a consideration for a reply as they take the fun out of fanfiction for everybody and by quitting stuff like this, we're in a way unintentionally causing more and more to pop up. Again, if you still don't want to continue the story, that's understandable but at the very least give it a proper ending, don't just leave it in limbo like this if you are not going to continue it and instead provide a final chapter that closes it off and maybe even provide a thank you to those who have kept reading for as long as they have but of course, I would prefer for it to just continue at least until we hit the 200 mark as to me, that would be the perfect time to stop.

Sorry for the huge block of text, I honestly just wanted to provide a little bit of motivation but before I go, here are some of my favorite positive comments that I have seen on your story while looking up stuff for this message.

"Lil knucklez you are my hero because you have inspired me to write fanfrction to I made there stories I keep trying the best I can to get a good review see you later my friend" (originally by Jacksonangelo105)

"*CRYING* THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! I swear though, this is something JOHN CENA would say. Kudo's to you sir. also I had a question on your poll. if that poll is with MILF's then how could you have forgotten to put Cattleya from Queen's Blade in the poll. She is a milf from anime. Her cup size is J-cup. Think about it. Also once the MILF era is done could you do one with Candy Kong. the current one." (originally by god's executioner REBORN)

"Brother I respect you as do the guys in the back and you are one of the best lemon writers here on fanfiction. I request girls from Dragonaut the resonance, Queen's Blade, Manyuu Hiken-chou, Highschool DxD, High school of the dead, Wii-Fit Trainer, Horizon in the middle of nowhere, and Maken-ki." (once again by god's executioner REBORN)

"Once again, you've managed to impress me with another lemon filled chapter.

At this point, the only characters I can suggest for now are Felicia from Darkstalkers and Ash's mother Delia Ketchum from Pokemon." (originally by Yoshi 2.1)

"hey dude congrats on your story reaching to your 100th chapter and thanks for update your stories so soon keep up the great work XD" (originally by jake the fox)

"pleasently surprised guy right here.
nothing like a good relief to ease the stress of being in a zombie infested hole.
i appreciate how sonic at least tried to stop the act from happening, reminds me that he has a conscience. really great work little knucklez, can't wait for the next part, but of course work at your own pace" (originally by jackthehedghog)"

It came from a spur of the moment and to be honest? I didn't think this would work out but hey, I thought it was worth a shot. Then much to my surprise? A few moments later I received a reply from a completely rejuvenated Knux who not only thanked me but it wasn't that long before I saw that at the end of chapter 171 of SUH that he explained to his fans the situation and he not only said it was thanks to my words that he was inspired but he also called me a dear friend which okay for my ego was lovely but really it hit me just more in the heart and feelings because I made an impact on someone in a positive way and was rewarded for it and guys trust me, for some people I know this doesn't mean much but for someone like me? It means quite a lot because the thing is, I'm that kind of guy who often does try to help or I come up with something and it either gets shot down or it makes things worse which then discourages me from helping because again, low self-esteem issues.

So to see this author, this random author who could've easily continued to just ignore my posts or just block me for how much of a dick I was actually call me a friend all the while talking about how my post inspired him? It felt really good. From that point on that's when our talks sort of shifted. I still didn't talk much to him but when we did, we certainly felt like we were on less shaky grounds and there were some issues admittedly. There was one time I saw two reviewers on this story that Knux had responded to in a chapter of Ultimate Harem with the response actually being quite mature and it was also a pretty nice apology for the issues with behavior he had in the past and on one of the videos criticizing Ultimate Harem, in this case Brendaniel's reading of the first two chapters? I saw that the exchange between the two people on that section was way less than kind so I decided to copy the conversation and share it with Knux who thanked me for this though he felt very betrayed so he took some time off and after awhile I was starting to get pretty worried so I talked to Knux again and sent him some motivational messages, even got a few fans to chime in and after that? He was back on his feet and from that point on it was smooth sailing.

We'd hit a weird snag every now and again mostly thanks to misunderstandings but we worked through them and eventually, our friendship grew to where I was starting to make ideas for new chapters of SUH, starting with Chi-Chi I believe and then moving onto other characters. Eventually this would lead to me not only doing a WHOLE bunch of ideas but also I'd do things like make story covers because by this point, I had a DeviantArt account, I had BrawlBox for Brawl modding and I had the program Paint dot net so I thought "Hey, I see some of these covers he has on his stories look a little thrown together, a little outdated so why don't I spice them up with some new covers?" and I did. They were my special gift to him and eventually I'd give him even a brand new icon and he was just so thankful for them. He did not ask for me to do them, I just did them as a gift on my own time and he was so appreciative.

Now time passes on, nothing too bad happens though I am in the review section pumping out ideas and also I'm REALLY getting involved in defending this guy from the trolls and death threats and all that nonsense because over time through PMs? I saw that this guy was not just some creepy dude who had an unhealthy obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog but that rather he was a very normal, chilled out guy who unfortunately had a very rough life and suffered from depression with him even admitting at one point that he once attempted suicide and that at other times? He has thought of it and at that time? All I saw was just pure bile being sent to him. Not criticism but rather just pure hatred and from what I could tell? A lot of it was just because he did this story in the first place with Sonic the Hedgehog who online is considered a joke with one of the reasons being his fanbase which has gotten quite the infamous reputation over the years. Hell I even saw some people compare him to and say he's just as bad as Chris Chan and it was ALL because he wrote this fanfiction.

And also I saw that people in the review section weren't doing anything to help combat this and I was not having any of that so what this kind of started was really this one long and pointless war against trolls which showed just the sheer stupid lengths some people would go to just to get one story to stop. I had people impersonate me and others in the review section, I have been called every insult imaginable, there was even this one dude who claimed that me and Knux somehow made a concerted effort to troll them off the website and sufficed to say it was crazy. All of this happened over fanfiction, just this one stupid piece of media that was never canon in the first place nor did it affect anyone and yet people were out there acting like reading the story actually caused physical pain to others. It was just plain insane and it just kept motivating me to push forward.

Of course despite me being a friend? I did take note of how the stories still had their issues so for example, there was this one chapter that I saw had Sonic being quite a big dick to another character, I felt it was out of character so I decided to criticize that. The guy's response was to tell me that he was sorry but that he wasn't going to change it since it was already written down which was weird but I thought back to how I criticized one element of what was then an upcoming story, Fairy of Darkness IV which Knux said would be rated M and include lemons so I expressed my concern that this would lead to the lemons possibly being a repeat of what I saw in Ultimate Harem and he was very hurt by that and so me being the guy who wanted to preserve a friendship decided to just apologize. The next time criticism like this occurred was somewhat close to Halloween and I couldn't help but notice that the guy's responses to trolls were getting pretty unnecessarily angry and that the anger was starting to bleed into responses to fans and so I thought to maybe talk with the guy about this. Little did I know? Those words hurt him, he abandoned the internet for about a month I believe and then he came back and it took a LOT of talking to build him back up.

And this in particular I felt became kind of a pattern. It felt like every year would always bring us at least one big problem that would lead to Knux being so hurt he'd abandon the internet for awhile only to come back with me having to send him so much positivity to get him to keep going and then there were times where he'd just disappear for awhile which usually I'd find out would be due to him either living his life or personal issues like one time where he ended up losing his cousin to I believe a car accident which as someone who has lost family members before had a tendency to mess me up. As time went on, the focus for me moved to another issue of Knux. I felt one of the biggest problems of his that contributed to his explosions of fury was that he'd bottle up anger and not release it at the proper times and since I was his friend? I felt like he needed to vent to me more.

So there were times where he'd just be so pissed and I'd just tell him to vent, he'd decline it and after a bit of pushing, he'd do it and once it was done? He usually felt a lot better, he'd thank me and we went about our days. Now by that point, we had grown a particularly strong bond. By that point, we had been through tragedies like the deaths of idols we appreciated, Knux having a girlfriend cheat on him, just a bunch of crazy shit that we were able to deal with thanks to our bond as friends. Hell eventually Knux started to make ideas of his own for me which he did before when he gave me ideas for the Akame ga Kill females for Saiyan Prince but I mean later on, he'd make more and that made me so incredibly happy and grateful.

Now at this point, we must enter one of the first periods where I saw some elements of the mask Knux put on start to fade. By this point, Knux went by Soniq and it was a normal day when I saw in the review section of Ultimate Harem on a chapter that someone had been posting ideas asking for Sonic to have sex with a realistic dog. Now I'm no stranger to weird requests on that story and by this point, I will admit I had gotten very light on my criticisms and was more projecting my own disgust so I decided to reply to the guy's post and try to get him to leave and what that started was kind of a shitshow once Soniq got involved and he called the guy out.

Before I knew it, I then was locked in a debate with another dude by the name of LogicalFam who at first, I admittedly thought was kind of another jackass troll but over time as I talked with him? I started to recognize the hypocrisy on display when it came to me and Soniq and the two of us came to a very polite agreement. Unfortunately, Soniq didn't and he basically screamed at LogicalFam to which I responded by defending him. After a little while, the guy would get an account for the purpose of entering a PM discussion with Soniq and after welcoming him? The two of us started to talk and we ended up becoming good friends with me wishing him luck on his chat with Soniq and passing along my reasons for why we became friends.

And it's after this point where things were standard for awhile until I saw this guy by the name of EAC-Invictus, a particularly disgusting account that was spewing vile racist rhetoric that both LogicalFam and I had called out though the latter was becoming disenchanted with Soniq since he was letting these reviews through but his own guest reviews were not. Hell, LogicalFam was being called out while EAC wasn't so I decided to start defending him more. Nothing really happened except me and Fam talked more and everything was pretty normal for awhile... until the beginning of March where by this point, one event in particular had exploded and been making some waves on the internet.

Back in January, we were greeted by the US release of the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly", the 20th Dragon Ball movie and the first Dragon Ball Super movie and while I wish we could've spent most of this year talking about how great that movie was? We unfortunately couldn't because one situation had to rear its ugly head.

A few days after Broly's release, I came across a SLEW of allegations being directed towards the voice of Broly, Vic Mignogna which allege that the man has been engaging in inappropriate actions with fans and co-workers for years which includes actions as small as hugs without consent to way more creepy shit like groping and hair pulling and by the time March had rolled around? I had already looked well enough into it to decide for myself that I personally would not be supporting Vic and so that made things VERY awkward when Soniq at the end of chapter 354 decided to not only have a huge section dedicated to addressing the Vic situation with him stating how he was standing with the guy complete with comparing the hassle he went through with his cousin to get his money back from a scammer to this very serious and VERY different situation but while he finally called out EAC, he also called out and attacked LogicalFam. With this in mind, I posted a review on the chapter that was critical of his actions and after criticizing LogicalFam for being a bit harsh, it was as I was engaging in a talk with him which included him revealing to me that the PM discussion was not going well at all that I decided to try and talk with Soniq who only gave me these one or two word responses and I saw EAC as well as a bunch of guest reviews I did as Asphere disappeared.

As odd as that was? I did think he understood so I decided not to press him on that and instead focused on the Vic stuff which led to me sending him a message on why I couldn't stand with the guy which included me detailing how I've had friends come out to me about their abuse (Not at the hands of Vic but still, they came out to me with their abuse.) and how I decided after looking through his responses on Discord, comparing them to the responses that came later and my own research? I saw way too much for me to just ignore, I even sent him links to a two-part journal I did on DeviantArt featuring said research and in response, he sent this:

"Oh. I see. That's how you feel then I won't force you. You have your own opinion about Vic and feeling like you should defend your close friends then I understand. Do what's in your heart, that's what counts."

So initially, I thought this was pretty respectful though something about it did not feel right. I then sent this to LogicalFam and expressed that while it was respectful, this was anger-inducing because it was just blatant ignorance and he sent me this:

"That's false respect. It's saying you can have your opinion, while completely disregarding the reasons why. I'm angry for you, for all his claims of you being his best friend, that is not at all how friends behave."

And at that point, something clicked with me. I've seen Soniq do this a LOT with me before and as I talked with LogicalFam, the gears turned and I realized how almost every time I'd bring up a serious issue, Soniq would be hurt by it, he'd then leave the internet and supposedly he has improved and then it wouldn't be too long before I saw him fall back on old habits. I also remembered though I didn't express it and LogicalFam already did it for me in another response, how at other times when faced with criticism, he'd throw out the excuse of "I'm just doing my best." or he'd say he knows he's flawed but then he won't do anything. Our talk would continue and the both of us really started to realize just how much I've been played over the course of these five years and for me in particular, I began to realize just how much my time had been wasted. Fam did send me some good advice and some positivity which made me feel better but still, it was difficult. Unbeknownst to me, apparently LogicalFam was debating with Soniq with him asking me if it was okay if I told him we talked to which I agreed to but I also asked if maybe he could send me Soniq's recent response and that then he could send a response from me back to him. I wasn't going to be speaking directly to Soniq since I had no desire to but at the very least I could try to get through to him. I made what was a pretty long post and eventually LogicalFam sent me this long post from Soniq back:

"I was aware of the Internal Investigation. I know he got fired. Although, I believe in Vic and I'm still standing with him. The KickVic team are on a losing battle now that everyone still believe in Vic and he has a lawyer to help through the case. From that the female VA's are doing, they still keep tweeting about all of this and the more they keep tweeting, the more evidence that Vic and the Lawyer has for this case. They're making themselves look like fools just by keep tweeting about it. I even heard they block people from Twitter just they were explaining their stories. So what I'm a hypocrite that believes "Innocent until proven guilty". I already chose a side and I'm standing with Vic until the whole case if over. If he's guilty then so be it and if he is innocent then it's whatever.

You know what the problem is, I'm going to be bold at this because this is coming from the heart as I cannot stand this anymore: you never in fact EVER gave me a chance. You never listen to me, and you never got the chance to cut me a little bit of slack. Not even ONCE! I've tried my damn hardest and the fact you judged me, thinking that I haven't done absolutely NOTHING! You expect me to give you some "logic" answers, be smart to be "specific" with my messages as I try to answer your questions a positive way. News flash: Not everybody can be as logic as you. People can write and explain things "their" way and have different ways of answering a question or speaking their mind. You expect me to answer your question in a logical way?!

How DARE you accused me of something I didn't do! How DARE you tell me I didn't read your message. How DARE you say I broke my promise. And how DARE you judged me! I told you before that I don't want to start an argument with you. I don't want to insult you! I don't want to say anything to anger you, and I don't want to bicker with you back and forth! I don't want to bring back the old Lil' Soniq but to be honest, you're bringing back the old Lil' Soniq and I don't want to yell at anybody anymore as I turned over a new leaf after I've apologized to my friends and my fans of my behavior. I just can't deal with this anymore!

So with that being said, don' you EVER judge me! Don't you EVER accuse me of not doing something like I didn't read your messages! Don't you EVER think I'm a fucking idiot! Don't you EVER say I broke my promise! And last, DON'T YOU EVER DISRESPECT ME AND PISS ME OFF EVER AGAIN! You got me fucked up! For real!

I think I've said enough, I'm done man. I can't it anymore. I don't got any more to say, I'm going to take my leave and try to cool off. You almost got me into tears, dawg."

By this point? I was PISSED. For some context, I made a few friends during this situation, some of these friends were victims of this situation and as someone who had been watching the progression of this situation closely? It aggravated me. Not only that but I saw how Soniq told LogicalFam to never judge him and at that point? Well you can see the message, he went off.

And so did I in response. After a short chat with LogicalFam I decided I was done with Soniq so I had him send my final declaration which was this:

"Soniq, it is thanks to LogicalFam keeping me posted on this conversation that I am aware of what you've been saying and with what you've been saying? I feel it's about time I got blunt and direct with you.

Who the hell do you think you are insulting victims and VAs the way you are? No really tell me Soniq, who in the hell do you think you are because let me tell you, as someone with friends and by friends I mean BEST FRIENDS who have come out to me about their assault? I am fucking disgusted by your words. As someone who has kept a close eye on this situation and watched Vic's changing responses, how long this has been going on and the fact that the lawyer friend who's helping him wore fucking BLACKFACE and has insulted victims with Vic's actual lawyer? I'm absolutely revolted to see you spew this kind of insulting, hateful bullshit.

To see you of all people get on your high horse and insult LogicalFam all because he really decided to get down to business with you and address your problems? This is the point where I finally realize that after five years, after FIVE! FUCKING! YEARS of covering your ass and defending you that it was all for nothing, that you never ACTUALLY changed from your old self and that instead you've simply kept telling yourself that and I was someone too stupid to see it because I simply valued our friendship too much.

Well no more. As of right now Lil Soniq? I am DONE! You hear that? I'm calling this friendship off. No more ideas, no more covers, no more talks, I want to engage in NONE of that! Why?! Because you've shown me what I feel is your true colors. You've shown me that five years worth of help meant nothing to you and that you only wanted yes men and not critics. You've shown me that you cannot take criticism and will lash out or flat out ignore it and most importantly of all, you've shown me that you're so gullible you've let clickbait fool you and you have spouted such hurtful bullshit about victims of sexual assault and as someone who again, had best friends who came out to me about their abuse? Quite frankly, that was the last straw for me.

Do not try to contact me again, we are THROUGH!"

So after that? I thought it'd be over. Fam and I talked, by this point I had blocked Soniq, it really looked like it was the end of an era and it came just like that. After awhile, I do think I was a bit too angry and quick when it came to this conclusion but I don't think people would be able to blame me considering what I've been through and how by this point my view of Soniq had been shaken up quite a bit. This genuinely caused quite a bit of pain to me emotionally because to an outsider looking in? They'll see nothing but the reviews and they'll just see this guy who seems to be EXTREMELY invested in a harem story, maybe even too invested but the thing is, it was more than that. Soniq and I were very close friends who had been through a whole lot together, he was my inspiration and like it or not? His stories helped me through some dark periods of my life. It's weird these of all things were some of the stuff that helped but for me during my rough periods? I just needed a good bout of stupid fun and these stories provided that in spades and I really felt it was an honor to be his friend when I so easily could've been ignored or blocked for my stupid post but he gave me a second chance and I was determined to not waste it.

Let me just say right now that those past five years were some of the most fun I've had just online. I valued my friendship with Soniq a VERY great deal and our talks honestly did help when it came to some of these past couple years, especially 2017 which was the year Chester Bennington, my main reason for getting into music and one of my idols, passed away and we just talked about it and it helped so much so when all this happened? This wasn't an easy decision to make and it's why when LogicalFam showed me the next day Soniq's apology to him that while I aired on the side of caution a GREAT deal? I still wanted to keep as his friend so I unblocked him and the two of us had a chat where after asking for and receiving an apology, I started laying out all the ways he needed to improve which included stuff such as calling out his fans which I started to see was a big source of his problems and why he's so stuck in his ways and at first things seemed to be going better but I had a new rule in place for myself that LogicalFam agreed with, we'd reward him if he does good and really get on his case for his issues since now he was asking for criticism. We were also prepared for if he fell into his old ways again which happened a lot over the years and although I wish I could say this is where it all ended well and Soniq finally improved?

It didn't. Over time as LogicalFam was talking with me about his recent discussions, he was showing off how Soniq really wasn't that receptive to criticism and how eventually, he not only blocked LogicalFam but he rushed his stories to completion and basically abandoned the internet as in he has no YouTube and despite it being listed? He has no Discord. He also unfriended me on PS4 and I'm assuming on PS3 he did the same and now we are here. Soniq instead of going out to fix his problems like he promised turned out to be a sniveling coward and he broke his promise to me a second time and you know how the old saying goes. Fool me once? Shame on you but fool me twice? Shame on me. So I corrected that and after my angry declaration in the comments of Ultimate Harem? I was done with me nowadays posting critiques on his work since I decided to reevaluate it and found it REALLY wasn't all that good.

So that brings us to here. Now my friendship with Soniq has officially ended and while I am incredibly pissed at how this relationship crumbled? I'm actually more pissed I didn't see all the signs any sooner because when I actually looked back through most of my old messages to Soniq? I have quickly realized I've not only received a ton of false respect from him but that also there were many points where he very clearly wasn't going to change or improve. Hell, I even realized this with his response to my angry review because the thing is while the first line focuses on the insults? The rest focused more on the honest criticisms of the previous two reviews and then told me that I'd have hell to pay if I ever disrespect him again which I don't know about you guys but that sounds kind of like a threat. Like not the "Oh he just made an exaggeration." kind, I mean that sounds VERY aggressive and it was lines like that which made me realize if I wasn't such an idiot? I could've pulled away from this quicker.

But then again, if I pulled away from this? I don't think I would've been able to make the kind of content I have today so I guess you just win some and lose some but regardless, even with that in mind this whole situation pissed me off. Soniq was my best friend or at least, I thought he was a best friend and then it turns out for five years I've basically dedicated my life to someone who was never going to change and a friendship that was more one-sided than I thought and let me tell you, it brings me no pleasure to say this. I wish I could be singing a different tune but alas, this is how the cookie crumbles.

And it's with that in mind I'm of course brought to the subject of this story's future and what I mean by the AGK saga being the last series of standard chapters and to explain that? It's really quite simple. Saiyan Prince is a story I made because I was inspired by Lil Soniq and wanted to pay tribute to his haremfics and it really feels like one of them. Now I'd like to think that unlike those stories that I did at least try to make something good out of it but still, I can't deny that for a lack of a better term? Soniq's stink is still on this story so with that in mind, here's basically what's going to happen.

After the AGK saga is done, this story in its current form will end. Now does this mean the story is cancelled? No not at all but rather what's going to happen is that I'm going to take it in a different direction. Saiyan Prince will become a series of short stories that are at the very least five or so chapters long that have more time dedicated to Vegeta not only getting to know the gal in question but also just spending time in the worlds of some of your favorite characters with the sex kind of being more reserved for the final chapters since the focus will be a lot more on character. This is basically my way of continuing the story while removing the Soniq stink from it and keeping the old work up for you guys to enjoy. I did originally have this story deleted and I was just going to restart but after awhile of thinking? I think it's better to leave my old work up for people to enjoy it and bring this to a more proper conclusion before continuing it in this new direction.

And with all that said and done? Thank you everyone for reading, I hope you understand my points and please stay gold.