[A/N]: So, I got sucked into this ship because the matrons of one of my OTPs (Enjonine) influenced me a lot. I forgot to upload this here since I've posted it at my tumblr (poeticbibliophile). This is a song fic attributed to Ne-Yo because I was prompted by thequeenandherwarrior.

I hope you'll enjoy it, though!

"That's not how it's supposed to be, Bellamy," she seethed, angrily marching towards him near his tent as he stared at her incredulously.

"It couldn't have gone any other way, Princess," he spat, his brows furrowing and jaw twitching as he struggled to contain himself from fighting with her again.

Clarke reached for his sleeve and grasped it.

Bellamy noticed how her fingers curled around his sleeve as she spoke, "Yes, we could've done another thing. You didn't even give me the chance to speak with Anya properly before you fired. I know you just wanted to protect me, but—"

He grabbed her hand from his sleeve and neared her face before saying, "Oh, so we could let usbecome the inferior party, Princess? No. There was no other way. I wouldn't let what happened in the Cuban missile crisis repeat. We live in the same planet for fuck's sake."

Clarke glared at him, saying, "Cuban missile crisis, Bellamy? We're not at war!" Then she came nearer to whisper, "That's not what we're trying to achieve here. It's not what we have to become."

Bellamy eyed her, feeling a little conscious of their proximity, but hey, if she's not afraid to get this near, well, he's not going to fucking lose it.

He breathed through his nose before responding, "Probably not, but they were pushing the circumstances to become like that."

"We can do better than them," she said, her tone pleading as her eyes searched his for some form of agreement. She neared him once more and was a breath away when she added, "And you know it."

Bellamy closed his eyes and sighed, before saying, "Fine, we'll do it your way."

He knew her smile would come before he felt it on his skin as he nodded.

His eyes flew open immediately, and found her looking surprised as their lips touched in the middle.

When their eyes met in a split second, they jerked away from each other.

Bellamy could feel his lips tingling from the touch and hoped that Clarke wouldn't hear how his heart thumped in excitement. He saw how she breathed a little faster and her cheeks turned incarnadine from their contact.

He gazed away from her and coughed pretentiously.

"So, uh, yeah, your way," he said lamely, not really trusting himself to properly construct a sentence.

He heard her clear her throat in the same way before responding, "Yeah. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then."

Bellamy tried to look at her and found her staring at him, so he quickly gazed away and nodded his farewell.

He didn't really like this awkward feeling because it was making him look weak in front of her, so he turned away from her and proceeded to lift the flap of his tent.

He decided she can't have the last word yet, so he muttered, "Tomorrow, Princess."

When he entered his abode, he finally heard her footsteps moving away from his tent. He breathed and closed his eyes, feeling his lips curl faintly as he touched it with trembling fingers.

He could still feel her lips on his and felt his heart skip a beat.

Bellamy knows he's not going to get some sleep tonight.

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