This is my first Attack On Titan story so please, no flames. I beg of you. Either way I hope you like it! Oh, also, Petra in my stories is alive, she survived the Female Titan attack on her squad. I'll make a story on it soon. But again, Enjoy!





"I did it! It's finally finished!"

Hanji stood in her lab holding a small contraption. She had been working on it for almost a month but it would all be worth it. Recently, the discussion of time travel was brought up by Petra just as a little joke but Hanji took it to heart. She thought the ideal of traveling through time would be the most amazing thing to have ever been done.

"Hanji, I was only kidding-"

"Just think of what we could achieve! Petra, you're smarter than I thought you were!"

"I-uh- thank you?"

Yep, all the sleepless nights, the days she's ignored food, lack of sunlight, and fires from previous devices would all be worth it.

And seeing Levi's surprised face will be worth it as well, after all he "encouraged" her even more. Such a wonderful friend he was. "Now, let's test this shall we!?" She asked no one in particular. After pushing a couple of buttons here and there, Hanji waited until the device started up.

And she waited

And waited

And waited

"You're juST A FRAUD-" She began to yell but was interrupted when the contraption started to beep and glow. It then "ding!" Like a bell and did a loud whistling sound. She covered her ears but kept a huge grin on her face. "Finally, I've done it, shorty is gonna flip when he sees this!"

In the hallway

"Where the hell is that noise coming from?" Asked a certain corporal. Levi had been walking back to his office when he heard the sudden, irritating noise. It made him wanna punch someone, that's how bad the noise was getting to. "IT'S WORKING!"

"Jesus fucking Christ..."

Following the scream, he ended up in Hanji's lab where he spotted what was making that noise. "Shitty glasses, make it stop." He ordered. Hanji looked at him with a confused expression. "What?" Levi glared at her and repeated.

"Make it stop!"


The corporal growled lowly before grabbing the collar of Hanji's shirt and pulling her down to be able to see his eyes. "I said turn the shit off!" And as if on cue the contraption stopped it's hissing. Hanji looked over with a frown. "Aw, all that for nothing..." Letting go of her, Levi looked over at what she had created. "You're still trying to do the time travel, aren't you?" Hanji nodded.

The brunette walked over and picked up the device, curious to what changed about it. She sighed when she didn't find any changes at first but then she noticed little bars that had words and numbers in them. "January 27, 2015?" She read out loud. "That's...that's so far from our time! Levi, I think I did it!"

Levi took the device from her and looked over it himself. Yep, the distance between the years were HUGE. "Doesn't even work?" Hanji took it back and said. "I don't know, we'll just have to test it!" "What do you mean 'we'? I'm not helping you test it."

"Oh come on! You aren't going to be the only one! I'm bringing Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and some others!" He glared at her. "That's even worse." But the mad scientist didn't listen instead she left to go find the others. "Hey! Don't walk away when I'm talking to you! Hanji!"





"Armin, you still awake?"


Eren sat up in his bed and looked over at the blonde who was reading (trying to at least, the only light source he had at the moment was the moonlight coming from the window). "Have you noticed how strange Hanji has been acting lately?" Armin nodded, still reading his book.

"I don't wanna sound mean but doesn't she always act strange?"

"Yeah, she does but she's been acting...stranger."

Armin closed his book and looked up at Eren with a small smile. "We can go see if she's alright, if you want." Eren nodded as he slipped out of his bed as well as Armin. After a few minutes, both boys left the room and were heading towards Hanji's. Half way there they heard people talking and saw it was Petra and Hanji.

"Please Petra, it's only natural for the the creator of such a brilliant ideal to come along!" Hanji exclaimed.

"I-I don't seems a bit risky. What if it does work but we get stuck in...whatever time period we go to?"Petra questioned.

"I'll work out all the bugs later, this is just a test run! C'mon Petra, pleeeeease-Eren! Armin!"

Both boys waved rather nervously at Hanji. She looked even worse with her hair all messy, slight bags under her eyes, and a crazed grin on her face. "Just the boys I'm looking for! I was wondering something..." The green eyed and blue eyes boys looked at each other before Eren said. "What was it?"

"How would you, Armin, and Mikasa like to travel through time!?"


"...uh...Hanji, I don't think that's really poss-"

"Nonsense, I've created the perfect device for it! Now what do you say?"

Armin hesitated to even answer. 'Maybe she's losing her mind after all...' He thought. Then again, she could be serious and if so, they could do a lot of things with time travel. Eren on the other hand thought it was a crazy yet cool ideal but he didn't think Mikasa would agree. In fact he was pretty damn sure she wouldn't even let him go. 'No, she can't tell me what to do! I'm my own man, I do what I want!'

With that thought in mind, he answered for both Armin and and Mikasa.

"Sure, we'd love to."

Armim looked at Eren like he was crazy and Petra did the same. It was like this the titan-shifter had a death wish. "Fantastic, head to my lab. Levi is already waiting!" "Wait, Levi is going too?" Hanji nodded, her smile growing even more. "Amazing, isn't it?! Now on your way there I'd like you too explain and ask Mikasa if she'd like to go too."

Eren nodded before walking off with a rather confused Armin.

"What in God's name did Eren just agree to...?"