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"hey Stella-nee, why do you stay here and aren't you going to get your cousin?" Romeo asked me.

"I didn't tell her I came here and I am pretty useless without my powers so all of us decided to stay here." I told the little guy, I agreed he may call me this way because he does so with Lucy.

"Hey Romeo why are you still here?" Aisha asked him.

"Don't like to have false hope." He mumbled in reply.

"I hope they are safe." Bloom said.

"They will, I am positive." Flora said.

They were gone for some time now and then we heard a crash.

We looked up.

"Ha sorry but master doesn't accept your offer." One of the guys said.

It were the same guys as we saw earlier.

"They all may be scared of you but I am not." Romeo stated and stood up.

He was ready to fire his magic when Tecna pushed him away and a few seconds later an attack hit were Romeo was standing only seconds ago. It hit Tecna,

"Tecna!" the winx screamed.

"sad for her, lucky for you boy." The guy said.

Meanwhile on tenrou

"You okay?" Makarov asked the others.

"Master a ship is coming!" Erza called out while Makarov was helping everyone get up.

It turned out it were the members of Fairy Tail and the other people.

"How did you brats get here?" Makarov asked.

"I think that is thanks to me…" a childish sounding voice said.

"and you are?" Natsu asked.

The girl who looked like a child had long blonde hair and two wing like decorations on the sides of her head and one lock of hair which stood up.

"I am Mavis Vermilion." The child introduced herself

After that master Makarov mumbled something about being saved by the first master and then they took their leave.

Back to Magnolia

"How could you?!" an enraged Musa said while Flora and Bloom hurried to Tecna to see if she was alright.

Aisha stood next to Musa and Stella hurried over to Romeo, the little boy she had taken a liking to, he was like a little brother to her.

"You want the same? We can do that for you." One of the guys replied.

After that the intruders went to attack Aisha and Musa but before they could reach them their team leader flew across the room and into a wall.

Musa, Stella, Aisha and Romeo crowded around Tecna.

And the others looked surprised at the doors,

"We are back!" Natsu yelled.

After a lot of happy greetings and reunions, Lucy and Natsu walked up to Romeo and the girls.

"Who are they Romeo?" Lucy asked while standing face to face with Stella.

"Romeo, Why does she look like a younger version of myself?" Stella asked the little boy.

"Younger version of you? I will never look like you, I have way to big boobs to ever look like you!" Lucy said getting angry.

"hey Luce, she does smell a little like you." Natsu innocently remarks.

"Ieeks! Why are you sniffing me?!" Stella screams out in disgust, while slapping Natsu

"Imposter!" Lucy yelled.

And that is how a discussion began.

The wings looked just surprised at the conflict between Lucy and Stella.

"Hey guys what is happening?" Gray asked.

And he got filled in by Natsu.

"Do I hear fighting?" a certain red haired, cake eating mage said while approaching them…..


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