Lucy smiled as she helped Mira, who was busy making this year's Grand Magic Games uniforms. This year they were only entering one team and Lucy wasn't on it, but Laxus was and she was looking forward to cheering him on.

"For the last time I'm pregnant not immobile!" Levy yelled at Gajeel.

"Same debate as earlier?" Natsu asked as Lucy placed a mug of fire beer in front of him. She had a juice for Wendy, but the girl had taken off for a mission with Romeo.

Lucy nodded. She smiled down at the blue eyed pink haired baby boy next to him.

"Hello Asher, is daddy watching you today?" Lucy smiled. The baby stared then giggled.

"Lis said she couldn't stand my stupidity today." Natsu sighed. "All I said was we should try for a girl."

Lucy chuckled. She had to admit Asher Ingeel Dragneel was cute.

"When are you and Laxus going to have a baby?" Natsu asked. "I mean Lis got pregnant right after I marked her, I met to ask her to marry me but never got to it before it happened."

"Still you got adorable little Asher out of it." Lucy smiled at the baby.

"You seemed to be his favorite aunt," Natsu smiled.

At that moment a certain blue cat decided to fly buy, landing into Lucy's breasts and sending the purple liquid flying onto her legs and skirt.

"Sorry Lushie," Happy said.

"It's fine, I'm going to clean off." Lucy sighed and went to the bathroom.

Laxus sighed. How could one team be so destructive? Of course they would be worse if there wasn't someone to keep them in check.

From what he could hear Levy was fighting with Gajeel on if she should be allowed to go to the Grand Magic Games. She was about to pop, he had a feeling she would be watching from the hospital. He hoped that didn't distract Gajeel.

He sighed, if they weren't fighting about that then they were fighting about the babies name and sex.

He had to give it to Gajeel, he had least waited till after marriage to mark Levy. Unlike a certain flame brain.

Speaking of babies he was kind of wishing Lucy was pregnant. See after a dragon slayer marked his mate, she went into a heat. Basically the mates would build themselves a nest, or lock themselves away and make love. They wouldn't leave for days. It helped increase her chance of pregnancy.

She had gone into heat once, but still hadn't conceived. Her time was coming again soon. Which sucked because all the other slayers had gotten their mates pregnant the first go around.

He looked up as the door opened. Lucy came, her skirt covered in purple shit.

"What happened?" Laxus raised an eyebrow.

"A flying blue ball of destruction." Lucy growled as she slipped off her ruined skirt, revealing a purple silk thong.

He let out a low growl.

Lucy turned and smirked. "Laxus, I'm helping in the bar. So no banging my brains out right now."

"Fine, but later." Laxus warned.

"Me in nothing but my underwear and that purple shirt of yours." Lucy smirked. She went over to his desk and opened one of the drawers, pulling out a skirt.

"Why is that there?" Laxus sighed.

"What? Mira can hide tampons around the building, but I can't place back up clothes in my man's office?"

Lucy smirked as she walked out.

It took a minute for Laxus to get the image of her out of his head and wrap the comment about what Mira was doing.

He ran out to look down at the first floor.

"Mira's hiding what?!"

By the way I'm saying that Laxus has marked Lucy. Anyone else hear Elfman's voice from the abridge series when they saw that title? It was probably just my insane mind.