Dragon's relied on their sense for a many things, one of the biggest was smell. With it they could tell how someone was feeling, who was around and could track with it. They liked to have their mates smell like them, so they would often cover them in their scent.

This also was were touching came into play. Dragon's horded and used their body for many things. So it was the same for the slayers. They liked to be near what they valued most at all times, to show it was theirs. Often this involved touching. Physical contact with their mate was a must.

Gajeel wasn't a cuddlier, his dragon hadn't raised him to be, but he did like to cuddle after certain session that involved a rather exhausted Levy who smelled like him. Otherwise he was content with her sitting near him while his kid ran around.

Natsu was a cuddlier, no matter what. He loved to be holding his wife, her being pregnant again. Then again he hadn't been taught personal space.

Rogue only cuddled with his mate and when he showed affection toward his child or exceed. In fact Fro was the biggest cuddlier.

Sting, he liked to be touched and interact with his child and Yukino, often having his arm around her to show she was his. This often caused her to blush.

Laxus would often have Lucy in his lap or close by with his arm around her. He wasn't big on public displays. However when it came to his daughter, he was more than happy to play and let her climb all over him.

When he was alone, he was a teddy bear. He loved to snuggle close to Lucy, loved the feel of her next to him.

In fact she was asleep against him right now on the couch. His arm was around her as she was wrapped in a blanket, head resting on the crook of his neck.


Laxus looked over to see Layla was awake in her little blue night dress, a stuffed rabbit clenched tightly to her side. The thing had been a gift from Gajeel, better than the stupid Salamander doll Natsu had tried to give her.

Laxus frowned. "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Alice," she pouted.

Laxus sighed, glancing at the book on the table. "Fine."

Layla smiled, running and climbing on his lap. She snuggled into him as he adjusted to hold the book and his girls.

"Where did your mom stop at?" Laxus asked.

"Tea," Layla smiled.

Less than five chapters later, Layla was fast asleep. Both woman snuggled against him. Honestly he wouldn't have it any other way.

Many, Many years later…

Layla snuggled closer to the body next to her. She was cold and there was no Asher trying to get near her to keep her warm. She had no problem with the fire, but the rain and wind outside the cave made it hard to sleep. Even her blanket wasn't helping. Surprising the hulking body of muscle next to her was good at keeping things warm, despite his element.

"What in fucking hell do you think you're doing?" the body growled.

"Staying warm, now shut up Gale and snuggle." Layla growled.

Gale chuckled. Girl was a fucking care bear half the time. Not that he minded. Besides, pissed her dad off so much that they were close.

I thought it would be nice to have a cute LaLu family moment.