He's a myth she can't figure out. One minute, he's on the top of her and they were making out like crazy and the next, he's gone off to the next girl. But none of them gave him pleasure. He got bored of them quickly, his little 'Ravine Hookers.'

They couldn't ride him in waves and waves of pleasure like Alex. She was his rock. Companion. Superstar. In a haze of begging girls. They were all waiting in line to be next.

Mission failed to the T and all he got was a painful boner in his lower jeans.

Alex refused to see him and Amy was forced to give back the bracelets.

They will have to wait and wait.

And the old dog won't bite. Or Horn Dog.

"Jay fucked big time. He got some other whores involved in the Ravine, Ellie!"

She laughed like having a tea party instead of discussing her boyfriend's discretion.

Ellie: Don't get an abortion. It's a bad idea.

"I'm only 17 and he's 18. He's proven to be immature to handle something like this."

Cheating is a carnival of sin. Once someone cheats on you, you can't forgive them.

Emma is flat out nervous. She looked upset and pale. "You look a little Green, Greenpeace..."

"I went to the Drug Store..."

What the Hell...!? She showed me the stick and I breathed unevenly like all of it had been knocked out of me. I am sucker punched. Right in the chest. In gut. In heart.

That little Greenpeace is pregnant.