Summary- What happens when a member of the team is trapped in a bank? Will the team save them in time? Will they lose them for good? This is my own version of the season 7 two part finale. JJ/Will/Emily relationship. Don't like don't read.

A/N- I decided to try a Criminal Minds story. Don't worry I have not forgotten my others. I just really wanted to write this before I lost my inspiration for it. Also this was looked over by my awesome beta PrinslooPrentiss and I thank you so much! Also the title is a song by Marinas Trench.



The wind was blowing as the team stood outside of the Washington D.C Bank; they had been called because of a hostage situation that involved serial killers. The group they were facing off was known as the Face Cards, a team of three that went around robbing banks and always leaving one dead body. The team was working out a plan to rescue one of their own, after having been called in by William Lamontagne Jr.

"Today is a day we stand in fear as members of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit try to save one of their own, along with a dozen other hostages. At exactly ten this morning the Washington D.C Bank was attacked by a known group called the Face Cards. At that exact time dozens of people were traveling to the bank to cash checks or withdrawal money. The state of the hostages and FBI agent is unknown." Suddenly the news anchor is cut off as a gunshot is heard from inside of the building. "We just heard a gunshot from within the building it is unknown as to who was shot but we will keep everyone updated. Again it is unknown of any injured. I am Miranda King and this is the eleven o'clock D.C news."

Derek Morgan was freaking out as soon as he noticed who was missing from the team. They had all been told that one of their own was in the bank; he just wished it wasn't her.

"Hotch we have to get in there man!" He yells looking at his boss.

"We don't know how many people are in there. We will get in there soon, just waiting on Garcia to get into the video feed." Aaron Hotchner says as he looks over the rest of his team.

David Rossi was standing next to Erin Strauss, Derek Morgan next to Spencer Reid, and Jennifer Jareau was standing next to her boyfriend Will Lamontagne Jr. Penelope Garcia was in the bus/control center behind them trying to get into the news feed. Only one of their people was missing.

"Hotch you don't understand! Damn it man! She is pregnant and inside a bank with three armed serial killers! Without her vest she will become a target!" Morgan yells angrily running a hand over his bald head.

JJ stopped breathing for a second and shared a look with Will, Emily was pregnant and she never told them. A shrill scream from within the control center caused the team to enter, finding Garcia covering her mouth with tears in her eyes as she stared at the video in front of her. Looking at the video everyone let out their own gasps upon seeing the chaos on the inside. Four people were down; two were citizen a security guard and a banker. Next they saw one of the members of The Face Cards who was also shot, and then finally their eyes land on the last person who was down a man was pushing pressure on a wound on her stomach it was; Emily Prentiss.