Summary- What happens when a member of the team is trapped in a bank? Will the team save them in time? Will they lose them for good? This is my own version of the season 7 two part finale. JJ/Will/Emily relationship. Don't like don't read.

A/N- Alright everyone this last chapter of Fallout! I wanted to thank you all for following me on this ride.

Chapter Fifteen- Homeward Bound


After making her decision to go home, Emily couldn't help but feel happier. They were all staying in London until the twins were born, the brunette having been told that she can't say no.

The final month went by slowly as they got back into the flow of their relationship, slowly they managed to go back to how they were before everything with Doyle happened.

Derek had brought Henry up to London to stay with them two weeks before her due date. The little boy was so happy that as soon as he saw Emily he ran to her and wouldn't let her out of his sight.

But Emily didn't care, she had her baby back and was savoring every single minute she had with him

It was late at night when Emily's water breaks causing her to wake JJ and Will.

"It's time!" the brunette cries out as she struggles to catch her breath, the contractions hitting her full force.

Will is quick to get up and start grabbing their bags for the hospital while JJ helps Emily out of the bed.

Rushing around the apartment they Will makes sure they have everything they need before waking Derek up and letting him know what is going on.

As soon as Derek is awake he calls everyone back in Virginia, telling them the news.

"Dammit can you go any slower?" Emily yells out as pain rips through her, she couldn't wait any longer.

JJ runs a hand through her hair and calls out to Will, "Come on we need to get her to the hospital!"

Rushing out the door the Cajun puts the bags in the trunk and rushes to the driver's side of the car.

"We're going now Cher." he says softly looking back at Emily before starting the car and pulling out of the driveway.

The entire drive to the hospital was spent with JJ trying to calm Emily down, and Emily yelling at Will for her being pregnant.

Pulling up to the hospital the Cajun lets out a sigh of relief. "Stay here, I'm going to get a wheelchair and doctor."

Emily just glares at him as the contractions get worse, her dark eyes filled with pain.

Nine hours later

JJ smiles as she holds Amelia Grace Prentiss-Lamontagne in her arms, the little girl fast asleep.

"They are just so perfect." Will whispers as he holds his other daughter Camren Elizabeth Prentiss-Lamontagne.

Emily had fallen asleep an hour after giving birth to the twins, while she was sleeping Will and JJ sent pictures of the twins to everyone back in Quantico and Derek so he can show little Henry.

"I can't believe how perfect they are." JJ whispers back as she runs a finger down Amelia's cheek.

A nurse walks into the room and smiles at them softly, "I just came to take them back to the nursery, give you a chance to eat and rest." she tells them softly.

Will and JJ both nod and stand up laying the twins in their little cribs, watching as the nurse wheels them out before a familiar face enters the room.

"Hey, Henry and I are taking you out for breakfast." Derek says from his spot in the doorway where he stands holding Henry in his arms.

Smiling at each other Will and JJ get up each placing a gentle kiss on Emily's forehead before leaving with Derek.

Three years later.

"Camren, Amelia! Henry!" Emily calls out searching for the three little kids, Will and JJ had gone to the hospital for the birth of their son Michael Aaron Jareau-Lamontagne.

Amelia is the first to appear in front of Emily, the three year old a spitting image of Emily, her dark brown eyes filled with excitement. "Has Mama had Michael?"

"Not yet bumblebee." the older woman says smiling at her little girl.

Camren runs in soon followed by an eight year old Henry.

"Yes mama?" they ask simultaneously, both of them smiling excitedly.

"Do you have your overnight bags? I'm taking you to Uncle Derek's." Emily says softly as she smiles at how much Camren looks like Will.

"Yes." all three of the kids reply with identical smiles at the mention of Derek.

Emily takes a deep breath and grabs her keys. "Okay let's get your bags then so we can go."

It doesn't take long for them to grab their bags, get in the car, and reach Derek and Penelope's house.

"Okay now I want you guys to be good for Uncle Derek and Aunt Pen." Emily says before they get out of the car and walk up to the door.

Once the kids are safely with Derek and Pen, the brunette agent races to get to the hospital on time.

Six years later

Will walks up behind Emily and wraps his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Penny for your thoughts."

A smile crosses Emily's lips as she leans back against him, still looking out the window. "Just thinking about everything that has happened." she whispers softly.

"It's been a crazy few years Cher." he whispers back as he kisses her cheek and they both look out the window.

Outside Henry, Jack, the twins, Michael, and Derek's son Anthony were playing tag.

The team had decided to have another of their famous cookouts, everyone was just happy to be together again. JJ was sitting at the table talking to Beth and Garcia about Beth's due date, the dark haired woman due any day now.

Aaron was smiling and talking with Spencer and Derek about how soon Jack was going to be a big brother soon.

Emily turns in Will's arms and smiles. "We should go out there and socialize, I think Beca feels slightly left out." she says talking about Spencer's wife of three years.

Nodding his head Will takes Emily's hand and they walk outside joining their family friends, everyone was there from Erin and Rossi to Clyde and his wife Ciara.

It was then as Emily sat with her family, and holding Michael on her lap that she realized it was all worth it.

What really warmed Emily's heart as they all sat there talking was seeing the couple that made them think; Madeline, Amelia, and Greg were talking softly with each other watching as their three kids played. Even Jax was there with his wife Stephanie.

Sometimes a fallout in life can make a family grow, and sometimes it can bring others into your life to make you realize what you have.