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Bygone Island. An absolutely gorgeous place to spend some relaxing time if one ever considered it. It could only be the typical tropical island for a summer vacation; beaches, mountains, villages and jungles.

Most impressively, though, this island had recently become the latest residence of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog and his closest friends, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echinda, Amy Rose, and their newest friend, Sticks the Badger. Together, the five, when joined, would become an unstoppable force of heroes, famously known as "Team Sonic". When they were together, the evil genius, Ivo Robotnik, now best known as Doctor Eggman, would never stand a chance at taking over this island. As long as Team Sonic was around, everyone was safe.

Many of the villagers on this island, including the guilt-tripping Gogobas, felt very grateful to have Sonic and his friends on their island. Without them, who knew what could have become of them?

Right now, summer was blooming over Bygone Island. The jungles looked as beautiful as ever, as the sunshine brightly lit the flower-filled grass and the vine-filled trees. The villages were a warm and comfortable place to be for those who resided there. The beaches were as hot as they ever had been. The mountains were a glorious sight for sore eyes, all the way up to the snow-covered top.

It was a sunny Wednesday morning. It had quickly turned into one of the hottest and brightest days on Bygone Island. As far as everyone was concerned, it was just another typically relaxing day.

Sonic the Hedgehog was in front of his own shack, lazing comfortably in his recliner, soaking in the warm sunshine as he enjoyed another slow morning without any nonsense from Eggman.

Sonic was a blue hedgehog, wearing a brown bandanna around his neck, white gloves with sports tape wrapped around them, and large socks and red/white shoes with tape wrapped around them, too. He was famously coined, "The Fastest Thing Alive", due to his sonic running speed. Why, he could run faster than the speed of sound!

Sitting in another recliner right next to Sonic was another hedgehog, but unlike Sonic, she was pink, and had beautiful pink hair and a fancy lavender sarashi. Her name was Amy Rose. She often considered herself to be a love interest of Sonic's, but the blue hedgehog would often try to dismiss her romantic attempts to take him as her boyfriend.

About fifty yards away, a volleyball net had been set up, and two others were using it to play volleyball.

One of them was a red echidna who was taller than any of the other members of Team Sonic. He even had the biggest muscles out of anyone in the group. Due to the way his gloves looked like, he preferred the name, Knuckles.

The other was a small brown/orange jungle badger whom had spent her whole life living in the jungle on this island and was the newest member of Team Sonic. She wore unique hair locks on her hair and a BFF necklace with two pendants around her neck. She went by the name of Sticks.

Knuckles and Sticks both seemed to be playing like real volleyball pros. Knuckles seemed rather amazed at Sticks' volleyball skill, given that she had lived most of her life alone in the jungle.

Sonic drifted further back in his recliner seat and sighed.

"Ah, this feels great. Whenever I find a day like this, I prefer to enjoy it as much as I can," the blue hedgehog sighed to himself.

"Especially since you have someone like me to accompany you!" added Amy happily.

Sonic rolled his eyes and stared off at the sky without looking at Amy.

"And everyone else," added Sonic.

"Hmm, … I don't know if it feels like … everyone," corrected Knuckles before returning another shot from Sticks, sensing the absence of another one of their closest friends, "Tails still isn't here yet."

"Where is that fox friend of ours, anyway?" asked Sticks as she once again tossed the volleyball in the air towards Knuckles.

"I don't know," answered Amy, "How about you, Sonic?"

Sonic contemplated his thoughts. He quickly remembered that it had been at least several days since he last heard from his little brother.

"I haven't really seen him in a few days," the blue hero said before turning to his friends, "Have any of you caught a glimpse of him lately?"

"Haven't heard or seen Tails in a week," said Knuckles worryingly.

"I haven't seen him in a while, either," added Sticks.

"He's probably been very busy over the past week," put in Amy, "Besides, if none of us have heard from Tails in over a week, then he must be working on something huge."

Sonic knew that this couldn't always be the case. Whenever they hadn't heard anything from Tails after such a long time like this, there was always the possibility that he was having a struggle and was wearing himself out with endless work. He knew his little brother had times like these before.

"I don't think it's something huge," Sonic finally concluded, "He's probably just in one of those periods again."

"Whaddaya mean, periods?" asked an extremely curious Sticks.

Sonic sat up in his chair and turned to his friends.

"Well, think about it," he began, "Tails has had times when he seems to work so hard that he wears himself out and begins to struggle with many of the things he does. It's always possible if he's been sheltering himself in his workshop for the longest time."

Sticks came to the understanding about Tails as she continued her game with Knuckles, having listened closely to every word Sonic said.

"So you're saying he's run himself down again?" said Knuckles in an assumption.

"At least, that's what I think," replied Sonic, "Whenever that happens, I worry about him. After all, he's my little brother, and he's the bright mind out of all of us. Think about it, Knuckles. Who was the one who taught you how to count, to wrap your sports tape and to ride a bike?"

"Something I often don't like to be reminded of," said Knuckles in slight embarrassment, "But, yes, I know. It was Tails."

"But whenever Eggman's out there, doing something up to no good, Tails is usually always ready to fight," added Amy.

"Yes, but what if Eggman were to come down here right now, and Tails wasn't here?" continued Sonic, "Sometimes, even one short would be too much of a disadvantage."

"Sonic, I think you're just being a little paranoid," said Amy, dismissing some of Sonic's thoughts, "Tails is probably just taking it easy in the warmness of his own workshop."

Sonic sighed in disappointment. He could sense that Amy was not agreeing with his thoughts.

"I'm sure that's what you all think, but I think otherwise. I haven't heard a word from my little brother in about a week up to now. I should go over to his house and check on him this afternoon," said Sonic.

"Oh, Sonic, you've gotta stop worrying so much about Tails," snapped Amy.

Sonic didn't want to argue any longer, so he laid back in his chair and sighed.

Amy, not wanting to cause anymore tension, sighed to cool herself down and looked apologetically at Sonic.

"Sorry that I snapped at you, Sonic," she said, "I just wish you wouldn't worry so much at times like these. I mean, it's so nice out today. Just feel the cool breeze rushing around us. You should be enjoying the fresh breeze of a sunny day."

Sonic looked at Amy and faintly grinned at her before turning back towards the ocean. Amy grinned back and stood up to stretch her limbs.

"I know they're wrong. I can tell when something is wrong with Tails. I know when there's an issue with my little brother or not. I must go over there and see what he's been up to," Sonic thought as he stared off into the sea, determined to see his little brother and hope that he was okay.

Just as Amy sat back down in her chair, Sonic suddenly stood up and let out a fake yawn as he stretched his arms upward.

"I need to go inside and nourish myself with a drink," he told Amy.

"Okay, Sonic. We'll all be right here, enjoying the lovely weather," the pink hedgehog replied.

"Cool," said Sonic, and he turned towards his shack and slowly walked inside.

The blue hedgehog walked towards his refrigerator and opened it to find plenty of drinks filling up the second shelf.

"Lucky to always have something around," he said to himself as he pulled out a small can filled with cherry-flavored soda.

Sonic closed the refrigerator door and opened the soda can, then he quickly gulped down the soda. Within just a few seconds, the entire can was empty, all of the soda being rushed down Sonic's throat as he drank it.

In seconds, his throat felt much cooler than it had before. He felt ready to go outside and run around the island at his full sonic speed! It was as if nothing in the world could strike him down with his new energy!

However, never for one second did Sonic take his mind off of Tails. He knew there was a reason to be concerned about him, and he was going to go to the fox's house whether the others wanted him to or not. He knew there was always a way to sneak out of a friendly hangout just to care for an even closer friend …

His adopted little brother.

Without thinking twice, Sonic stepped back outside and briefly glanced at his friends to ensure it was safe to run off.

Amy was still relaxing in her pink recliner, and Knuckles and Sticks were still playing their wildly awesome game of volleyball.

Feeling ensured that it was safe to leave, Sonic turned the other way and ran off at full speed!

As he ran, the animals that lived in the peaceful jungle could only be astounded by the sight of a speeding blue blur traveling faster than the speed of sound! To them, it was so extraordinary.

In just about no time, Sonic's emerald green eyes caught the sight of Tails' house and workshop, the place where the fox made a living by building new inventions and working on his plane, known as the "Tornado".

The exterior of the house looked somewhat like a science facility. Windmills and waterwheels dominated the look of the exterior as they sustained energy to the entire house and workshop.

The workshop was even used as a "garage" for the Tornado, where the genius-minded fox would work endlessly on it to ensure it would never fail in a battle against Doctor Eggman.

Overall, the whole place combined was just the perfect living place for someone like Tails; a genius, a gadget specialist, a skilled aerial pilot, a strategist; the overall brains of Team Sonic!

Sonic looked around the house and workshop, and observed the area. From outside, everything seemed perfectly normal.

But Sonic could somehow sense that not quite "everything" was normal today. He didn't know how to explain it, but he sensed that something suspicious was going on here.

The hedgehog ran right up to the front door of Tails' house, the "living area" of this facility, and gently knocked on it three times.

"Hey, Tails! Are ya awake yet, buddy?" he called.

No reply came. Everything was dead silent, except for the windmills and waterwheels nearby.

Sonic waited a few more seconds, then called again.


Still nothing.

Feeling more worried about his brother than before, Sonic cautiously placed his left hand on the doorknob and slowly twisted it. He was contemplating many thoughts as to what he would see once he opened the door. Maybe Tails was sick and he was slumping on his couch, looking awful. Maybe one of his experiments had gone wrong and turned him into something Sonic couldn't imagine.

Soon, the door to the house opened, and, much to Sonic's surprise, Tails wasn't there.

There was no sign of life anywhere in the house. The only thing that was moving was the fan attached to the ceiling, spinning around continuously to keep the house cool from the hot temperatures outside.

Sonic quickly concluded that Tails was, indeed, in his workshop.

"Perhaps I better go look in his gadget garage," joked Sonic as he closed the door and turned to Tails' workshop.

Rather than simply giving him a regular excited greeting like usual, since he and his brother hadn't seen each other in a week, he decided it was best to first walk up to one of the windows and take a peek at what Tails was doing.

Sonic stepped beside one of the windows and quietly peeked his eyes through.

There was the bright orange/white fox himself, wearing brown goggles with orange lenses on his forehead, a brown work belt around his waist, with a strap around his left shoulder, white medium-long gloves, and red/white sneakers with sports tape wrapped around the middle of them. His trademark, however, were the two twin tails behind his waist, that he could use for flying around. It was more than just a deformity; it was something special, as Sonic had put it the day he and Tails first met.

As Sonic peeked through the window, Tails appeared to be working on some gadget which Sonic hadn't seen before. The hedgehog began to ponder that what he was thinking may have been wrong. Perhaps, Tails was taking his time with a series of new gadgets that would make Team Sonic even more invincible.

However, a few seconds later, all of that was proven wrong when Sonic heard the sound of metal crashing against the floor with a couple of bounces, followed by …

"Man! Not again! When will I ever find the right way of doing this one!?" came Tails' angry voice from inside the workshop.

Sonic took a deep breath as his worry for Tails grew even more.

Then, Tails turned around and looked at the pieces of metal that had only just moments ago been scattered all over the floor, along with hundreds of other scrunched up pieces. They all appeared to be from broken, unfinished gadgets; not one of them completed.

As Sonic looked at Tails' eyes, he nearly gasped …

Tails' eyes had black spots underneath them, revealing that he hadn't slept for days! His orange and white fur was very filthy, too; covered in black soot with excessive sweat pouring all over him from head to toe. To Sonic, that was a sign of endless hours of unsuccessful work.

"I knew it! He really has been wearing himself down," thought Sonic, "I knew I wasn't worried for nothing. He must be so worn down by now. He's been working endlessly for days without rest!"

Sonic always knew that working on planes and gadgets for days straight without any rest was never a good thing for Tails, and he knew that it was happening again right now. The hedgehog had to think of something to get Tails away from his work … and fast!

The blue hero ran back over to the workshop door and knocked gently.

"Hey, little buddy! How's it hanging today!?" called Sonic, pretending to act excited and cheerful.

He heard a sigh from Tails before the fox replied in a lazy voice, "Haven't accomplished anything in days!"

Sonic slowly opened the door and found his brother kneeling on the floor in front of the scattered remains of his unsuccessfully-finished gadget projects.

"Tails?" said Sonic in a gasp as he looked at Tails, "Are you feeling okay?"

"Why could anyone ask that when they know that I'm just standing here, having messed up everything I've tried to do over the last six days," said Tails in a very low voice.

Sonic looked around the workshop and found some areas to be a total mess, much to his shock. He knew something wasn't right with Tails this week.

"My goodness, Tails! Look at this place! It looks as if you've been working in a nineteenth-century animal barn!" commented Sonic.

Tails yawned and didn't reply to Sonic's comment, feeling too tired to say anything.

"You've gotta give yourself some sleep, buddy," continued Sonic, "You can't just work endlessly for days without sleep. It's bad for you."

"I couldn't possibly get any sleep until I get this project done," replied Tails tiredly.

"You'll never get it done unless you take a break for a little while, pal," said Sonic, "Come on, Tails. Let's get you in the house."

Tails stood up and was about to pick up his wrench when Sonic grabbed him around the chest and pulled him away, much to the fox's dismay.

"Hey! Let go of me, Sonic! I … can't … get my eyes off this thing!" complained Tails, who couldn't find the strength to pull himself out of Sonic's hold.

"Not until you get some sleep first, my little pal," retorted Sonic as the duo left the workshop.

The hedgehog closed the workshop door, then he picked up Tails and carried him on his back on the way back to the house.

Tails' weight felt slightly heavy as Sonic carried him. He could tell that it was only because he was very tired and was behaving very lazily on his big brother's back.

Sonic walked up to the house door and opened it. Then, he rushed over to the soft couch where Tails occasionally slept, rather than the makeshift bed where he normally slept, and he gently placed his brother on the couch before tucking his head on a soft white pillow.

Seeing that Tails was beginning to fall asleep, Sonic then took a very soft blanket and covered Tails' body with it so that he could stay warm on the couch. Finally, the hedgehog gently pulled the goggles off Tails' forehead and set them on the table, and he pulled off his gloves, shoes and socks and set them on the floor so that the fox could sleep more comfortably.

"Sleep well, Tails," whispered Sonic as he watched his little brother drift off to sleep, "I hope you'll be feeling right with the world once you wake up again."

After Tails fell asleep, Sonic could only think of sitting on the other couch while he watched his brother sleep cutely for the next eight hours.

The blue hedgehog wouldn't even take any time considering how he had abruptly left the others at his place just so he could check on Tails. He could think of nothing more than Tails' health, and he wanted to make sure he was feeling healthy again after a week's worth of endless stress.

It was 6:00 PM in the evening by the time Tails woke up. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was on his comfy sofa. The soft blanket felt very warm over his body. The back of his head also felt very comfortable as the pillow cushioned him. The black spots on his eyes were now gone after getting eight hours of sleep.

The fox sat up and looked around his house. He noticed his clothes sitting on the table. It was nice to know they were right there, ready for him to put them right back on. Somehow, though, he couldn't recall how he had ended up on his sofa in the first place.

Then, he heard a familiar voice greeting him …

"Hey there, buddy," said a happy Sonic, sitting on the other sofa, having spent the last eight hours looking after his brother.

Or was it quite a full eight hours?

Tails looked around and noticed Amy, Knuckles and Sticks hanging in the kitchen.

"Hi, Tails. We were feeling worried sick about you after Sonic told us you were stressing yourself out," said Amy in a nice voice.

Tails soon remembered that Sonic had found him struggling hopelessly in his workshop and pulled him out of his stressful period.

"What happened?" asked Tails, rubbing his forehead, "I felt as if I was in a daze before I fell asleep."

Sonic sat on Tails' couch beside his brother and gently patted his back.

"You had worn yourself out with work for six straight days without taking a break, buddy," explained Sonic, "It's not good for you."

Tails' eyes grew wide with shock as he heard those words from his big brother.

"Wow. No wonder I feel like I haven't felt this good in days," commented Tails.

"We didn't believe Sonic at first, but once he came to us after he found you collapsing in your workshop, there was no way we couldn't believe him," added Knuckles, "You had us all worried there for a while, little one."

"How are you feeling, Tails?" asked Sticks, sipping a glass of juice.

"I'm feeling okay now, guys," answered Tails, "Feeling ready to get something done."

"Whoa, not so quickly, Tails," said Sonic, quickly stopping his brother from leaving the comfort of his couch, "Take it easy, little pal."

Tails was stunned by Sonic pinning him down instead of letting him return to his work.

"You really should take it easy for a little while, buddy," added Sonic.

"By the way, Tails, we left you a plate of chocolate chunk cookies!" said Amy, revealing a plate stacked with said cookies sitting on the kitchen counter.

"We all know it's your favorite!" added Knuckles.

"And this time, they're not evil!" finished Sticks.

Knuckles and Amy looked at Sticks with strange glares for a few brief seconds, much to the badger's embarrassment.

"What?" asked Sticks in confusion.

The three turned back to Sonic and Tails.

"Well, we'd love to stay, Tails, but we gotta go home for the night," said Amy as she, Knuckles and Sticks all left the kitchen and headed for the door.

"I hope you feel better soon, pal!" added Knuckles as the trio opened the door, "We have faith in you!"

"See ya later, guys!" said Sonic as he waved to his departing friends.

"See ya soon, Sonic!" replied Amy.

Amy walked out, followed by Knuckles, and Sticks, who closed the door, leaving Tails alone with Sonic.

As soon as the rest of the team was out of sight, Sonic turned back to Tails, who was still looking rather confused.

"Are you feeling okay, Tails?" asked Sonic worryingly, embracing his little brother in a gentle hug.

"Well, I feel much better than I did this morning," answered Tails.

"That's great, little buddy!" said Sonic encouragingly, "I'm glad to hear you're improving!"

"Yeah," replied Tails with a grin, "So am I."

"What exactly were you doing in there before I found you looking all drowsy?" asked Sonic curiously.

"Well, actually I was trying to build a new translator to replace UT," admitted Tails.

Sonic sighed. He remembered the day when UT proved itself to be a nuisance towards Team Sonic.

"Tails, we all remember what happened with your UT project," said Sonic.

"I know, Sonic. That's why I decided that with this replacement, I wouldn't program it to read other peoples' minds so that it wouldn't be another dismal failure, but over the last few days I've been struggling to even get the components right, and everyday it just gets worse and worse. Building a UT that could read peoples' minds was much easier compared to what I'm trying to accomplish here. I just don't know what to do."

"Well, stressing yourself out with six straight days of work without rest or food certainly wouldn't help," said Sonic, "You quickly got so attached to this new project that you suddenly couldn't step away from it, not even for one minute. You haven't been getting the sleep you've needed, buddy. It's unhealthy to go days without sleep. It's especially unhealthy to go days without eating. I'm sure your stomach is probably growling."

Sure enough, both Sonic and Tails' ears caught the sound of Tails' growling stomach hardly a moment later.

"See. I told ya," said Sonic.

"Gee. You're right. I'm starving," replied Tails as he began to feel a pain in his stomach.

"I'll go get that plate of cookies Amy left for you," said Sonic, and he stood up and walked over to the kitchen counter.

Tails' stomach quickly started growling for food even more every second. Six days without eating anything had put a lot of strain on the poor fox's digestive system. He needed something to eat right now!

Not a moment too soon, Sonic returned to the couch, sat down and playfully set the plate of cookies right on Tails' lap, much to the fox's delight! His tongue stuck out from his mouth as his eyes grew wide with wonder at the sight of those delicious chocolate chunk cookies!

Without hesitating, Tails swiped a cookie from the plate and shoved it into his mouth like a two-year-old. Sonic almost laughed at the sight of Tails eating his cookies like a toddler would, but he was able to stop himself from laughing, but not without failing to hide a grin on his tan muzzle.

Within a minute, Tails had eaten at least five cookies! Sonic wasn't surprised, though.

"Boy, you sure were hungry, weren't ya!?" the hedgehog said playfully.

"Oh yeah!" replied Tails happily, "It feels great to be eating again!"

"I'll be right back," said Sonic, and he once again left the couch while Tails kept eating his cookies.

The fox's tongue was treated to the delicious taste of chocolate chunks as it sunk into his taste buds. It felt so sensational, as if he hadn't tasted cookies like these in years.

A moment later, Sonic once again rejoined his brother on the sofa, just as Tails was about to take the last cookie. The fox decided to keep the lone cookie on the plate.

Sonic had a glass of milk in his hand, and he carefully handed it to Tails.

"How's about that last cookie, buddy?" said Sonic curiously.

"You can have it, Sonic. After all, you're my big brother," replied Tails with a grin.

"Aww, you're too kind, Tails!" said Sonic with a return grin as he hugged Tails and took the last cookie from the plate.

As Sonic put the cookie in his mouth, his taste buds were instantly sinking into that amazing mixture of chocolate chunks and cookie dough. It tasted like nothing else he had ever eaten before.

"Wow. Amy really does make great cookies," commented Sonic just after swallowing the cookie.

"Yeah. She really is a real cookie chef," agreed Tails, earning a giggle from Sonic.

The fox began drinking his glass of milk, the first drink he had since he last drank bottled water in his workshop while stressing himself out.

"So, … I don't understand. Being the master of gadgets and all, what was going on over these last six days?" asked Sonic, curiosity once again getting the best of him.

"Well, at first it seemed to start off well," Tails began, "I was able to get the wiring systems figured out, but when it came time to start building the actual robot, everything went wrong from there on. I started to get a little too fast with my tools. I really wanted to get this thing finished as soon as I could, but every time I dug out more replacement components, the more often I found them useless. I was really looking forward to a nice replacement for UT."

Sonic took the cookie plate off Tails' lap and set it on the table before hugging his little brother tightly.

"Listen, Tails, my little bro," began Sonic, "Most of us were able to get a liking to UT, but it did seem to cause tension between us at times. I know you're not trying to go in that direction again with this new one, … but even I can't predict what the outcome of it would be. Add to that, it sounds to me like you've been working on it so fast that you tired yourself to the point of exhaustion. How could you work on anything when you're so exhausted?"

"I felt that I couldn't stop working on it until it was done," replied Tails with a sad voice.

"Well, sometimes it is better to take breaks every now and then. We all know that, buddy," said Sonic.

"I know, Sonic," said Tails, lazing his head back on his pillow.

Sonic noticed Tails' sad look on his face and hugged him even tighter to keep him comfortable.

Then, the hedgehog looked at Tails' fur and noticed it was still rather filthy from the sweaty period he had endured in his workshop.

"Ever since Sticks threw UT into the ocean, I've felt like I've been losing self-confidence on some of my projects," admitted Tails, "It just hasn't felt the same since."

Sonic suddenly understood everything behind Tails' stressful period, but he knew there was still something to be done that he believed could help him regain his self-confidence.

"Tails?" said Sonic gently.

"Yes, Sonic?" replied Tails as his eyes threatened to fill with tears.

"When was the last time you had a nice relaxing vacation?" asked Sonic.

Vacation!? Did somebody say vacation!? Well, as a matter of fact, yes! But it's not gonna happen right away. :(

Out of possibly any point in the story, I decided it was best to end the first chapter here with that last line from Sonic, because it's just the right way to describe what he wants to do for his brother! I guess we can all hope that if Tails will accept a vacation, it will be a relaxing one. Like Sonic said, Tails might need a vacation to help him regain his self-confidence.

Well, since I'm currently facing College Algebra, I can't promise that the next chapter will be tomorrow, but since I take Tuesdays and Thursdays off, I might be able to steadily work on this story as college goes on, but it's not gonna be an easy feat to pull off. I'll have a lot of studying to do for my class, so please allow me to use as much time as I need to write this story, and DON'T rush me!

With that said, I hope you've enjoyed this opening of what should hopefully be a great fanfic, and I'll see you later with chapter two!