Hey, everyone! If you love a happy ending, then I'd be glad to bring you one! :)

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Two weeks had passed since the defeat of Doctor Eggman and his Monsterbot. Bygone Island was once again a lovely place of peace and harmony. The inhabitants wasted no time repairing the damage done to their villages, along with help from Team Sonic. For Eggman, however, it would take weeks for his robots to repair his island fortress due to its massive destruction after Tails blew up everything in the area with his Tornado.

For Team Sonic, things slowly returned to living a healthy, strong life on Bygone Island. Amy, Knuckles and Sticks had fully recovered from their injuries, and Sonic was once again enjoying the thrills of running at his supersonic speed.

Of course, no one could be happier than Tails. He had gone straight to work on building the robot he had planned to build for almost a month; his replacement for UT.

In the days following Eggman's defeat, Tails had finally found success in building his robot. His vacation time with Sonic had paid off, even if it was cut short by a day. To his delight, it only took a few hours for him to build his robot, since he had already completed the wiring and computer systems prior to the day of his breakdown which led to some vacationing with Sonic.

He later took the new "UT" outside his workshop and tried it out on the animals. Upon approaching a tree, Tails could hear birds chirping a sweet tune.

"I feel so delighted to have such a wonderful family," said UT, translating the mother bird's message to her children.

Tails grinned in delight. He was finally met with success for the first time in what felt like ages.

"Hehe. Just a simpler UT that has no need to translate English-spoken language. No more mind-reading, I trust?" said Tails in an effort to ensure that this new UT couldn't read minds.

UT said nothing.

Tails clapped his hands together and struck a victory pose before joyously shouting, "Yes!"

It had, indeed, paid off. Just two days away from home was all it took for Tails to regain his self-confidence and complete his "new" UT project. Words alone couldn't describe how happy he felt to be right on top of his game in his work again.

Today was Saturday. It had been exactly two weeks since Eggman was defeated. Tails was in his kitchen, cooking two large pancakes for breakfast. He thought that it would be nice to start off the day with a big meal.

Just then, he heard a knock on his front door.

"Well, maybe I have breakfast guests, or maybe I have a couple of good friends who wanna see me," chuckled Tails as he zipped out of the kitchen and ran up to the door.

The fox opened the door, and there stood Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks, all grinning warmly at him.

"Uh, good morning, guys," said Tails with a nervous chuckle.

"Good morning, little bro. How did you sleep last night?" asked Sonic.

"I slept very well last night," answered Tails, "How about the rest of you?"

"We all had a wonderful sleep last night," replied Amy.

Tails smiled at his friends after hearing such a lovely answer.

"We just thought we could drop in and see how you've been doing lately," said Knuckles.

"Well, come on in, then," replied Tails happily as he stepped aside.

The four all walked in through the door before Tails closed it behind them.

Sonic took a seat on the couch, while Knuckles and Sticks sat at the table by a window. Amy sat down on another small couch-like chair.

"It's so nice to see you in your happy mood again, Tails," said Amy.

"I'm so happy to be happy, too," replied Tails as he returned to the kitchen to look after his breakfast, "That vacation time really paid off! Before you know it, I'll have the Tornado rebuilt and running again in almost no time!"

"Hey, Tails, did you finish that project you were working on? The one you were working on prior to our vacation?" asked Sonic.

"Yep!" answered Tails, "And I perfected it! A new UT that doesn't read minds!"

"Oh, I'm so glad it doesn't read minds!" commented Sticks with relief.

"I know," sighed Tails, "Anyways, I'll be with you in a moment. I'm just finishing up with my breakfast here."

The stove timer rang, indicating that the pancakes were ready, and Tails immediately shut the stove off and slipped his pancakes onto a white plate. He spread some butter on them and poured maple syrup all over them to add some delicious flavor to his breakfast.

Finally, he walked over to the sofa with his breakfast and sat down next to Sonic as he placed his plate on his lap.

"You're quite a good chef, ya know!" commented Sonic as he looked at Tails' pancakes.

"Thanks, bro!" replied Tails happily before he started cutting the pancakes with his knife.

"So, Tails, I never really heard from you yet … on how your vacation went," said Amy.

"Yeah. Sonic told us some of the things you did, but we were thinking that your story on your vacation would tell us more," added Knuckles.

"What has Sonic told you so far?" asked Tails.

"I told them about visiting your old house, going back to Station Square, watching 'Sonic X', spending a day at Windy Hill, and that awesome time we spent briefly at Green Hill," said Sonic, "Everything else, I thought I'd save and let you share with them."

"I was astounded when I heard that you two had seen 'Sonic X'. It had been a while since any of us have seen an episode," said Amy.

"Well, except for Sticks. She's never seen any of them," sighed Knuckles.

"Maybe one day she might, considering that we went to a video store and got those," said Tails, pointing to the six 'Sonic X' DVDs on the shelf below his TV.

Amy, Knuckles and Sticks gazed at the DVDs, and they were all met with surprise.

"You got some 'Sonic X' DVDs?" said Amy.

"All seventy-eight episodes!" answered Tails.

Amy and Knuckles were met with astonishment upon hearing the number 78.

"Everything. The whole series! Not a single episode missing! It was one heck of a deal we got in that video store," added Tails before taking his first pancake bite.

"We could be in for some fond memories returning to us," said Sonic, "And Sticks might take a huge interest in the first two seasons."

"Perhaps, she could," replied Amy.

"Which episodes did you see the night you were in that hotel?" asked Sticks.

"I think it was twenty-five to thirty," said Tails, "The best was number thirty."

"The one where you defused a bomb in Station Square, Tails?" asked Knuckles.

"Yep!" said Tails happily, "It made our first night complete."

"Now that's one we oughta show Sticks one day soon!" said Amy.

Sticks grinned with interest.

Tails finished his first pancake and began eating the second one.

"So, little bro, have you started rebuilding the Tornado yet?" asked Sonic.

"Yes, I have," answered Tails as he bit into another bite of pancake, "It could take some time, though. I've already finished building the engines, but now I gotta work on building the plane's structure, and I don't wanna tire myself out again while at it. The last thing I need is another collapse in my workshop."

"Indeed. You gave me quite a scare that day," recalled Sonic.

"How long do you think it'll be before the Tornado can be revved up again?" asked Knuckles.

"You can't rush these things, Knuckles. Building planes take time," answered Tails, "However, if I were to come up with an accurate calculation, it could be a few days, as long as I keep a balance between time in my workshop, time in the house, and time outdoors with you."

Tails' friends all smiled at him. He could tell right then that they were delighted to hear the part about spending more time with them. Of course, it looked as if the five would get to spend lots of time together more often now, since Eggman wouldn't be able to hatch another scheme for months!

The young fox finally finished his breakfast, and he stood up and walked back into the kitchen.

"Did you guys already have breakfast?" asked Tails, "In case you didn't, I have plenty to offer."

"Yeah, we've already eaten," answered Amy.

"Thanks for the offer, though," added Sonic.

"You're welcome, everyone," replied Tails as he washed his plate and set it back in the cupboard with the other plates.

"Say, Tails, ya wanna go out with us for a while?" offered Sonic.

"Sure. Just gimme a minute while I take care of something," replied Tails.

"Do whatcha gotta do," said Sonic.

Tails then walked over to a window … where a white flowerpot with a small plant sat. Then, he grabbed a watering can which sat below the window, and he began to slowly sprinkle the plant with water.

The others watched in silence as their fox friend watered his plant. With the exception of Sticks, they all knew this plant was very special to him.

This was proven a moment later; once Tails stopped watering the plant, he knelt down on the floor and brought his hands together beneath his chin. He remained silent and still for nearly a minute.

"He must be praying to Cosmo," thought Sonic.

"Cosmo really did mean a lot to him," thought Amy.

"I feel for him, … even to this day," thought Knuckles.

Sticks simply watched quietly, feeling rather confused as to what Tails was doing.

Only Sonic, Amy and Knuckles could understand what Tails then whispered to his plant …

"I will always love you, Cosmo," whispered Tails as he looked at his plant, struggling to fight back some tears.

Then, he crossed his heart with his right hand and stood back up.

Sonic stood up from the couch and walked over to Tails before hugging him around his back, earning a faint grin from the fox.

"I'll always have a special place for her in my heart, … and one for you, too," said Tails in a whisper.

"You really are such a caring fox, Tails," replied Sonic.

"Thank you so much, Sonic," whispered Tails, "This vacation really helped me out a lot."

"You're welcome, Tails," replied Sonic in a whisper that only Tails could hear, "I love you, little bro."

"I love you, too, big bro," whispered Tails.

The two brothers hugged each other again in front of Cosmo's plant, then they turned back to a curious Amy, Knuckles and Sticks.

"Ready to head out and get some fresh air?" asked Amy.

"As a matter of fact, I am!" replied Tails happily.

"Well then, let's take a chill over at my place!" said Sonic.

"Great idea! I'd like to treat Tails to a nice game of volleyball!" said Knuckles.

"Sounds like fun!" said Tails.

"How's about we play some doubles games!?" suggested Amy.

"I'd love nothing more than a game of doubles volleyball!" answered Sticks.

"Then, let's go!" said Sonic.

The blue hedgehog opened the door and let the fresh air sink in. Tails came up behind Sonic and wiggled his fingers on his left shoulder.

"Hehehe! Tails!" giggled Sonic in ticklishness.

The two brothers walked out the door together and pumped their fists in brotherly fashion. Amy, Knuckles and Sticks followed them out and closed the door to Tails' house.

Then, the five, famously known as "Team Sonic", took a nice long run through the jungle as they journeyed to Sonic's shack to enjoy another fun summer day on Bygone Island!

For Tails, life at home has felt much easier than it did before he went on that enjoyable vacation. He couldn't thank Sonic enough for such a brotherly time with him. He was especially happy to have found his own balance between working on his gadgets and spending time with his friends, … particularly Sonic.

And so, this ends "A Brotherly Vacation"! I hope you have found this story so enjoyable! I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you had so much fun reading this! It may not have been the easiest thing in the world for me to write, but the effort I put into this was extremely high.

I wanna thank everyone who provided support for me while I was writing this, particularly Captain Hwawrang! You've been such a great supporter during the time I wrote this, and I hope to see much more from you in the future, just as you hope to see more from me!

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