Dante couldn't say he knew his brother well but he never would have guessed Lil V' was into superheroes.

At first glance, you think he'd be more into Dostoevsky than the adventures of Superman's greatest pal but when you look at what he wanted to do…

It makes sense, Dante thought as he ran his hand across the sleeve. It also makes sense that Vergil left him this outfit as a "sorry I missed the 12 birthdays here you go bro" kind of thing.

Verge was loaded so making this Dracula's dinner guest get up must have cost less than creating the secret base. How he was loaded was another secret he kept (was it inheritance from our parents or his foster parents?)

Thinking about it led down a different road with many different answers, some bad, some bittersweet but the bottom line is that its all in the past now.

Thinking about it like he was now, as he was leaning across the wall, it seemed like it was better off being in the past. So this outfit was best left tucked in the corner of his dad's old things, best left forgotten.

The mansion still had his parent's old things, leftovers from the centuries, cowboy dusters, renaissance era wedding clothes, a monocle from England? (did the French use to wear them too?)

Lil V probably got the idea from there. Maybe his parents did dine with Dracula.

Dante wondered if his other self with the other demons and the other family thought about this too. But would he think about his other selves in other universes too?

Because Dante normally didn't till he found the beast's head. Or Vergil's funky looking paperweight which he thought was something he could sell on eBay till it went off.

It was like a window into other universes with other Dante's and other stories kind a like all these different version of Spiderman that you see on tv.

He saw an older Dante looking like something Godzilla spat out, a bit of a bum with a sweet tooth but a fighter too. Someone who you could depend on despite knowing otherwise.

Someone he felt kinship too.

Dante moves forward, deciding he spent too much thinking and staring at these belt buckles. The day may get longer (Limbo's fall does that) but there are things to be done, demons to slay and drinks to be had.

Plus a lil thriftiness wouldn't hurt this up and coming demon hunter.

Dante thought of one last thing to say as he headed from the mirror to the door.

"hey Kat, did you ever try a strawberry sundae?"

This was inspired by the DmC Definitive Edition and my first fanfic so rate, comment, critique and all that good stuff.

The Beasts head is an artifact from the second ight novel. Supposedly it allowed Dante to travel to another timeline, where mundus won, Trish was still evil, Dante had fallen, and Vergil was left to pick up the pieces.