Chapter 2

After witnessing the wonder and terror of this demonic domain, Vergil found it amusing that there was not one mirror to be found anywhere.

But self reflection doesn't feel like a trait that demons would indulge in, he mused as he put Yamato in the ground.

It was the next best thing but not a reliable means of checking your looks. Good thing the blood used to style his hair was in abundance. He wonder what other fashion tips his alternate yet more brutish self had developed.

Despite his harsh demeanor and stoic facade the other Vergil was a sharp dresser, a wolf with peacock colors.

Vergil smirked as he pulled the coat closer, fixing the collar while he wondered if Dante found his gift yet.

Dante's tastes geared towards a simpler (scruffier) look true but the Beast's head would have pushed Dante into trying it out.

Witnessing the life of an alternate self has that effect. He suspected Dante might have an easier time accepting his other self, as he is a simpler much more open soul.

One has to be to dress the way he does, he surmised.

The first time Vergil saw his alternative self, he looked with wonder at the different heritage, not just in hybrid status but with the other's rural upbringing and nomadic adolescences.

There was a surprise as the other him had the benefit of growing up with his Dante. And that surprise turned into shock once he witnessed the falling out that followed and the brutality that came next.

It wasn't the aspect of taking lives that shocked or the compromises that came with the territory, no it was the fact it happened without discernable cause.

He was brutal for the sake of it.

Yes you can draw comparisons between their actions but the methods they used were too different and the other Vergil had no real endgame in sight.

It was just instinct that led him up that tower and it was his pride that led him to Mundus.

Vergil ran his thumb across the hilt, thinking that the other Dante lived with this confusion longer than he had. And that the other Vergil probably would have scoffed at everything he had done.

A laugh was the only sound heard, a laugh that was quiet and slipping through the cracks.

Vergil stood up and turned, thinking that it was inescapable that these brothers would always be at odds, whether this reality or the next didn't matter.

But what was malleable was the future and thinking of the future made a smirk appear. As the future was what his other selves lacked.

So this is the other half of the pair. I could do a legit crossover but i already covered everything i said.

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