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Sam's POV

It has been more than a week since Elise came and she had fit right in although we all still have our slight suspicions of her but Cathy thinks she's fine so we went along with it. The weird thing was that there hasn't been any alien activity for a while..

"It's strange," Chris stated as we sat beside each other in Science, putting down his bag. I moved my chair a bit as the teacher was nowhere to be seen.

"The fact that there's no alien activity?" I asked him. He nodded at that. All of a sudden I just realised, his hair shade was unique and quite..amazing? What am I thinking?

"That," Chris nodded in acknowledgment, his hair ruffles a bit and all of a sudden I want to run my fingers through it, ok this has gotta stop! "And also that it feels as though Elise is watching us" he added. I nodded at that. It had seem as though she was watching at us but not Ina suspicious way more of like she was squealing on the inside or her eyes were filled with adoration. It was strange but it made me feel like giggling,

"Hey, where's Danny and Cathy?" I suddenly realised my two friends weren't here,

"You're right, where could they have gone?" Chris said, worry in his eyes as he looked around the room.

Normal POV

"How did you get to know Elise anyway?' Danny asked Cathy, annoyance sealed in his voice. He hated to admit it but lately Cathy has been talking to her a lot, kind of abandoning the MBC. Oh yeah what about the time she had gone all ga ga over Jeremy? You just brushed it off, a thought came to his mind,his eyes widened.

"I actually came to Earth when I was 5," Cathy responded and turned to Danny, "you ok Danny? You look like you swallowed a slug."

"Do I?" Danny asked, touching his face.

"Yeah! We have slugs in Rhapsodia except they may be radioactive...," Cathy said clenching her fist and puffed her cheeks.

Danny stared at her a while before averting his eyes away, "oh I see...come on let's go to Science class."

"We better run for it, we're late," Cathy said smiling slightly.

Danny immediately snapped his head to her realising the hallway was empty and groaned, "Awh this reeks