Elise's POV

"I can't believe him!' Sam yelled aloud as she punched the pillow, "you don't just ditch your friend!" Cathy sighed as she tucked her knees underneath her chin hugging the pillow instead of torturing it like Sam.

"It's normal," Cathy said looking upset, I hated seeing my friends upset feeling a pang in my heart, Cathy has never been this upset, "I mean he always tries to impress her, stares at her, always asks her out, and he didn't even have second thoughts on saving her life! Hurting his!"

"Cathy, he is your friend," Sam gritted her teeth as she put the pillow down, stressing the word friend, "and you should've seen him every time you get hurt, he gets mad, more mad then usual. And when you couldn't morph and couldn't come back, he was determined to get you back more than ever, even wanting to kill Nossida. And we are a team!"

"You couldn't morph?!" I said shocked.

"It's a long story," Cathy replied as she sighed once more.

"Isn't it weird," Cathy commented, "HE tried to um... What's the word to Wendy?"

"Hug?" I suggested.

"No, a bit more than that.., "


"Right, right!" Cathy said nodding, "and he gets all disgusted when he figured out I kissed Elton on the cheek. But not as disgusted as I was on that picnic with Jeremy."

This Jeremy kid is really getting on my nerves after what Cathy told me about him. We heard a knock on the door.


Well if it isn't Danny himself, I stood up and was about to open the door.

"No Elise!" Cathy whisper shouted.

"Open it!" Sam said, "so I can punch him!"

"Cathy I know you're in there," Danny said, sounding upset. He should be anyway, for ditching Cathy.

"Cath..please..." His tone dropped. Cathy stared at the door before sighing.

"Open the door Elise."

I turned the doorknob to see Danny, panting and looked tired. He must've ran here from the other side of town, "can I speak to Cathy?" I raised an eyebrow at him but gestured Cathy to come here to which she reluctantly obliged.

"Can I talk to you?" Danny asked almost pleadingly.

"We already are," Cathy replied. I patted Sam's shoulders, "calm down, girl." Sam stopped her glare and sighed, "yeah yeah.."

Sam's POV

"Who is this Wendy anyway?" Elise asked as Danny and Cathy went outside. I clenched my fist again.

"Danny's crush. He always let's the team down cause of her, asking him to do stuff, she always comes up to him and fake faints.." I said angrily, "and now she somehow manipulated him to ditch Cathy!" Elise stared at me for a moment before putting on a thinking face.

"Or maybe Wendy likes..." That was when both of our eyes widened.

"Or maybe Wendy likes Danny!"

"Right just what we need a couple," I said sighing.

"Oh no! We can't tell Cathy this!" Elise said panicking her eyes bulged out.

"Why?" I demanded, "Cathy's our friend!"

"Exactly!" Exclaimed Elise panic written all over her face,

"Because Cathy likes Danny!"

I blinked back.


Cathy's POV

"HUH?!' I heard Sam yell. "Oh no what happened to Sam?!" I asked worried about to run to the room but I felt Danny grab my wrist, "Wait Cathy!"

"I'm sure Elise can take care of her," Danny continued as he slowly us looped his fingers from my wrist. I don't know why..I kind of missed the feeling..

"Listen I just wanted to say I'm sorry," He said rubbing his neck, "I didn't mean to ditch you. I mean Wendy came and I just dazed off.."

my heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces.

"Right," I said smiling although it hurt, "cause Wendy's your crush," I said slowly. It hurt even more than all the combined times the aliens had hurt me and my friends.

"Yeah," Danny said smiling, his eyes lightening up, "I'm glad you understand Cath." "Hey I AM your friend right?" I said still grinning, my face aching.

"Of course you are!" Danny said, "you should be proud to be friends with The Danny!" What was this called again? I've read it somewhere.

Friendship world?

Ship zone?

Zone friend?

Friend zone.

What did it mean again? I can't remember I just know it explains this situation perfectly.

"Cath, you okay?" Danny asked me worried. I must've been thinking too long I thought to myself feeling deflated about myself. About Danny.

He he was here standing right in front of me, his brown hair spiking up in all directions, emerald eyes glimmering in the dark.

And yet.

He felt galaxies away.

Sam's POV

"Wait what? Cathy likes Danny?!" I exclaimed loudly. "Shhhhh!" Elise said looking at the door, "I think she does. She was talking to me on how she keeps thinking about and heart being all she was so upset just now about the Wendy and Danny thing!"

"Great more complications," I groaned aloud until I felt my V Com buzz.

"Finally! Alien activity!" I said happily. Ok so maybe these things aren't supposed to be treated lightly but life has been dull.

"You think they're done talking yet?" Elise asked aloud. The door slammed open with Danny and Cathy all geared up.

I turned to Elise as I changed into gear, "does that answer your question?"

"Guys! Alien spotted near the park by the forest!" Chris said running into the room.

"I'll come," Elise stated standing up.

"Um no offence Elise, but how do I put this.." Danny started, "are you even a Monster Buster?"

"Nope," she said cheerfully, "I am part elementalist though so I can lend a helping hand."

"Elementalist?!" We all yelled in unison except for Cathy. I shook my head, "ok then! No time! Let's go to the clubhouse!"

We all nodded.


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