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Peaceful Night

Felix was in seventh heaven. He sat on his couch, the love of his life, his wife Tamora Calhoun, laid on his chest. Well, as much as she could her head was on his chest. She was lying on her back, enjoying his company. They had a long day in their game and tonight they both just wanted to unwind. Ralph and Vanellope respected that and headed for Sugar Rush to slide down a root beer water fall.

Tamora felt Felix's fingers running through her hair. His gloves were off and it felt so good, so relaxing. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch. He already made dinner for her, when she got home. It was a simple meal, spaghetti, her favorite. After eating she did the dishes while he put the food up. Then he sat down on the couch, she laid next to him, her head slowly resting on his chest. They didn't speak, didn't need to.

As, the minutes ticked by, Tamora felt her eyes, close, and Felix, heard her breathing gently. He didn't want her getting cold, so he gently whispered in her ear. Of course, he had to be careful, for his Tammy always feared that the Cy-Bugs, from her game, would get out and devour the whole arcade, if she let her guard down too much. To have his wife like this was a miracle, yet she looked so peaceful, he didn't want to take that away.

"Tammy, honey I am just getting the blanket from the couch, everything is fine, you don't need to worry," he whispered. His hand was grabbing the blanket and slowly placing it over her. "That is just the blanket on you, honey, everything is still okay," he whispered. Tamora remained silent as she felt the blanket on top of her. Felix returned to his position and continued stroking her hair. It felt soft and silky between his fingers. A smile came to his lips as he enjoyed the peace. After a hard day, this was real nice. Of course probably tomorrow, Ralph would probably ask them if they want to go to Tappers, for a drink. Vanellope, that little imp probably would drag them to her game to see her race or go down that root beer, water fall she always talked about.

Felix let out a yawn and was getting sleepy, himself. "I'm just turning off the lamp honey, you are still safe and everything is fine," he whispered in his wife's ear. He turned off the lamp and laid his head on one of the couch pillows. When he felt two arms, wrap around him and pull him close. Tamora rested her chin on his head, as she held him close. The blanket now wrapped around them like a cocoon.

"Now everything is perfect," she whispered in his ear, a smile on her lips. "Good night Felix," she whispered, kissing his cheek.

"Good night Tammy," he whispered kissing her cheek. Then the two lovers fell asleep in each other's arm. They enjoyed the rest, of their peaceful night, in the land of dreams.

The End

Author's Note: I know it is short but it was just an idea I had. Hope you all enjoyed it and please review. Till next time.