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Chapter 1 - There's Your Trouble

{Zig's POV}

"Zig?" I heard Maya's voice and the soft sound of the knock on the door as I rolled over. "Come on in." I said sleepily as I tiredly opened my eyes. "Are you okay?" She asked quietly. "I heard you screaming earlier." "I'm fine." I reasured her. "Go back to sleep Maya." "Zig, I know when your lying, and believe me, that has got to be the worst lie I've ever heard. Obviously there is something wrong with you isn't there?" "Go back to sleep Maya." I said firmly as I rolled back over and closed my eyes. I listened and waited until I heard her footsteps leave the room, and when I heard the soft click of the door shut, I opened my eyes and rolled over on my back. "Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me?" I muttered softly to myself. "Why am I having these nightmares?"

The next day at school, I made it to the band room, to find the others already there. Maya was tuning her cello as I walked up to her. "Thanks again for letting me stay with you last night." I said softly while stiffling a yawn. "No problem," She replied as I saw the look in her blue eyes shift to concern from behind her rectangled glasses. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." I reassured her, just didn't sleep well last night. Now let's get to practicing." "You stayed with Maya last night?" Imogen asked.

"Won't Tori be jealous?" "Dude, I can't imagine how much trouble you'd be in if she found out." Mo said, as he went over toward the keyboard. "Seriously." Said Adam as he picked up the bass. "I would hate to be in your shoes. Why were you staying at her house anyway?" "No reason." I said quickly as I picked up my guitar, and steped up to the mic in front of me. I let drew in a deep breath as the tune for Someone filled the room.

Ever feel you're goin' out your head
Flying off to somewhere else instead
Of being who you really are

A rockstar, superstar

Everyday I feel I'm like meeting new people
A lot of new people
And lost among people and
Everyday I feel I'm trying to be someone
Forgetting that someone

Please be my someone

Suddenly I stopped as a wave of panic flowed through me. Something was wrong. I knew it, but couldn't make sense of it. What was happening to me? I was never scared of anything, and yet here I was panicking and shaking inside of fear.

Everybody stand up
Everybody means you
This is it, this is ours
Come on shine through

Everyday I feel I'm trying to be someone
Forgetting that someone

The music suddenly stopped, as Mo turned toward me. "Hello? earth to Zig, what's going on with you?" I didn't answer, as I felt my body beginning to shake. "Zig?" I could hear Maya's voice, and felt her gently touch my shoulder. "Are you okay?" Again I didn't answer her, as I took the guitar off my shoulder, set it down and ran out of the room, accidently slamming the door behind me. Breathing heavily, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Fishing it out, I clicked on it, and saw a text message from my mom. Drawing in a shaky breath, I looked at the text and nearly dropped the phone to the ground. "Zig, come to the store immediatly! Your father's in town and is looking for you!"

I felt my breath catch in my throat. Dad's here?! I thought trying not to panic. Oh no! This is not good! No wonder I was shaking. That's what I was feeling! I knew something was wrong! I hope mom's okay. I better go and check on her. "Zig?" I nearly jumped at the sound of Maya's voice and turned to see her standing by the doorway. "Are you okay? What's wrong?" "Nothing." I said trying to show that nothing was wrong. "I gotta go, my mom needs some help with the store. I'll see you later." Making a mad dash around the corner, I could faintly hear Maya calling out to me, "Zig! Wait!"

I felt my lungs searing and my heart racing as I dashed toward the front of the school and burst through the front doors and through the parking lot. I'm gonna be in so much trouble for ditching school. I thought. But I'll deal with that later. As I bobbed and weaved through the parking lot, I heard the sound of a car engine, and looked over my shoulder to see a black convertable speeding towards me. I barely had time to move out of the way as it collided with me and my whole world went black.

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