Death's Diary

A side note to fellow readers:

I don't enjoy my job, as you know now I do have a heart and I do care. This isn't the best book to be reading right now or ever. But it's up to you, like I can stop you. So, our story begins…

Chapter 1

Just try to Understand

There is no real way to start or explain what you are about to read. For all you know, well what am I saying you don't know anything. Maybe a couple things about me like, me stealing a diary of a little German girl or the soul of a lemon head boy that didn't deserve to die. Or maybe the soul of a twin "A holy" one I would say. But you don't know about me, what I do, how I do it, and you might be asking how I'm capable of doing such things. Well I don't exactly have the answers to that, but if I take you through my life maybe, just maybe you will understand.

I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I am usually there a couple minutes earlier; this is the time I feel pity. I see the people (the ones that care) mainly on their knees crying, wishing, and trying not to believe what is really in front of them. It's always me, I lean down tear their soul away from and body that was protecting it and just walk away. You might be thinking of the cruel heart I have to have to do that, just walk away. You might not believe me but I often find it hard, even to just tear the soul and even to take one step away from their hopeless body. I cant stop it (the dying part I mean) I don't control that. I just hold their souls in my arms or over my shoulders and walk to where the empty road takes me. I am always lead to the next site, more people, more tears, and more regret.


Really hoped you liked it. I will be continuing the chapters later. More Harry Potter and The Book Thief references are coming this was just the intro chapter. Please comment hope you liked it -moony