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Chapter One- Another Case

A few months later Jennifer Jareau was sitting at her desk reading a file. This case once again involved her sister Alice. Aaron Hotchner gathered his team, which included JJ into the conference room. Penelope Garcia stood up in front of the round table. She cleared her throat as she began to tell about the new case to Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, JJ, Derrick Morgan, and Aaron Hotchner.

"So, there's a hostage situation at a high school in Washington. Two children are already dead. Tyler Crowley and Eric Chang. The hostage taker came from Oregon."

"How long has there been a hostage situation, Garcia?" Aaron Hotchner asked.

"Six days, sir."

"Where is the high school, Garcia?"

"Forks high School, JJ."

"Garcia, is Alice in there?"

Garcia nodded her head slowly. "I'm afraid so, JJ."

"Wheels up in thirty."

Thirty minutes later Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Derrick Morgan, Emily Prentiss, JJ, and Spencer Reid were in the jet, which had just took off. Inside the jet the team was looking at the file on their I Pads except for Spencer Reid who had a folder. "Why would someone hold a high school for six days, so far?"

Garcia's face showed up on the computer. "Garcia, what's up? Emily asked.

"The bodies of Tyler Crowley and Eric Chang were found in Port Angeles."

"You mean to say that who ever is doing this is moving the bodies elsewhere? This guy must have a partner."

"Prentiss and Morgan you two go to the Morgue. JJ and Reid go to the station. David and I will go to the high school."

A few hours later the jet landed at Seattle Airport. There were three black Sedans waiting for them. In the first Sedan were Reid and JJ. The second one was David and Hotch. The final Sedan held Morgan and Prentiss. The sedans drove off towards Forks, Washington. The first Sedan reached the station. JJ and Spencer got out of the car and headed into the station. Chief Charlie Swan was sitting at his desk looking at the files.

He looked up when the to Agents came in. At first he was relieved when he saw them. However, when he saw JJ his smile faded a little. "I'm so sorry, JJ. The Seattle and Portland police departments are helping. We were getting desperate, so I called you."

"Charlie how's Alice?"

"Don't worry she's fine. She has Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Bella, and Jasper with her."

In the morgue Emily and Derrick were listening to the M.E. who was analyzing the bodies. Dr. Grant told them what she thought killed the two boys. It was not only a gunshot wound, but something else as well. She believed that someone definitely wanted the two boys dead. Perhaps someone wanted a specific person dead.

Outside of Forks High school David and Hotch got out of the Sedan. They walked up to the yellow tape. They saw tables up near the windows of the school. Someone didn't want anyone to be able to see inside the school. However, the hostage taker could see what was going on outside.

The Seattle chief of police walked up to Agents Rossi and Hotchner. "Thanks for coming, Agents. As you can see we can't see into the school"

Spencer and JJ drove up to the school with Chief Swan right behind them. Agent Hotchner saw her smile. "What is it, JJ?" he asked as she walked up to him.

"Maybe there is a way with out anyone knowing."


"I talk to Alice."

"How?" this time Dr. Reid asked.

JJ sighed, "I have my ways, Spence." She closed her eyes for a moment. Alice, can you hear me?

Yes I can, JJ. She heard in response.

What is happening inside the school, Ali?

Well, they are keeping us all together. Every few days they are taking one of us out and into a different room.

How many of them are there?

There are three of them. Each of them has a gun.

JJ and Alice stopped communicating using telepathy. Agents Morgan and Prentiss had joined them at the school. JJ turned to the other Agents and Chief Swan. Agent Hotchner asked, "What is it?"

"Well, there are three of them. Every few days they would take on hostage into a different rom."

"Does Alice know what they look like?" Chief Swan asked.

"No she doesn't, Charlie," JJ replied.

Agent Prentiss cleared her throat. She wanted to tell the others what she had found out at the morgue. "Hotch, the two boys were shot. Something was used to make sure that they were dead."

"What would that something be, Prentiss?"

"The M.E. wasn't sure."

After a while Charlie Swan chief of police in Forks headed home to get some rest. He would be back in the morning. One of his officers Officer Dawn Allen remained at the high school. She would head home herself in a few hours. All of the other police officers would remain for the night. Finally Agents Hotchner, Jareau, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, and Dr. Reid left to their hotel.

Spencer noticed JJ's nervousness. He had a feeling that he knew why she was so nervous. However, he decided that he would ask anyway. "What's wrong JJ?"

"I just hope that Alice can last without her night oxygen and cannula."

Since there were no hotels in Forks they had to go to Port Angeles. The BAU had booked three rooms. One was for Emily Prentiss and JJ, the next was for David Rossi and Aaron Hotchner, and the finally the last was for Derrick Morgan and Spencer Reid. All of a sudden JJ heard Alice's voice in her head. Emily noticed JJ pause for a moment. "What is it, JJ?"

"It's Alice, she thinks that she knows one of the hostage takers names."

"Who is it?"

"A man named Bryce Johnson."

"Do you know who he is?"

"No sorry, but I don't know who he is and neither does she."

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