Gosh I'm sorry WoodElfJedi for getting this up so late! But, here it is... Your request. ;) Hope you enjoy! By the way, this was kinda inspired by the song Comatose by Skillet.

You rushed through the market place, arms full of tightly-tied bags as you tried to juggle them gracefully and yet at the same time not drop the flute that was perched precariously on top of the heap. You were going to be late for your music lesson, and if that happened then your teacher would not be happy. His frowns were enough to curdle fresh milk. But, that was the price you had to pay for having such a good teacher.

Caught up in thought, you didn't even see the ellon coming towards you in the same rush you were until it was much too late. With a thump and a startled cry, you smacked into each other and went tumbling down to the cobblestones of the marketplace. Bags flew everywhere, and you just barely managed to catch your flute on one finger, while your other hand blindly grasped the object that had smacked into your hand on its way down to the ground.

After a moment of blurred colors, you managed to blink and found yourself sitting on the ground across from a metallic-blue haired ellon with dark eyes that stared back in equal bewilderment from the fall. Other elves passing by looked at the two of you in concern, attempting to make their way to you both until you suddenly burst into only slightly embarrassed laughter. The ellon stared with his mouth open until he suddenly began to join you in amusement.

Then you realized with a start that the thing your hand had grasped was a rather intricate hand harp. "Oh dear!" You cried. "I'm so sorry, I was in too much of a hurry- your harp is beautiful." You blurted, flushing red as you handed it to him. He took it with a soft smile of thanks.

"Thank you, my lady. It should be I apologizing for bumping into you. You also have a lovely flute." He replied, and held out a hand to help you up. You took his hand and allowed him to pull you up, letting go and bending to pick up your bags. He kindly helped you as you waved away other elves with a grateful nod for their concern.

"Thank you. I apologize again, but I must be off." You said, curtsying as you once more balanced the bags. "I am already late." You said, and he nodded.

"Of course my lady. I trust you will not be too late." He replied with a polite nod, and hurriedly sketching a curtsey, ran off once more. You didn't see the smile on his face as he resumed his own walk, nor did you hear the words muttered under his breath.

"We shall see each other again."


The music teacher had given you his infamous frown, but you somehow couldn't feel anger towards the ellon you had bumped into for making you late. It was bound to happen anyway, so... Why did you wish you could see him again?

You were walking by the bank of a river by the edges of the city, preferring to be alone for a little while. Emotions whirled through you as you went over events of the last few days. Ever since the crash with the ellon, the problem was that you couldn't seem to keep any semblance of control over your emotions. It came out in your music when it wasn't supposed to, you walked around in a daze, you couldn't control your music and it was not comforting to you anymore. There was no solace to be found in it. You had been tossed into a vortex of whirling emotion that wasn't familiar, and it was confusing you.

It only vaguely registered in your mind that you were playing all of this out on your flute as you absently wandered on the edge of the bank, and therefore in your hazy state of mind you didn't see the moss-covered stone until it was too late. Your foot slipped. Time seemed to slow down.

Your body lurched backwards and sideways, your arms outstretched to futilely try to grasp the silver flute that spun head-over-heels in the air away from you, glinting in the sun. Then water consumed your vision, and roared dimly in your ears. Somehow, you couldn't manage to panic. It was like being in a comatose state... and as air bubbles rose in a cloud to the murky surface of the water in front of your half-lidded eyes, you realized that that was the perfect way to describe your state for the past few days. Comatose.

You needed an overdose of something... but you didn't know where to find the thing to bring you out of your coma. You didn't want to breathe. There was something you'd lost that you didn't realize you could lose until it was too late, and you didn't want to live without it. Didn't want to wake up from this nightmare, because the world out there was terrifying without that thing you'd lost.

Your eyes slowly began to drift close, and somehow the tightness of not being able to breathe wasn't as painful as the absence of music in your mind and soul and the ache in your hollow chest. Hands reached out to your outstretched ones, and fingers brushed yours. But you didn't want to wake up from this dream... because surely that's all the face of the ellon you could barely make out was. A dream. Funny, because waking up to his face was never so real.


It was a voice that roused you from the unconsciousness you had slipped into. "Please wake up, sweet one, do not flee to Mandos." It pleaded gently, while a hand brushed your hair away from your face. Notes danced faintly through your mind, then faded as the hand moved away.

Your eyes shot open, wide as you gasped. Notes! Then your vision focused on the soaking wet, faintly smiling ellon looking down at you. You were suddenly gathered into a wet chest, and a face buried into your neck.

"Thank the Valar. I was afraid I'd lost my muse forever." Came the relieved voice, and you blinked in confusion.

"I'd lost the music..." Was the only thing you managed, and the ellon pulled back to smile at you brightly.

"As did I."

Then you both said it together: "ever since I bumped into you."

"I've found you." He breathed, brushing his nose against yours gently. "I've finally found my muse." His eyelashes fluttered closed, and soft lips pressed against yours without warning.

You almost melted into the gesture before suddenly pulling away. "My name is y/n." You suddenly blurted. He blinked, and then chuckled.

"Pardon, my sweet melody. I had forgotten about that trivial detail," he chuckled. "My name is Makalaurë." He smiled, and you forgot to breathe again, which proved unnecessary as he kissed you again.

After all, what did titles matter when you had found your muse?