Hello! I'm looking to start a new fanfiction using a cast of OCs! It'll be in team RWBY's second year at beacon. So PM your character's information, and I'll do my best to write a good story with them. Please don't review the characters. I don't want too many people knowing the back ground of all the characters Also if you want your character to be villians/evil/background let me know. I'm gonna put together the teams on what will work best and make a good story. Please don't make your characters over powered. It makes it really hard to make a good story out of someone who is perfect. As well as don't over complicate the weapon. They can have one weapon that has two forms or two weapons and maybe a side one, it's up to you. Just don't give them like twelve weapons, or it'll make things a lot more complicated. When it comes to semblances, the same as weapons. Just don't make it too complicated. Also be sure to put where they are from!

When you write the description for your character use the following guide lines please,






Hair color:

Hair Style:





Distinguishing features:



Weapon Name:








Attributes on a 1-10 scale







Dust use:


Semblance use:

Back Story: (Remember to PM me so that no one sees it coming!)

So for the attribute scale I put in some numbers to show you what some one with high endurance should look like so that it is balanced. Don't make them too overpowered, but do tailor it to what your character needs.

Intelligence = book smart, knows all the tactical things and remembers events and strategies. Basically skill at information retention.

Creative = Street smart, can come up with a plan quick and knows how to really scan a situation to come up with the best plan. The creative part comes in with a really unique plan, that doesn't really follow the books.

Dust use will help me know how much your character uses dust compared to combat use. Make sure to describe the way the dust is used when writing out your weapons or semblances.

Semblance use will show me how often it is used in a fight. Anything 1-3 I'll assume it's only used in critical situations. Not everyone has learned to master their semblance. If you want your characters semblance to not be that great now, but they improve upon it with new skills later, give the semblance a lower number.

And that's all the guide lines I have. This list is not just for students! If you want to send in a villain, teacher, hunter, mercenary, or background character that is fine, just make sure you specify. This is my first OC story so I'm really excited to see what I have to work with.

Don't skimp on any details, but I'm only planning on making three main character teams (Twelve main characters), so the quicker you get the OCs in, the more chance they have at getting in the story.

Thanks everyone!