The future trap

Chapter 9

A/N No I have not forgotten about this story I have been wanting to finish it but didn't know where to take It. 5 years later the idea came to me hope it was worth the wait

James's POV

It was the night before our ultime prank, the prank of a lifetime. A prank so good that the camp will have to name a rule after us. With this prank, no one will know how we pulled it off. We were able to pull off things like switching shaving cream with spary cheese, to dying the shower water pink.

If you thought that finding out you have twin was cool... finding out that your dad is actually from the year 2121, and you have all these cool future gadgets is awesometacular. To think that I am going to live in a house with future gadgets and I being able to be with my dad is definitely the best, and can only get better.

I am looking at one of the gadgets and I think I did something cause it started flashing and beeping. Alex looked up "Dude if we are going to pull this off you gotta stop making silly mistakes like this.

""Wait, what did I do?" He said, and looked up at me scared.

"Nothing you just activated dance mode, dad will notice silly mistakes so he might know what's up. So just download the how-to app and learn everything you want to about this, but do thatlater we gotta start the gravity switch.

Alex POV

Ok note to self, don't let dad know he was right about Space Camp, it has been a life changer. I mean come on! What are the chances of you finding out you had a twin, talk about life changing experience.

We are setting up for the prank that will make us legends. I can't wait to see Aunt Pim's face, I'm sure she's never thought of it this!

It was the last day of camp activities. All the favorite camp activities such as dodge ball, tug of war to water balloon volleyball.

"Ok James, everything is in place and ready to go, push the button." I told him through the walkie talkies.

"Pressing in 3, 2, 1..."

Ok this was awesome, everyone started to float up. Mostly the campers cheered and started to push off the walls and popped the water balloons. The other kids tried to get back on the floor. The camp counselors were trying to stay calm, but we're all confused on how we managed to pull it off. The camp director's face said it all that was our last day at camp and we wouldn't be able to return next year, which is fine because if everything goes smoothly then by next summer I can spend it with both of my parents and my brother.

End of Chapter Nine