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"Paul, where the hell were you? Why were you gone for two weeks? For that dumb restaurant fiasco? Do you know what you've done?"

Paul rolled his onyx eyes in reply, folding his arms. The three present members of Ghost of the Night were in their large home, "I didn't come back to be interrogated."

Gary's eyes narrowed as he grabbed Paul's collar, seething. "Listen, Paul. Do you know how much trouble and how bad this has gotten for our reputation? The fact that you disappeared was everywhere, all over the media –"

"Since when did we care about the media?" Paul retorted, cutting off his bandmate. "Is the media more important than us?"

Gary opened his mouth to speak during a momentary silence, but Paul wasn't finished.

"You're going to end up like May, brainwashed by fame."

There was a long silence as Gary retreated, taking collapsing onto a sofa beside a confused Ash. He buried his face in his hands, before looking back up at Paul.

"You're right. I'm sorry. Tell me your side of the story, then."

Paul stared for a moment, before taking a seat opposite Ash and Gary. He gave a small nod. "The assassin inside of me, he's still there. The darkness. Evil. It all still runs through my veins." He paused, staring at the floor. "Even Dawn was scared."

"I feel it sometimes too," Gary admitted, his gaze shifting away. "Especially since all my fans think of me as that flirty band member, it sometimes makes me wonder what would happen if someone found out about our past."

For the first time in that conversation, Ash's voice was heard.

"We can't let that happen, guys! It'd ruin our lives, and Eye of the Liepard's too. I can't let Mist – the girls go through that trouble. We've already given them enough trouble for a lifetime!"

There was a sudden knock on the door, startling the three bandmates. Gary shot a curious glance to Paul and Ash, before standing up and heading towards the door. He opened it, raising his eyebrows at the visitor.

"Hello, Oak," greeted the visitor, Jess, as she walked in shamelessly. She spotted Paul in the adjacent lounge, raising an eyebrow in surprise. "Oh? You're back?"

He simply stared at her coldly. There was no reply.

"What do you want, Jess?" Gary asked as he shut the door, a slight tone of hostility in his voice. His dark eyes glinted with distrust. "Drew is in Hoenn, in case you've forgotten."

"I know where my own fiancé is, thank you very much," Jess snapped, narrowing her eyes. "I simply wanted to visit his room here. Where is it?"

Gary stared at her in disbelief. Suspicion got the best of him, as he narrowed his eyes. He was about to reply, when Paul's actions cut him off.

The mauve-haired man had stood up and walked over to the main door. He opened it, holding it open wide. "You can't just waltz into this house. Get out."

Jess' mouth fell open. She placed her hands on her hips, glaring daggers at him. "Excuse you, but I have the right to –"

"Get out."

The pretty doctor flinched at the icy cold tone, but then scoffed to cover up her fear. She huffed, sticking her nose in the air. "I can't believe Drew is friends with a bunch of rude people like yourselves," she ranted as she exited the door.

Her angered words grew quieter as the door was shut, until it became inaudible.

"What was all that about?" Ash asked, breaking the silence in the house. He was still seated on the sofa, his mouth full of potato chips. "I don't get it. Why would she want to visit Drew's room?"

"We have two possible answers," Gary began, glancing at his friends. "She's either onto something about us, or she's just too overly attached and feels like going through his stuff."

His expression turned grim.

"I'm leaning towards the first option."

Sun rays peeped through the canopy of sunset-red leaves as May strode through the path surrounded by smooth stone slabs. The only noise was the gentle breeze blowing through the large branches above her, the sound of the fallen autumn leaves crunching below her feet and the occasional chirp of a Taillow.

A tiny smile grew on her face as she reached two adjoined graves. She bent down to a crouch and placed two colourful bouquets on each one. Her eyes began to water slightly a she scanned the words on the joined graves.

In loving memory of





"It's been a while, hasn't it?" May began, wiping a few tears that had spilled earlier. She still had the small smile on her face. "I came to you guys for advice. I feel like there's no one I can really talk to anymore. Apart from Blaziken and the others, of course. They've grown really strong."

She laughed to herself, looking up through the branches of the old, large trees. "Remember when I used to hate Pokemon? It's funny how now I feel like they're the only things I can talk to. Living things, that is."

"You're probably wondering what happened to Misty, Dawn and Leaf. I don't know, really. What did happen to Eye of the Liepard?" she continued, her smile non-existent. "It's not them that's changed, it's not them that's ruined everything. It's me."

"I miss the days when I used to coordinate. I miss the days fame couldn't get to my cheerful ten-year old mind. I miss the days when I still had family."

Although she sat there, waiting for a reply, her words were answered by nothing but a strong breeze blowing past. She stared deeply at a closed flower bud, empathising with it.

A sob escaped her, and another, and another until she was drowned in a pool of tears. The bright leaves danced around her in the wind, contrasting her emotions.

After a moment, along with a familiar voice, soft footsteps approached her from behind.

"Surprise, surprise. Why is it that I'm always running into you, May Maple?"

May's head shot up at the sound of the words. She quickly rubbed her tears with the sleeve of her coat, before turning to the source of the voice. She stood up, brushing off the dirt on her knees.

"Could ask you the same thing," she replied, her tone emotionless, "Drew Hayden."

The smirk that was previously painted on Drew's face disappeared as she turned around. Her eyes were stained red and were glossy from the tears, along with her cheeks and nose red from the crying.

His eyes narrowed with concern. He stepped closer, staring into May's eyes. "What happened?"

"Nothing," she replied hastily, turning away. "I was just talking to my parents, I'm fine."

"You're not fine."

"I am."

Drew clicked his tongue in annoyance, rolling his eyes. After hesitating for a moment, he stepped forward and pulled May's head into his chest gently. "I may be amnesic, but I can still tell when someone is off, you know. I'm not an airhead."

Her eyes widened for a moment, but then relaxed at the familiar scent of roses as she smiled. "No, but you are a grasshead," she muttered under her breath, so Drew couldn't hear her.

"Sorry?" Drew pardoned, raising an eyebrow. He looked down at her. "Didn't quite catch you there."

"Never mind, it doesn't really matter," she replied, sighing. She hesitated, deciding to change the subject. "So, what're you doing at Lilycove Cemetery?"

"I just visited my parents' grave too." He paused, before sourly adding, "Not that I can really remember them anyway. I don't even know how they died yet. "

"That's a good thing," May replied bitterly, sniffing. "Right now, I feel like I'd to anything to forget about my past. It would hurt a lot less." She pulled away, stepping back hastily. "The same goes for you. It's better you don't remember anything."

She turned away to leave, swiftly beginning to walk away. She stopped abruptly as she felt a firm grasp around her wrist, her glistening sapphire eyes widening.

"Why?" Drew questioned, his dragon-like eyes twinkling with curiosity. "I know you're my ex, by the way, I've known for a while. But is that such a reason to ignore me like this? I'm sorry for whatever I did, it can't be that bad. But maybe if you told me, if someone told me –"

"You don't know anything, you don't remember anything. You can't possibly hope to understand, Drew," May interrupted, glaring into the floor. She looked up at him her eyes filled with frustration, regret and anger. "We're all doing this for your own good. For my own good. For our own good."

There was a moment of silence between the two, a powerful gust of wind blowing past them.

"I probably seem like such a rude person, right? A self-obsessed, conceited twat," she continued, shaking her head. "Believe it or not, I used to be dense, happy and kind. Then things, nasty things, happened. And suddenly, you were gone from my life. Then everything changed."

She yanked her hand away and looked straight into his eyes. "I suggest you don't even try to find out about your past. You won't like it. It's better you continue living your carefree, happy life with your fiancé."

And with that, she swiftly walked past him and away through the red and yellow blanket of leaves.


She stopped, turning her head over her shoulder.

It was Drew who called out her name. He stood there in the distance, staring at the brunette celebrity. The wind continued picking up between them, both their locks blowing about in the air.

"I will find out what there was between us. Between all of us."

Drew entered through the large, open gates before stopping abruptly at the sound of his name being called out. He turned to face the source of the voice, his eyebrows raising.

It was a wide-eyed chubby old man with stunned, incredulous expression. A smile slowly crept up his face. "Drew, my boy… is that really you?"

Drew stood there at the entrance of his old house's large garden, blinking. He hesitated. "Er, do I know you? I apologise, I suffer from severe amnesia so I probably don't remember you."

The man chuckled, nodding. "I know, I know. It's just good to see ya in person after so long." He paused, his warm smile widening. "I'm Stanley. I've been this house's gardener since before ya was born. Ever since Jack and Victoria Hayden got this mansion built."

Drew's eyes widened as he stared in disbelief. "Wait– you knew my parents?"

"I did," Stanley replied. "You look just like your father. Handsome fellow, he was. But ya definitely received your mother's charming eyes."

For a moment, a small smile made its way onto Drew's face as he heard Stanley's words. It then disappeared as he said, "Then… do you know how they died?"

Stanley shook his head, a grim expression befalling his face. "No, unfortunately. They were extremely secretive about their occupation. Then one day, they never returned home. Neither did you. I thought all three of ya had died, but then years later there you were on Kalosian Idol. It scared the living daylights out of me, it's like ya came back from the dead."

Drew remained silent, staring into the distance, thoughts clearly swirling around his mind.

"Go inside," Stanley said, noticing the boy's tension. "There's no doubt you'll find something interesting in your old home."

The chartreuse-haired adult nodded, turning to the path and heading up to the doors of the mansion. He unlocked and opened it, about to step inside when he heard Stanley once more.

"Oh, and Drew."

"Yes?" he replied, turning his head over his shoulder.

"It's good to have ya back."

Drew returned a small smile, before stepping inside his house. He stared around the large lobby area, his eyes widening. A wave of déjà vu swept past him as he walked around, looking at the various framed photos and objects.

He picked up a photo, inspecting it. There was a handsome young man with chartreuse hair and blue eyes and a more tanned, brunette woman with stunning emerald eyes. They were hugging in what seemed like the woods.

He put it down, before picking up the next one. His eyes narrowed. It was a photo of his parents, in their early 20's it seemed, laughing with another couple. The man had sharp, dark eyes and a woman beside him with soft, brown hair and blue eyes.

"She looks like May," he murmured to himself, placing the photo frame back down. He walked around the large bottom floor, with not much that interested him. He turned and went up the large staircase and onto the top floor.

The first room Drew came across was one with his name printed on it. Assuming it was his own room, he stepped inside and looked around. Everything was packed away neatly, the only messiness being the layers of dust on his table, drawers and piles of containers with toys packed in them.

He opened a few drawers, not finding much but random drawings and junk. He collected all the drawings and flicked through them, finding a few with Gary, Ash Paul and himself poorly drawn with crayons.

A smile crept onto Drew's face as he flicked through more, one specific one catching his eye. It was himself and a girl, sitting on what seemed like a river bank. The girl had distinct eyes coloured in with a bright royal blue, and light brown hair.

His eyes narrowed at it, and he placed it carefully on a pile with other special drawings. After folding them and tucking them into the large pocket of his coat, he headed to his parent's room.

To his surprise, there was nothing in any of the storage facilities such as drawers, cupboards and the large wardrobe.

His phone suddenly began ringing, and he brought it up to his ear.


"Yo, Drew. Just thought I'd tell you that Paul is back!"

Drew released a sigh of relief, before speaking into the phone, "Thanks for letting me know, Ash. You know, I haven't really found anything extravagant about my past here. Just some old drawings and photos. You're sure you don't know anything else?"

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "Sorry Drew, I've um gotta go. You're heading back tomorrow right? See you then!"

The call was cut, leaving a confused Drew hanging. He groaned in frustration, glaring at the wall.

What could possibly be so bad about my past to hide like that? Why doesn't anyone else seem to know about it? The media, the internet?

He clicked his tongue in annoyance.

I'll just have to force it out of them.

Dawn speed-walked through the large shopping mall, equipped with her disguise outfit. She made her way into a café, looking around the room. Shrugging, she took a seat on the table for two. Just in case, she checked her messages on her phone to make sure she had got the right time.

To: Paulie-bear
From: Dawn
Be at our favourite café at 1:30 pm tomorrow! I got something special for you~! ;D

Dawn brought out a gift she had handmade for Paul, inspecting it as she waited. It was a fashionable, black scarf. She smiled, her cobalt eyes glinting with excitement.

Another twenty-minutes had passed when Dawn decided to call Paul to see where he was. He didn't pick up. Concerned, she called Gary to see if he knew Paul's whereabouts.

"Paul? He's gone out with some old friend. Why?"

"Oh," Dawn replied into her phone, her heart sinking. "Never mind. See you, Gary," she said, hanging up. She stood up, bringing the bag containing the scarf along with her as she left the café.

Nearby in sight, Paul hid, watching as she exited the café. His heart pleaded with guilt, but no matter what, he couldn't bring himself to talk to her.

Not when he still had the blood of an assassin running through him.

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