Oh, this might be a mistake, especially considering that right now it's four in the morning…consider this my unfiltered thoughts on the subject.

Honestly, I'd really rather it be that everyone has forgotten about this story. But as a precaution, I'm putting this here for the sake of clarity and/or understanding.

'Agent 30A' is getting the kibosh for the foreseeable future. Just as my first attempt had. But why?

Bluntly speaking, I've lost nearly all passion for the project. My first version I wholly regretted writing to the point of quite literally feeling shame and embarrassment from it. That was my first major tread on this site and while I forgive myself for the many errors in the writing due to a mixture of naivete and younger age, I got too ambitious for my own good and those variables do not mix well. Ambition, it seems, has remained to be one mistake I have not learned from just yet, as while this go around was far more acceptable to the point where I still go back and enjoy reading what I wrote (for the most part) surprisingly thoroughly, things were getting too big from the start.

As I described on another site, 'Agent 30A' is no longer something that I could comfortably refer to as a Fanfiction, not inherently. It has become (or rather was becoming) an "original" story at the point of the re-write and retconning. The original elements that I took from the show were dwarfed compared to what I was beginning to come up with, both on and off-paper…er…screen. And even then, there were too few of them—too small of a world—to reliably be used for something of a larger caliber to begin with. It doesn't surprise me, looking back. It was a kids show, not a multi-season melodrama.

Not to speak with a disparaging tone towards it, mind you, because I enjoyed it for the silly, lighthearted show that it was! Never took itself too seriously or ever tried to 'teach' anything. It was a slapstick comedy of a little boy trying to thwart the devious antics of a devious alien cat! It's fun and it didn't need to be anything more than that! And it was because of those fond memories mixed with this story that I came to realize that my story was perverting that simple and "innocent" nature the source material had. And to avoid that, I'd have to delete the show's ties to equation of the narrative almost entirely.

The 'Nebulan' name would have to be changed (assuming the species even had a name); Kat's and Dr. K's 'Wiki "Names"' would be changed to something I personally deemed more fitting to meld with the world that was being created from the show's foundation (compare: Selene, Iysle, Asim, Oanez, Nevi…); no Burtonburgers, nor anyone from Bootsville for sake of convenience, i.e., not shoehorning them in. And the list goes on for a little longer. James perhaps would have been spared from the chopping block, that I wasn't sure. Mostly because Selene may have never needed to go to Earth this time. The conflict probably was actually going to center strictly on her "home" planet (since her species technically didn't have one by the time we saw the finale). Though if he was, I long-decided upon a much more appropriate aging-up for him this time around, and his relation to the 'Burger family made null. Again, for sake of convenience. Romance between Selene and James like in the first version…ehh…that one I'm especially not sure about, if only when it comes to the topic of simple ethics and morality. To what degree is it really "okay" to pair up a human being with a semi-humanoid alien feline creature of human or super-human intellect and/or mental capacity that would probably only reach up to his knee at most?

So basically, the only thing left from Kid vs. Kat in 30A after I would have been done with it would have essentially just been the…well, Kat. And not even the titular "Kat", in a way, but instead a sister that never existed in the first place taking his place. XD The N.O. subplot would have been changed as well, multiple original members actually getting axed because their abilities were getting too ridiculous—too…metaphysical for some—especially in a world and culture that I assume had some degree of social norm towards what we'd probably see as dehumanizing levels of body modification, possibly among the likes of what's advertised in the world of the upcoming 'Cyberpunk'. If only to maybe be purposed for leadership (Kommander), militaristic (his soldiers), and espionage purposes (Agent 27B)…when the system presumably works as intended and wasn't possibly being usurped by nepotism, ala the Kommander's son. Perhaps the upper-echelon of their society may have some benefits? We had no evidence it was a democracy, and such advancements among the more influential members could help stay a systematic destruction from the bottom-up…

Um, regardless, the point I'm getting to is that 30A isn't compatible with the source material. It would be a crime of authorship for me to try and continue pass it off as a true "Fanfiction". So I refuse to do so.

One day I may come back here to create something that will respect Mr. Boutilier's world properly and I can bring the random flares of passion I still get for this project to that hypothetical new one.

Looks like I'll be another one of the many writers who never finish their fanfic, huh? I hope that if anyone's left, that they aren't too disappointed, and if so, I'm sorry I've disappointed you. But I can't say I'm not thankful to those that stuck by from the very beginning, because I am! Your encouragement helped me to improve myself as a writer by simply making me want to continue my stories, and you deserve praise for that contribution! Thank you so very much!

And at this point, I'm currently looking at creating an actual original story from scratch, the first character sheet of which can be found at my good friend Kochich's DeviantArt gallery! He's got a lot of stuff on there, and I believe he's currently accepting art commissions on there. But please check with him personally first. He's a very busy fellow, so don't just take my word for it. Have no idea what form it'll take, though. It could be an online short story, a novel, a series of comics—I literally don't know right now. It's all still in the fledgling stages at the moment.

But there are always other writers in this archive! Such as 'Animefreak728', the author of Splice. They've really come up in their writing ability and I'd definitely recommend giving their story a look when you can!

And…that's it. That's all I have right now. So, if there is one at some point, then I guess I'll just say: "until next time".

Oh, and although I'd usually say I'd prefer to have any potential personal responses directed towards my Private Message box instead of the YouTube comment system known as the "review" box, I've finally wisened up by this point. Feel free to respond however you wish.

For maybe the final time,