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Chapter 11- Never Teach Children Battle Tactics

Celebmir and Ruinmir, along with ten other boys between a year plus half and five years old, were slowly sneaking through Rivendell at night. It started in the halls of Rivendell's leader. They went room to room, tying each elf to the bed. The children had the elves at a great disadvantage, they knew. The elves thought someone, come morning, would notice them missing and look first in their room. Little did they know, all the elves thought that. The ones in houses thought something similar to that.

They were split into two groups. Celebmir and Ruinmir were the captains. Each group had two scouts and three warriors. They were certain they would succeed in their mission in securing Rivendell as their new home.

Come morning, they were done and back in their beds for some very well deserved sleep.

Lord Elrond began to wonder why none had come to find him. Was he really not that needed? No, that was not it. He had thought the boys were pranking only him. What if they had worked through the night to prank all of Imladris? Who would be intelligent enough to do such a thing?

"Help! I'm tied to the bed," he heard one of his lords shout across the hall.

"You're tied to the bed?! What about me," he heard another of his lords shout.

"I think the children have taken Imladris from us," he shouted to them. "It seems I am tied to the bed as well!"

"Celebmir and three other boys tied me."

"Ruinmir and three others tied me."

Elrond chuckled. He should have known. All the stories he had heard of the two and what he himself had witnessed, he really should have known.

"Celebmir, Ruinmir, and six boys have tied me."

"Hey, anyone else tied up? I think my cousin's children were involved," one of the Dúnedain women shouted.

Elrond laughed. They had even thought to tie their own people up! Oh how he wished Aidan was here. He would have to stage a retail on the ones involved.

"I don't t'ink we t'ought t'is t'rough," Ruinmir stated.

"I'm hungry," one of the older boys said.

It was soon followed by a chorus of other boys agreeing. Some of the girls spoke up as well.

"We let one go to make us food. Then we tie up again," Celebmir said, realizing his twin was right. They really should have thought this through more.

Arwen had thought, at first, when two boys had snuck into her room, it was for a prank, not for taking over Rivendell. As she heard her father, Lord Erestor, and Lord Glorfindel shout back and forth, she realized her home had just been taken by children.

The absurdity of it. Her grandparents would not let anyone live this down. Perhaps her grandmother had forseen this and has sent aid?

She started to wonder if children, as much of a blessing as they were, should not be overlooked so much.

The two boys looked to be twins.

Those same two boys came in, along with six others.

What was about to happen to her that required eight boys, she wondered.

"You. We are hungry. We will free you. Jus' long enough feed us. After we eat, we will tie you again. No funny stuff," one the twins replied.

"Captain, how do we know we can trust her," the oldest of the other six boys, a five year old, asked.

"We don't. But we are many. She is one. I don' t'ink she can fight," answered the first boy who spoke.

Captain? Surely that was not one of the names? It had to mean one of the twins was the leader. Perhaps both boys were? But they did not look older than other two. Then it dawned on her. She had heard of Ruinmir and Celebmir. Their mother had perished in the attack just before they reached the Ford. The two were much more intelligent, thanks to the creative teachings of their father when he was not away doing his Ranger duties or scouting.

"Why have you taken Rivendell from us," she asked.

"Our home was taken. What else do we do," the other twin replied.

"Your new home is here now."

"We know. We took it from you elves," the first twin spoke. He said it with pride. "Now quiet. You feed us."

"Why me," she asked. She had a funny feeling she already knew.

"You leader's child. And girl. You must know how to feed us," one of the twins replied.

And there was days like this being her Adar's daughter was not to her advantage, such as this. But if she played her part correctly, Imladris could be taken back by the elves.

***On the way to Isengard***

I was with my Chieftain. I had survived the battle, though barely. Aragorn had wanted me to stay behind and rest. Take time to grieve for the death of my wife. I had slept here and there through the battle-I suppose that was the only thing that saved me from death and leaving my children orphans of war.

Yet I had refused. I did not understand it. Though I suspected it was because I wanted answers and wanted to know if Saruman had the answers. I needed to know. When I pointed out that Saruman may be the who ordered the attack on our village, he went silent.

Aidan, are you busy. I heard Lord Elrond's voice in my mind. Did he have the necklace?

Only if riding to Isengard is considered busy. Was Rivendell attacked?

My Chieftain looked to me with a sharp look when he saw my worried face.


"Lord Elrond has Eryniel's necklace. I'll let you know what it is."

He nodded to me.

Did you tell your children to take Imladris?

I busted into laughter. "Oh, Legolas, dear friend, I fear you may need to send that elleth army you spoke of!"

There was laughter from those that knew what that meant. Confusion from the others.

Oh, no. Celebmir briefly mentioned that there would be an attempt before suddenly cutting off connection with a good night. What has happened?

They were...If not for the hunger of the children, Imladris would have been lost to children.

"They did it! My children actually managed to recruit the other children and took Rivendell!"

Gandalf didn't know if he should look surprised or if he honestly should have expected something like that from my children. Legolas was laughing, hard. Gimli was laughing deeply. Aragorn looked like he didn't know if should laugh, be proud, or scold me. Éomer, who had heard of my children's plans, looked shocked.

Everyone is laughing. So, what other mischief has my eldest sons caused?

They will not speak. None of the children will. We do not know if we have gotten all the children involved. We know for sure your two and six others. But I suspect there is at least two more. It seemed they had split into two groups. A captain-your sons being them-and three known children for each. We believe each group had someone watching on the outside. But none of the children will speak, even your two. They are quieter than the rest.

Of course my children would want to be part of the action. So, how did they take an elven city from a bunch of elves?

I would rather not answer that.

Oh, come on. I gotta know.

….I will not answer that. Just know we will retaliate against them and have begun doing so. The older children, who did not participate, are finding everything quite amusing. The women find it amusing. The older children and the women suffered the same fate as us.

May I talk to Celebmir? I'm sure he wants to know what they did wrong so they can try it again. I'll find out who the others are, if there are more.

"Apparently my sons were playing captain...," I started.

"I must admit that I am glad to not have children such as yours. In fact, I am certain I do not wish for any children now," Éomer stated.

"I think they had it very well planned out. The only thing they didn't think of was their stomachs. They split into two groups. My sons leading each one. Each had at least three others. Lord Elrond suspects each had a lookout but none of the 'captured' are speaking. Especially my sons. The Lord of Rivendell refuses to tell me how elves got bested by children," Aidan replied.

"I suspect it must be very embarrassing then," Gandalf said with a chuckle.


Yes, oh Captain Celebmir?

The elf told you? Did he tell you how we tied everyone up? Every elf thought we were pranking just them so they let us tie them up! It was easy. I thought it would be harder so I told everyone to make sure they had their wooden knives on them. I wanted us to have a home. I wanted there to be a home for when you came back. Ruinmir wanted the same thing. We remembered what you told us-each captain needs warriors and scouts. We got two scouts and three warriors each. Our scouts did so well.

Celebmir kept going and going. Describing everything in exact detail. He told me the names of his 'squadron' and of his brother's. Then I told him what he did wrong, which included being the captain instead of one of the unseen scouts or just recruiting captains and make the plans.

Then I was talking to Lord Elrond. I told him I got nearly all details. They were looking for four instead of two more. They were the scouts. I told him I did not get names except for those that were captured.

Then I felt the connection sever. I started snickering. I relayed everything to those I was riding with, who laughed. Then my Chieftain asked the one question I suspected he would.

"Do you plan to tell Lord Elrond," he asked.

"I said I would find out who the unknowns were if there were more. I did not say if I would tell him or not. Nor do I plan on telling him I told Celebmir what he did wrong," I replied.

"And if I were to order you to tell him all you have discovered?"

"Then I would have to...even if you wouldn't be able to hear my thoughts."

"I think I will leave it up to you."

They still will not speak. What have you found out? Lord Elrond asked.

That all the elves thought they were merely getting pranked and therefore let themselves get tied up. And apparently I gave them the knowledge they needed. I remember when they asked me, before leaving for the journey all those months ago, how to lead an army. Being me, I did not think anything of it. I told them they needed captains. Each captain needed warriors and scouts. Then I went on to explain some battle tactics.

Aidan, Valar help you should they try it again!

Celebmir told me there were two groups. Each group contained a captain, three warriors, and two scouts. They thought it would be harder to take Rivendell. Celebmir sounded so proud of himself. I have to admit, I am rather proud of them.

Did he say names?'

He was speaking so fast. I caught the names of the "warriors" but if you got my boys and six others, then you probably have all the warriors.

The Valar are probably still laughing at the elves of Rivendell.

King Thranduil was visiting.

Then I felt the connection sever.

I started snickering. That slowly changed into snorts. The snorts, in turn, changed into giggles. Giggles became laughter. Laughter became cramp-causing, breath-taking, all out laughter.

"What is so funny, laddie," Gimli asked.

"Oh, Legolas, I would say I'm so sorry but...but...," I couldn't finish.

"What happened," Legolas asked.

I crying laughter, I was red in the face, and I was having trouble breathing. Not to mention my sides and stomach were cramping pretty bad.

"Aidan, what happened," Aragorn asked.

"His father got over-taken by children," I managed to get out after nearly ten minutes.

"My-what," Legolas said. The look on his face made it clear it didn't know if he should laugh or be angry. But he was definitely confused.

"Your father, my friend, was in Rivendell apparently. The last thing Lord Elrond said before cutting off was this: 'King Thranduil was visiting.' I suspect I will not want to visit where you live for quite some time."

***Third Person POV***

Now Gandalf rode to the great pillar of the Hand, and passed it; and as he did so the Riders saw to their wonder that the Hand appeared no long white. It was stained as with dried blood; and looking closer they perceived that its nails were red. Unheeding Gandalf rode on into the mist, and reluctantly they followed him. All about them now, as if there had been a sudden flood, wide pools of water lay beside the road, filling the hollows, and rills went trickling down among the stones.

At last Gandalf halted and beckoned to them; and they came, and saw that beyond him the mists had cleared, and a pale sunlight shone. The hour of noon had passed. They were come to the doors of Isengard. But the doors lay hurled and twisted on the ground. And all about, stone, cracked and splintered into countless jagged shards, was scattered far and wide, or piled in ruinous heaps. The arch still stood, but it opened now upon a roofless chasm: the tunnel was laid bare, and through the cliff-like walls on either side great rents and breaches had been torn; their towers were beaten into dust. If the Great Sea had risen in wrath and fallen on the hills with storm, it would have worked no greater ruin.

The ring behind was filled with steaming water: a bubbling cauldron, in which there heaved and floated a wreckage of beams and spars, chests and casks and broken gear. Twisted and leaning pillars reared their splintered stems above the flood, but all sounds were drowned. Far off, it seemed, half veiled in winding cloud, there looked the island rock. Still dark and tall, unbroken by the storm, the tower of Orthanc stood. Pale waters lapped about its feet.

The king and all his company sat silent on their horses, marvelling, perceiving that the power of Saruman was overthrown; but how they could not guess. And now they turned their eyes towards the achrway and the ruined gates. There they saw close beside them a great rubble-heap; and suddenly they were awre of two small figures lying on it at their ease, grey-clad, hardly to be seen among the stones. There were bottles and bowls and platters laid beside them, as if they had just eaten well, and now rested from the labour. One seemed alseep; the other, with crossed legs and arms behind his head, leaned back against the broken rock and sent from his mouch long wisps and little rings of then blue smoke.

That was when Aidan's mind began to wonder. He knew he should have been excited to see Merry and Pippin but he couldn't get the image Celebmir had accidently sent him shortly after asking if Eryniel would be okay. Then himself seeing his wife and mother of his four young children laying dead, decaptitated, and trampled by the feet of those monstrosities. Wondering how he would make it as a single father. Wondering if he should choose a bride for the sole purpose that his sons and daughter have a female figure in their lives.

He would be expected to produce children with his new wife, no doubt. He wouldn't be able to do it. Not so soon and especially if he did not love the new woman.

He was so lost in thought he barely noticed his Chieftain nudging him into the real-world. He suspected they were getting ready to speak with Saruman.

Rage began to boil in blood. He wanted revenge for Erynial's death! He wanted to tear that thing to pieces bit by bit with his bare hands! Then he remembered that he was not some animal. That he was not some monster. That he didn't have to lower himself to the same pathetic level as his enemies.

Nimoy's Spock sounded in his head as it sometimes did. Hayden, do you really think it wise? Or even logical to take his life? He deserves to answer for his crimes, yes, but perhaps you should think. If you kill him out of rage and anger, you are not better than him. You know he takes over the Shire. Logically, he must die to prevent it. However, do not kill with such negative emotions. Kill him, knowing that is the only logical answer to keep him from claiming the Shire.

As usual, his voice of reason was right. He took several breaths and schooled his face. After they got all they could, Aidan would do what he had to keep the Shire safe. It would be a quick kill.

At the foot of the stairs, Gandalf and the king dismounted. Aidan dismounted as well. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli soon dismounted at will. Éomer dismounted.

His mind was clear except for the thought of how to kill him quickly and before anyone could stop him.

"...Will you not come up," he heard Saruman say as he finally focused on the activity outside his own mind.

"It you, Curunír, that is the fool. You were foolish to think the Dark Lord could ever win. You were foolish to think you could hide your treachery from the Valar. They knew of it yet they could not give it away and so they told you about me anyway. I know the future. You are a fool," Aidan replied. His face remained without expression.

"You are the fool, boy, if you think you can best the Dark Lord!"

"I would never dream of that. Only besting you. By the way, I know exactly where the It is at this very moment. Perhaps if all of my family still lived, you could enchant me with your voice but I still grieve and so I will not be enchanted by that voice of yours."

Saruman looked like he sucked on something particularly sour and disgusting at the same time.

Gandalf spoke once more and so Aidan started thinking what questions and how to word them. Then after his staff was broken, Aidan became aware once more.

"Who ordered the attack on the Angle," he said with a voice that was clear and commanding.

Aragorn, in that moment, saw that this was not any side of Aidan he knew. This was a cold, calculating, and logical Aidan. This Aidan could take Gondor's throne if he so wished.

"I did. To draw you out. In hopes you were there and you would fall in battle, protected that worthless family of yours," Saruman said.

Aragorn could tell the man was trying to get a rile out of Aidan. Aidan kept his face clear of all emotion.

"What of the extra pots of blasting fire?"

"In case you were there and knew of the one. It took much time for each one."

"I know your next course of action and to prevent it, there is but one logical course of action."

So quickly did Aidan pull his bow, notched an arrow, aimed, and released that none could stop him. The arrow hit it's mark-between Saruman's eyes.

"Dead people cannot take the Shire, now can they Saruman the Dead?"

Just as everyone expected, Saruman did not answer.

"Aidan, revenge is not always the wisest course," Gandalf scolded.

"Nor is letting him live when I know he will go to the Shire and lives of the Hobbits will be lost even when the Shire is retaken. I am preventing that. To prevent it, his death was the only logical course of action. Saruman can not be the cause of any more death. Had he not allowed himself to be weak against the Dark Lord, he would not have put himself in the position of death. In the end, it is the Dark Lord's fault. That and my own. It is because of me that the Angle was attacked. It is because of me nearly all of the village was slaughtered. You know I know the future and you know that I don't change things lightly. Are you sure want Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam to be captured and tortured by Curunír, Olorin? Are you so sure I acted upon emotion? Are you so sure," came Aidan's.

Gone was the young man that was practically an open book for all to read and here stood an emotionless man who was cold and calculating. Incapable of using emotions as a source of action. Even his voice had changed to that of neutral tones.

For a time, none spoke for they were absorbing what he had said.

"I am sorry, Aidan. I should not have judged you too quickly. You are correct in doing what you think you must to protect the Hobbits," Gandalf apologized.

"I understand why you spoke in haste. Few people have ever seen me use logic this way. Nor have there been many to see me like I am at this moment. There is nothing to be sorry for."

Then Aidan withdrew into his mind.