Hello everyone! I'm not dead! It has been a while though, hasn't it? I'm sorry there's no new chapter. In fact, I'm sorry that there will likely never be a new chapter for The Champion's Protege. I know I promised I wouldn't abandon it, but I never should have made that promise as I am now forced to break it. I meant to get this message out a while ago, but I got so distracted by college when I got back I just never got around to it. I also didn't want to make it official, as this story means a lot to me. However, since my 21st birthday was yesterday I decided it's finally time to get it done.

The reason I'm abandoning The Champion's Protege is quite simple really. I never really had a plot outlined for this story, I just made it up as I went along using my love for Pokemon as fuel for my writing. With nothing to fuel my love while in Israel, I just lost interest. Ever since I've returned, I have been unable to regain that same love for Pokemon I once had. I also don't remember much of the ideas I had for the story since I never wrote them down and have no desire to come up with new ones.

If anyone wants to take over for me or even just use my idea and start from scratch, please let me know. I would love to see someone else take the reigns and I will gladly read what anyone comes up with.

However, just because I am abandoning this story does not mean I am abandoning writing altogether. I have fallen in love with Harry Potter fan-fiction and have since had several ideas for stories to write. I have learned from my previous mistake and have written up plots for these stories to guide me as I write them. I have also started writing several one shots, one of which is already completed. I will be posting it as soon as my homework schedule clears up. I hope it will be well received.

Once more, I'm very sorry to you all for abandoning this story. I hope you're not too disappointed. Again, if anyone would like to take over, please let me know.