Ahsoka sensed a great disturbance in the force, as if thousands of people were in extreme pain and then nothing. She knew immediately that something horrible had happened. Sometime later, she, Anakin, and Obi-Wan were summoned to a conference room where Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon were waiting.

"I take it that all of you have experienced that disturbance in the force earlier today," started Mundi, too which the three knights all nodded. "Our spies indicate that was a test of a toxic gas. You are to go there and investigate the site to find out who committed this horrible crime."

"Do we have any idea who did this?" asked Anakin.

"Nothing solid at the moment," answered Plo. "That is why we are sending you too find out."

After leaving the briefing room, Ahsoka decided to contact Lux and ask to use his ship to get to Kril'Dor.

"I'll inform the ground crew that you are coming," he answered. "Saw will be waiting to fly you there." Saw Gerrera wasn't particularly happy about being stuck with the job of flying Lux's ship to Coruscant and elsewhere but he hadn't really come to terms with Steela's death, so Lux decided to give his friend at least something to do. Maybe going on an actual mission would help improve his disposition.

Twelve hours later…

"Approaching Kril'Dor now," said Saw in the pilot's chair. "I can see the mining facility." Ahsoka looked through the display, they were about ten minutes away from the mining platform. "I'm detecting several lifesigns coming from the platform," added Saw. "I'm taking us in now."

The landing pad was quiet, with several corpses that seemed to have vomited in their last moments strewn about. Wearing breath masks to protect them from whatever might still be in the air, the three Jedi proceeded down the hallway to the rest of the mining facility. It was not long before Ahsoka spotted another body that seemed to stand out from the others. Examining it, it looked like an Ishi Tib. He, Ahsoka was pretty sure it was male, hadn't been killed by the gas but by a lightsaber, as indicative of the diagonal burn across his chest that had severed several major blood vessels.

"Who could have done this?" asked Obi-Wan.

"We won't find out by staying here," said Anakin. As the trio proceeded through the complex, they found more aliens that had been killed with a lightsaber. Ahsoka also noticed most of the bodies that had vomited as they died were either human or near human. Clearly whatever had killed them didn't affect other races. As they continued through the mining platform, the Jedi saw a familiar sight: Separatist Magnaguards. The elite battle droids spotted them and charged their electrostaffs. Three attacked Obi-Wan, another three went after Anakin, and the final trio rushed Ahsoka. Ahsoka dodged the first strike and cleaved the first one in half before blocking the next two strikes. Then, the upper half of the first droid started rapidly crawling toward her. Ahsoka dodged the crippled droid and knocked it into the next, sending both falling off into the abyss. She then blocked the next strike from the final droid and split it in half down the middle. Looking over, she saw that Anakin and Obi-Wan had handled the other six.

"Not like we needed it but it looks like the Separatists are indeed behind this," said Anakin. "Wonder what scheme Dooku and Grievous have come up with this time?"

"Whatever it is, it is our duty to stop it," replied Obi-Wan. After making sure the droids were indeed destroyed, they proceeded toward the other set of landing pads. That is when they saw two people with about a dozen Magnaguards, and Ahsoka sensed that one of them was Narrisa Dansitius.

"Aww, my old friend Ahsoka Tano, how wonderful," Narrisa smirked. She then sent the Magnaguards at Anakin and Obi-Wan before charging at Ahsoka herself. Ahsoka quickly dodged the attack and slashed back, to which Narrisa blocked the strike before jumping up to the catwalk above. Ahsoka pursued, to which Narrisa tossed a toolbox at the Togruta. Ahsoka quickly slid under the box and toward Narrisa. She blocked another strike from the Zeltron and then swung her own lightsaber at Narrisa. The blade passed through both her wrists and through her jawline, slicing Narrisa's head in half. The dead Zeltron fell to the landing pad, where Anakin and Obi-Wan had finished off the remaining droids. The man with Narrisa tried to pull a blaster but Anakin impaled him with his lightsaber. Ahsoka leaped down to the platform and walked over to Narrisa's corpse.

"It looks like Dansitius's reign of terror has finally ended," said Obi-Wan, who then looked at the man who Anakin had killed. "I suppose we can take his body back to Coruscant for identification, even though interrogating him would have been more productive."

"He went for a blaster," Anakin said rather sarcastically. While that was going on, Ahsoka noticed something in Narrisa's coat. Pulling it out, she saw that it was an encrypted communicator. After showing it to Anakin and Obi-Wan, they went back to the ship that they came in on. When they arrived, they saw one of the engines was smoking at that Saw was standing over about twelve B1 battle droids, one of which had a rocket launcher next to it.

"They came at me five minutes after you left," Saw said holding his blaster carbine. "The ship is ready to fly but not to Coruscant."

"What is the closest Republic world?" asked Obi-Wan.

"Ryloth," Anakin answered. "Hopefully, Lessu will have the necessary repair parts."

Hello, my loyal fans, thank you for sticking with this story. I am nearing the end but I will be working on a sequel to it. I chose to kill off Narrisa because I have done all I can with her. The Nanovirus will not be completed either. Palpatine will soon learn why using a madwoman like her was such a bad idea on his part. Soon, he will abandon the mask of Supreme Chancellor entirely. Also, I am having them stop by Ryloth so I can do a cameo I really want to do. Hope you enjoy this chapter as well as the next.