Thank you For Reading. This is my Second Fanfiction I will update hopefully once a day but not on sundays

chapter 1: the sisters

I have three brothers and two sisters. They are Ace ,Sabo ,Luffy, Ashleigh, and Samantha. Ace, Ashleigh, and Sabo are my adopted brothers and sisters. Sabo and Samantha are Twin. Ace and Ashleigh are also twins. Me and Luffy are real brother and sister. My name is Monkey D. Rachel. Ace is 10, Ashleigh is 10, Sabo is 10, Samantha is 10, I am 9, and Luffy is 7. I know a lot about family trees. here's Ace's family tree:

D=dead A=alive DB=dead at birth AD==Adopted T=Twins

Michael married Mikayla and had Drake (D), Mary (D), Ally (D), and Roger (d)

Before Roger died he married Rouge and had Amy (DB), Anna (DB), Ashleigh (A), Ace (A)

Here is Sabo's tree:

Lilly married Outlook II and had John (D), Jolee (D), Amy (D), Outlook III (A)

Outlook III had Outlook IV (DB), Samantha (A),, Sabo (A), and Stelly (AD).

Here's mine:

Anna married Joe and had Josh (D), Garp (A), Amy (D), Mall (D).

Garp married Missy and had Dragon (A), Joel (D), Madison (D), Jake (DB).

Dragon Married Amber and had Rachel (A), Madison (DB, T), Mary (DB,T, And Luffy (A)

Me and my siblings want to be pirates. All the girls chose who we were going to sail with. Sam in going with Sabo. Ashleigh is going with Ace. I am going with Luffy.


The next two chapters are about how they met