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Onto the Story

Alexx Wood's hands were shaking as she looked at the body on the table. She prayed to Merlin that she could do this. She knew she had to do it if she wanted to make sure her surrogate son lived. But continuing to act like he was dead with Horatio Cain's eyes boring down on her, her hands shook even more as she turned Speed's body on the table, ignoring the crusting hole in the young man's chest. She had shoved the draught of living death down his throat the moment she had gotten on scene, and it had ceased all functions in his body- saving his life.

She probed the wound, ignoring her gut reaction to wash away the blood, to grab her wand and cast healing spells, to shoved blood restoration potions down his throat and to wake him up. She couldn't, even if this charade was too much for her to handle. Finally she heard Horatio move. As the door closed behind him she let Speed come to rest on his back once again. She turned around, towards the shadows of her room.

"He'll be in good hands Dr. Woods. I promise you. Nothing is going to happen to him when he's with us, and just as soon as it's safe again he'll be coming home. When we leave write up your report. Caine saw enough to believe you did the autopsy, and with him believing that no one will question it." A red haired man said, as he came forward, the invisibility spell falling from his lanky frame. She resisted the urge to snarl. She would have taken care of this situation herself if he hadn't have been waiting. As it was currently Speed's death was going to kill Horatio and Erick. The man didn't flinch at her expression though and she resisted the urge to punch him.

"So what happens now? While you deem it unsafe for him you keep him prisoner. Don't forget I know exactly why my baby boy left the lot of you conceited assholes in the first place. You're taking him back to England where he'll have the weight of the world piled onto his shoulders. And who in Merlin's name knows. Maybe you even have another girl you want him to marry and make children with to further on the legacy that you people have manufactured for him. He loves Horatio and Eric Mr. Weasley, and he's loved in return." She scoffed. Ronald sighed, running a hand through his shaggy hair and looking older than he was. He looked at her after a moment.

"Dr. Woods- Speedle is like my brother, no matter what the history between us I won't let him be hurt again. I'm glad he's loved here- I'll do my damnedest to get him home as soon as I can. And I know how much you care for him. You see yourself as his mother, and I've seen how much he cares for you. You're good for him in that capacity, not like my harpy of a mother. Neither I, nor any of my fellows will ever make him go back to who he was. Harry Potter died in the final battle, everyone knows that and it won't change. Timothy Speedle will be coming into our protection during his recovery and the apprehension of his attackers." He replied, his voice tight. She clenched her hands into a fist as she listened to his speech. She didn't trust him for one second.

"You were hanging around Weasley. So why didn't you catch this? Why didn't you stop whoever almost killed him before it happened? Before he almost bled to death on the damned floor, in his lover's arms." She spat. Weasley flushed, looking everywhere but at her for a moment. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"I am one man Dr. Woods. One man who keeps an eye on his brother when he's not working. I spend little time with my wife and children because I want to make sure Speedle was alright. He lumped me into the same mold as my sister- the girl who used him, doused him with love potions and then killed his remaining family. Even though he left his past behind he will always be the Hallows Master, and that will draw people to try and defeat him so they can have that right. Even if I had hundreds of men watching him around the clock there will always be slip ups." He finally spoke. Alexx sighed and turned away herself, her eyes tearing up because he was right.

"Leave, before I decide to say that he sat up on my table screaming when I started cutting." She spoke her voice low. She didn't look back as she heard him move. And she couldn't bring herself to look as she heard the whispered activation phrase of the auror's portkey. After a few minutes, and a handful of tears had passed she turned around, steadying herself, and spilled several vial's of Speed's blood on the autopsy table.

Gripping her wand she shaped that blood into an exact replica of her son. As her part in this charade ended she shuddered, before putting the 'body' back into it's drawer and went to writing her report. Tears fell steadily as she finished her lie. She may not hope to be able to protect him from those after him right now, she could make sure he had time to recover. It was up to Speed to come home to them now.

"You better stay safe and get your ass home soon Timothy Speedle. I don't know how long I can hold your men together. Not after we 'bury' you." she berated the empty air around her, as if he could hear her, before wiping her eyes. She really hated the world right now. And Horatio was never going to forgive her when he found out what she had done today. He wouldn't ever forget this either. In saving Speed she had made sure that one of her closest friends would never trust her again. It was worth it though. Speed was worth anything that would come out of this, and he always would be period. She wouldn't regret this, not now, not ever.