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Pokémon Academy: The Black Dragon Saga

Chapter 3

It was Saturday at 10:00 in the morning. Ash and Cilan were on thereto the beach zone so Ash could catch some water-type pokémon. After walking for a while, both Ash and Cilan felt like they were being followed by someone or something. Both Ash's Pikachu and Cilan's Pansage were also on high alert thinking that a wild pokémon or someone from Team Rocket was going to get the jump on them. Pikachu then heard something hiding in a bush that Ash and Cilan walked passed. "Whose there?," Cilan said in a demanding tone. "Show yourself," Ash added also in a demanding tone.

Out of the bushes appeared a girl with orange hair tied in an off-center pony tail and wearing mostly yellow. Cilan recognized the girl. "That's Misty, she is one of our classmates," he explained to Ash. "Why were you following us?," Ash asked Misty in a serious tone. "I heard you were going after water pokémon and I, the water princess thought I could be generous enough to help the new guy catch some," Misty explained in a high and mighty tone.

"She forgot to mention egotistic," Ash thought to himself. "But why were you hiding in the-?," "None of your business!," Misty shouted interrupting Ash with a face that was red out of embarrassment and anger. "It isn't a bad idea Misty is an expert on water-type pokémon she could be very helpful in this situation," Cilan said thinking it was a good idea for Misty to tag along with them. Ash was skeptical at first but after giving it a moment's thought he decided to agree with Cilan and letting Misty tag along with them.

Now the three of them were heading to the beach zone. After a half-hour walk they arrived at the beach zone. They could see dozens of water pokémon. They saw krabbies walking on the sand. They saw staryu in the ocean. They even saw a slowpoke standing on a rock with its tail in the water like it was fishing. Ash wasn't sure which water pokémon he should catch first but then he saw a punk trainer picking on a group of squirtle. What was unusual about the squirtle was they were wearing sunglasses and one of the squirtle's sunglasses were shaped differently than the others probably because it was the leader of the group.

The leader squirtle was trying to protect the rest of the squirtle from the punk trainer's bullying. The punk trainer kicked the leader squirtle onto its shell leaving it defenseless and unable to move. The punk trainer just laughed at the squirtle's helplessness and Ash did not like it one bit so he decided to give that punk trainer a piece of his mind.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?," Ash shouting at the punk trainer. "I have just having a little fun," replied the punk trainer. "I think the squirtle would disagree on what you call fun," said Ash talking smack to the punk trainer in order to get under his skin. The punk trainer didn't like Ash's smack talk and got really angry. "You got a lot of talk let's see you back it up," the punk trainer said as he grabbed a pokéball from his belt.

Punk Trainer Curtis challenges Ash to a battle.

Cirtus: Go Raticate!

Cirtus sent out a raticatefrom the pokéball he had in his hand but what was different about this raticate was that it was styled to have a matching hairdo with its trainer. Ash decided to take this battle seriously because one of the things he can't tolerate is the mistreatment of pokémon.

Ash: Go Pikachu!

Pikachu jumped off from Ash's shoulder and took its battle stance. Pikachu felt the same way Ash did about how the punk trainer picked on the squirtle and was more than eager to give the punk trainer what he deserved with sparks sparking out of its cheeks showing that Pikachu was ready to battle.

Curtis: Raticate use Super Fang.

Raticate charged at Pikachu ready to take a bite out of it. Raticate was fast but not enough to land a hit on Pikachu who was faster and able to dodge Raticate's attack. Raticate continued to use super fang at Pikachu but all of its attacks missed.

Ash: Pikachu use Iron Tail.

Pikachu jumped into the air and its tail glowed into a silvery like metal color. Pikachu dived at Raticate tail first but Raticate jumped into the air and grabbed Pikachu's tail with its teeth. Curtis thought he had the upper hand but from the look on Ash's face he anticipated that to happen.

Ash: Pikachu use Electro Ball.

The electro ball sent Raticate crashing into the ground. After the smoke cleared Raticate could be seen with sparks covering him showing that Raticate was paralyzed and unable to move.

Ash: Pikachu finish it off with Thunderbolt.

Pikachu's Thunderbolt hit Raticate and sent it flying into Curtis shocking both of them in the process. Raticate fainted and was unable to battle making Ash and Pikachu the winners of the battle.

Curtis: I'll get you back for this.

Ash defeated Punk Trainer Curtis. Punk Trainer Curtis has fled. Ash received $500 for winning.

The group of squirtle was watching the battle and the leader squirtle was more than impressed. As Ash, Misty, and Cilan resumed their search for water pokémon for Ash to catch, the leader squirtle started following them and Ash noticed. "Do you want to come along?," Ash asked the leader squirtle. The squirtle took off his sunglasses and looked at Ash with sparkling eyes and ran into his arms. "Looks like I caught a squirtle," Ash said with a smile. "More like Squirtle caught you," Misty said in a mocking tone.

Ash, Misty, and Cilan spent the rest of the day at the beach zone. Ash ended up catching a Kingler, a Corphish, and a very energetic Totodile. The rest of the 'Squirtle Squad' as they are now referred to as ended up working under Officer Jenny as the school's firefighting crew. Before Misty left Ash and Cilan, Misty noticed that there was something unusual about Ash that made him interesting but she didn't know what. Ash and Cilan were now eating dinner in the cafeteria with the rest of the guys who know Ash's Zekrom battle that he has to prepare for.

While they were eating, the guys overheard other students talking about a wild charizard loose attacking anyone who gets near its territory in the mountain zone. Ash thought that he should go to the mountain zone tomorrow to catch that charizard since both his pikachu and squirtle have an advantage over a fire/flying type pokémon like a charizard. Brock volunteered to go with Ash to the mountain zone because before Ash and Cilan came to the cafeteria Cilan got a challenge letter from a student named Burgundy who she self-proclaims to be 'a better connoisseur than Cilan,' besides his pansage wasn't going to do any good against a charizard being a grass pokémon and all.

The next day, Ash and Brock were heading to the mountain zone so Ash could catch that wild charizard. On their way to the mountain zone, they heard something coming from a nearby bush. They saw something purple sticking out from that bush. They couldn't tell if it was a person or a pokémon so Ash decided to take out his pokédex to see if it is a pokémon or not.

Pokédex: Axew the Tusk pokémon. They use their tusks to crush the berries they eat. Repeated regrowth makes their tusks strong and sharp.

Ash and Brock were a bit confused since what they could see that was in the bush didn't look like the picture in the pokédex. They assumed it was some sort of rare axew so Ash decided to catch it while it was distracted and threw a pokéball but instead of anything going into the pokéball after contact it just bounced off. "Ow!," said the person that was in the bush. A girl with big, purple hair and dark, tanned skin came out of the bush looking angry and upset. Brock recognized the girl as Iris, one of his and Ash's classmates.

"What's the big idea throwing a pokéball at me?," Iris asked demanding to know. "Sorry the pokédex said there was an axew in that bush," Ash said stating his case. "An axew like this one," Iris said as she directed Ash and Brock to the axew that popped out of her hair. Both Ash and Brock were surprised that an axew was hiding in Iris's hair because they have never seen someone have his or her pokémon in their hair instead of a pokéball. Ash may have Pikachu on his shoulders but that was kind of different to where Iris had her Axew.

"What were you doing in the bushes?," Brock asked curiously. "Me and Axew were gathering fruits and berries before we go up to the mountain zone," Iris said strait forwardly. "Why are you going to the mountain zone?," Ash asked concerned since the mountain zone was pretty dangerous right now although he and Brock were going there too. "I heard that there was a wild charizard attacking people getting near the mountain zone, I can't imagine a dragon-type pokémon doing that," Iris said.

Both Ash and Brock looked at Iris with a 'are you for real' look on their face. "You do realize that charizard is a fire/flying type and not a dragon type?," Brock asked Iris. Iris didn't believe what Brock said until Ash showed charizard on the pokédex and it said that charizard was a fire/flying type. Iris was both disappointed and embarrassed. She was disappointed because she thought charizard was a dragon type and she was embarrassed because she mistaken charizard to be a dragon type and she was an expert on dragon type pokémon.

Ash then told Iris that he and Brock were heading to the mountain zone so he could catch the wild charizard in question. After Iris heard that she volunteered to go with them because she was worried about the dragon pokémon that lived in the mountain zone. The three of them went up the mountain so far they couldn't see any charizard in fact they didn't see any pokémon what so ever. They assumed that the charizard was terrorizing the other wild pokémon in the mountain zone causing them to go into hiding. Ash, Iris, and Brock were now halfway up the mountain and still no sign of the wild charizard but they started hearing a loud roar coming closer and closer. Then all of a sudden the wild charizard appeared and attacked with a fiery flamethrower. The flamethrower nearly hit Iris but Ash saved her just in time. Now Ash was about to battle the wild charizard.

A wild Charizard appeared.

Ash: Pikachu, Squirtle I choose you.

Ash sent out both Pikachu and Squirtle to battle. Normally in a pokémon battle against a wild pokémon is one on one but since this wild charizard was causing problems for the rest of the mountain pokémon this was clearly a time for an exception.

Wild Charizard used Steel Wing.

The wild charizard used steel wing on Pikachu and Squirtle. Fortunately both Pikachu and Squirtle were fast and small so they were able to dodge the attack.

Ash: Pikachu use Thunderbolt. Squirtle use Water Gun.

Pikachu and Squirtle both used their trademark attacks but since the charizard was able to fly it easily dodged their attacks.

Wild Charizard used Dragon Tail.

The wild Charizard descended down at Pikachu and Squirtle tail first ready to slam them with its dragon tail attack.

Ash: Pikachu block that Dragon Tail with Iron Tail. Squirtle use Water Gun.

Both Pikachu's Iron Tail and the wild charizard's Dragon tail clashed leaving charizard vulnerable for Squirtle's Water Gun which scored a direct hit and it was super effective.

Ash: Pikachu use Thunder Bolt.

Pikachu's Thunder Bolt scored a direct hit on the wild charizard and it was still wet from Squirtle's Water Gun so it did extra damage. The wild charizard was now barely standing.

Ash: Pokéball GO!

Ash threw a pokéball at the wild charizard. It shook once. It shook twice. It shook three times then it confirmed that the wild charizard was caught.

Ash caught a Charizard.

Ash, Iris, and Brock were now heading down the mountain in the mountain zone. On the way down the mountain, Ash caught a Quilava with the help of Brock who made sure that the Quilava didn't run away. Iris was looking at Ash thinking how amazing he was back in the mountain zone and she had slight blush on her face but Ash and Brock didn't notice. All three of them went back to their own dorm rooms. Before Ash fell asleep in his bed he thought that he should go after grass type pokémon next but that would have to wait till after school.

To Be Continued….

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