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"So wait, was Jean really telling the truth? Are you really related to Emma Frost?"

"I'm sorry, you are?"

"Bobby. Bobby Drake. So is it true?"

Looking up from the loaner tablet that she was using to surf the Internet - because there was literally nothing else to do when one was fourteen on a school night in a small-ish town - Dawn raised an eyebrow before reaching up to run one hand through her long and now blond hair. "Which gave it away: the hair or the fact that I turn into a giant walking diamond whenever someone spooks me? Because even ignoring the latter for the moment, I feel like there aren't many people with this hair color naturally."

Bobby Drake considered that for a few seconds before ultimately shrugging. "You could have dyed it before you had someone teleport you into the mansion as part of whatever diabolical plan you're trying to pull off. Recently, so that's why there's no roots yet. Although considering Emma is a telepath and the rest of her siblings are psi talents too, I feel like if this really is a scam, you didn't think too far ahead. But wait. If you're not really her sister, you've already figured out some way to fool the professor and Jean. So maybe you can get away with… whatever you're up to with the Frosts. Hmm."

"Or maybe I'm actually related to Emma and you're just paranoid." Dawn set the tablet in her lap before looking around the fairly crowded room curiously. They were all doing their best to listen in without actually looking like they were eavesdropping. Might as well actively involve them in the conversation that had them so interested. "Hey everyone, show of hands: who thinks I'm really a Frost?" She waited a good ten seconds, expression slowly growing more and more incredulous when everyone just stared at her. "Wow, really? Fine, who thinks I'm up to something?" Every hand in the room went up and she sank back into the couch, crossing her arms over her chest. "Well then. Fuck you all very much."

As the other students went back to what they were doing and Jean did her best to avoid Dawn's baleful glares - because they both knew whose fault it was that this was even a topic of conversation - Bobby made his way over to stand in front of Dawn. When she shot a scowl up at him, he raised his hands in surrender. "To be fair? The whole 'lost sister appearing out of nowhere' thing totally seems like it would be a plot straight out of a telenovela. And you literally appeared out of nowhere. Like, pop, suddenly you're in our living room."

Yes, well, it wasn't as if she'd been in control of things in any way, shape, or form. If she had, she would have materialized herself somewhere with a lot fewer witnesses, like Xavier's office or something. That way he could have just introduced her as the new girl, instead of everyone knowing she was the mysteriously appearing new girl. Although at the same time, it could be worse. At least she hadn't had a truly embarrassing arrival like popping into existence in one of the locker rooms… or someone's bed or something.

"Well, I hate to break it to you but I've got the flunked DNA test and everything. I'm a ninety-seven point five percent allele match to Emma Frost, which means that I am in fact her fraternal twin sister." Looking back down at her tablet, Dawn shook her head sadly before holding it up next to her own face, showing off the picture of her new sister that she'd been looking at when the whole conversation started. "Kinda upset that I'm not an identical twin, though, to be honest. Because like… look at her, and then look at me. She definitely got the better genes out of the two of us. Although not when it came to powers. I'll take telekinesis over telepathy any day of the week."

Bobby snickered softly at that, rolling his wrist as ice crawled across his palm and formed into… a rose? "I may be a bit biased as a fellow kinetic but… same." He blushed faintly as he examined the icy flower that he'd created before offering it to Dawn. "For you?"

Rolling her eyes, Dawn set the tablet back down in her lap before reaching up with one hand to push Bobby's hand back toward the cryokinetic. "First of all, don't phrase it as a question next time. Put a bit of conviction into it. 'For you.' Period. Exclamation point, even. Never a question mark. Secondly, flattered but I'm pretty sure that I'm gay now."

After staring at her with a baffled expression for a few seconds, Bobby finally found words that he presumably thought wouldn't get him in too much trouble. "Gay now? As in you didn't use to be?"

"Well, back home I was crushing on this guy named Xander so I'm pretty straight I was at least bi, maybe even straight." Dawn looked down at the iPad in front of her, fingers swiping over the surface as she switched windows and then scrolled down a bit to some paparazzi pictures of Emma out and about in her daily life. Most of the recent ones featured her out with someone other than one of her siblings, and a wide variety of different cute girls at that. "Given that Emma seems to be Queen of the Lesbians, though, and now we share most of our DNA? I'm definitely staring at girls more and guys less. So I'm bi at best, but probably lesbian too."

Opening and closing his mouth a few times, Bobby struggled mightily to find a response to her revelation. Finally, he shook his head slowly. "So before you showed up here, you weren't actually Emma's sister? You had different DNA? This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder."

Dawn snickered softly, flicking quickly through the images on the website that she'd found. One in particular caught her eye because her sister's companion was in the room with her. Cute purple-haired girl with a British accent. They had at least one thing in common based on the fact that the girl had a cup of tea levitating next to her as she sat on one of the other couches reading from a high school textbook. Leaning in, Dawn nodded past Bobby in the girl's direction. "You have no idea how weird I am. But enough about that, I have something more important to ask you. What… is that girl's name?"

It took Bobby a moment to pin down where she was looking, and then he chuckled softly. "That's Betsy Braddock. Elizabeth if you're feeling fancy. Considering how things ended between her and your sister, she's probably the absolute last person that you should be looking at like that."

"Like what?"

"Like most white girls look at Nutella."

Dawn was tempted to make an eating joke but did't need to make Bobby blush into oblivion, especially since he was being helpful at the moment. "Considering that I may go meet my family in a few days and never come back, I would argue that I've got nothing to lose."

"Or you've got everything to lose because the Frosts could reject you and then you'd be stuck here with the girl that you hit on when you shouldn't have." Bobby looked from Dawn to Betsy and back before offering a faint shrug. "Just saying."

"Eh, YOLO. Hey, Braddock!" Dawn waited with baited breath as Betsy looked up from her book, staring straight ahead in silence for several seconds before slowly turning her head to look at the blonde. "I need to do some shopping before I go and meet my evil twin. I know where nothing is and my sense of style is suspect. Any chance you want to help me out tomorrow? I'll make it worth your while with some dinner after."

Incredulous look on her face, Betsy gestured to herself. "Are you seriously asking your twin sister's ex-girlfriend out on a date?"

Dawn grinned as she swung her legs off the couch, leaving her iPad behind as she rose to her feet and made her way over to where Betsy was sitting. "First of all, you don't even believe that I'm her sister so does it really matter? Secondly… a date, maybe some telekinesis practice because you've clearly got these powers down and I've literally had them for all of six hours… what do you say?"

After considering it for a few seconds, Betsy ultimately shrugged before offering a nod to Dawn. "I do like spending other people's money. And you can't possibly be worse company than Emma was. Alright then. I'll get Xavier to call me in sick tomorrow and we'll do lunch at actual lunch time, shop for a few hours, and then come back here and work on your telepathy together."

That response earned her a nod, a nod, and then a shake of Dawn's head. "Telekinesis. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation out loud, I'd have been a bit more discreet."

"Oh thank God. Having one Frost constantly in my head holding me accountable for my every thought was one too many." Betsy looked from Dawn to her textbook and back before making a shooing motion. "If I'm going to skip school tomorrow, I definitely need to get caught up on my reading. So I'll see you at noon tomorrow and not a minute before."

Worked for her. Strutting back over to where Bobby was staring at her in disbelief, Dawn reached out and grabbed one of his wrists, raising his hand so she could high five it. That stirred Bobby from his stupor and he shook his head slowly. "You absolute madman."

"And that's how you talk to women. Be yourself, be confident, and you'll be successful." Grinning, Dawn glanced back over her shoulder at where Betsy was still watching her, contrary to her dismissal. "Also, be the good twin. That seems to help."