5 may 1524,

Baltigo, headquarters of the army revolutionary, first basement - report no783, agent Levins. Dragon lifted his head off his reports in order to listen to his subordinate. The latter, a blond man, filed a folder on his desk.

contact dates back to twelve days. A team of six officers was sent on the last island or it is rendered according to its last report. The team arrived at destination two days ago and since then, no news. The leader of the revolutionaries put his elbows on the wooden table and supported his Chin on his closed fists. Still a defunct team. Seventeen men counting the team part search Levins. He sighed in taking a feather and a sheet.

-Give me the names.

-Levins, Pascal, Thomas, Johnson, Victoria, Randall and laws...

Without losing its impassive air, Dragon writes the names of each disappeared on a different page and put them carefully in a drawer that he closed key. He then lifted eyes towards the blond who had not moved a hair.

-Another thing, Sabo?

-Let me go investigate! He exclaimed


-We have already discussed this Sabo, retorted. You're too important for this army and I venture not to lose one of my best agents against this man.

-I draw very well! Pleaded the blond. And then I have no more importance than the seventeen men who probably fell into the hands of this monster!

-Your blinded by your feelings, Sabo. Your grudge towards this man makes it far more dangerous for you than for anyone else!

The leader of the revolutionaries had upped the tone. SABO scowled.

-I won't let him have other victims among those who are dear to me.

-Sabo, you do... The distant sound of a massive explosion cut them off in their dispute. A few seconds later, Bunny Joe plunged into the room.

-Boss! He said, breathless. You should come and see... Then in the corridor walk race, leaving choice to the other two and rushing to his suite. When they led in the open air, after be mounted to the promontory, the hubbub of conversation fell silent.

Heading towards the source of the explosion, they could not see anything other than a sea a cloud of dust that covered a huge silhouette dark just a few hundred metres from the ruined castle that served as a landmark. After which will be spawned with the help of Sabo and Bunny Joe a passage through the crowd of soldiers, Dragon leaned on the railing of stone and sought to better see the strange appearance. With A gesture of the hand, he made a gust that cleared the cloud of sand.

Surprised exclamations resounded among his men when the dust revealed a ship, the main mast inserted into the ground. The building seemed to be crashed in the middle of the desert. Her sails were in poor States, and deck covered with cracks seemed to have been the prey of a violent attack or a fire, in the light of a few clumps of blackened grass still visible in places. Sabo brain fit tilt. There was Grass.

The sound of the voice was disturbing. It prevented him from sleeping. A hand rested on his shoulder and the nearest voice became more insistent. Handmade osa even go up to shake his painful shoulder.

-Oi, she said. What does it mean? He did not believe that this word existed.

-Oi! Insisted the voice. A man's voice that he did not recognize. He tried to dive back into unconsciousness, history than the voice suggests quiet.

-Oi! Roronoa wake up!

Zoro frowned. The man knew him? He made an effort to open an eye. The Sun and the dust made it difficult. He blinked several times eyelids in order to see a little less of a blur. SABO stopped to shake the Swordsman when he saw those eyes began finally to emerge. He put a hand behind his back to help him recover in a seated position. Zoro seemed seemed to realize the situation, since hewithdrew suddenly from the blond and arose... finally tried.

The Green-haired man felt his legs give way under his weight and he collapsed to his knees. He looked up at Sabo, one hand on the custody of health care Cliniciansi Kitetsu.

-Calm, tried to assuage the revolutionary. We mean you no harm, we are going to try to bring you relief. Our physicians are currently caring for your more serious injuries. Zoro turned away the gaze to see ten revolutionaries then turned to his friends that were still unconscious. He transferred his attention to his interlocater.

-Who are you? He asked, suspiciously. The blond removed his top hat.

-I am Sabo, remember it. Member of the Revolutionary Army under the command of Dragon. I am also the elder brother of Luffy.

-His brother. Impossible, he is...

- dead. I know. Interrupted Sabo. Her look is here is the space of a few seconds, and then he resumed:

-Ace was not his only brother. Luffy believed me dead until I met him at Dressrosa. Zoro remained silent a few moments, trying to assimilate what he had to learn. Then Sabo asked one last question:

-where is Luffy?

May 5, 1524, island unknown the single candle flame flickered under the effect of a frigid breeze.

Staring at the dying light, Luffy weakly raised arm. Strings bruisserent heavily, sinking a little more into the flesh of the prisoner. Reaching just the spark plug, the straw hat Captain closed his hands bloodied on the fragile spark. Holding his erratic breathing, it is said that darkness were waiting for him. Light a small candle is there could nothing.

He closed fists on the burning wick.

- Happy birthday, Luffy... blew.