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How did humans originate? This question has no simple answer, some say evolution from a single gene that created all humans and other animals. Some say that it was god that created us on this wondrous planet to live out our lives. Some even believe that aliens put us here millions of years ago for a simple experiment that they forgot about. Or even that this world around us is one elaborate dream that we are living right now and everything around us is a world we created with our own consciousness.

But too few who actually know of the true origin of humans, these few are the gods of Olympus and the titans who were defeated by their children. Their creator was Prometheus the titan god of forethought, but with his creation he became the creator of humans. Prometheus was given the task of creating man by the gods, so from the mud he would shape man. With the help of Athena she would breathe life into his creation.

Many gods argue it is Athena who created man but giving them life, but many agree that it was Prometheus who was in fact that the one that created the body of man thus making man. This argument is long since been extinguished over year after it happened though. But in the process of man Prometheus assigned Epimetheus the task of giving the creatures of earth their various qualities, such as swiftness, cunning, strength, fur, and wings.

Unfortunately when he was done no qualities were left of man so he decided to make man stand upright as the gods did and give them fire. In true Prometheus love his creation more than the Olympians. He cared for them so much he tricked the great Zeus when he demanded the humans give offerings to the gods. He did so by wrapping bones in juicy fat and putting meat under a hide and had the ruler of Olympus choose which one the humans would sacrifice to them.

Since he had given his word Zeus had to accept that as his share for future sacrifices. But this made Zeus furious and in his fury he took fire away from man leaving them to the darkness. Prometheus being the caring creator for his creations he went to the sun and lit a new torch and brought it back to the humans to have. Zeus was infuriated at Prometheus already for a few things but by this act he punished Prometheus by forcing him to have his liver eaten by a large eagle every day for the rest of eternity.

But that is not the part of the story we are focusing on, no we are focusing on Prometheus's first time creating humans. Unlike many believe the humans were not what you would think, no these humans were powerful and strong. Standing over 10 feet tall and having two sets of all limbs and body parts. Two beings in the same body forever to be one being was his intention. But each creation is not without its faults that lead to the true product, which is where we will begin out story.


TIME: 5000 B.C.


"Beautiful isn't it?" Said Prometheus as he looked over his clay mold of a two headed, four armed, and four legged 10 foot creation.

"I wouldn't say beautiful but it is indeed impressive." Athena said as she observed his work, she was given the task by Zeus to make sure the titan wasn't trying anything that would threaten his reign.

"Bah you gods and your definition of beautiful, you have to look past the exterior and into what really created it. It may not be as beautiful as Aphrodite or any goddess but that isn't what I was referring to." He said as his plain grey eyes starred into her stormy grey ones.

"I can see what you mean, though why does it have to be so big?" She asked as she sketched down the creation.

"I thought I might make man tall like the gods." He said as he worked on one of the arms still as she stopped for a moment.

"Father will not like that." She commented as Prometheus mane a lonely smile.

"I know but it is my creation I can do what I want as did Chaos when she created the universe, this is my time to play creator so let me have my moment." He said as he finished on the large arm as she sighed.

"He is not going to like this." She said as she close her note book and started to walk around the room she had never laid eyes on before. She had to admit it looked like a hospital/garden with the tables and giant piles of soil. But as she did she noticed another table with a blanket covering it. She just walked forward and starred at the large table before Prometheus spoke up.

"Wait don't uncover that-." But he was cut off by the ever curious Athena flinging off the blanket as she laid eyes on a very interesting sight. There lay two bodies, each made of the finest clay she had ever laid her eyes on. Their features were perfect unlike the large one, but the thing was instead of a two headed body each of them had one head and only one set of legs and arms. All she could do was be amazed at the perfection of the clay figures.

"Please these are failures." Prometheus said rushing over and trying to cover them up but Athena stopped him.

"Why are their failures?" She asked him as she looked over the clay figures, one was obviously a female standing at maybe 5 foot 11 and the other a male standing at 6 foot 5.

"They were just something I put together in my spare time, but look at them they are imperfect." He said as he looked over the two clay figures.

"I see nothing wrong with them, in fact like the detail you put into these. It is like looking at a real god or goddess." She said running her hand over the female clay hair as she observed the two figures.

"It is what you can't see that is wrong, I made the fatal mistake of using my magic to try and combine these two bodies. I meant to morph them into a larger body such as my other one over there but instead I made the mistake much greater than not morphing them. I accidently fused their strings of fate making them a whole being but in two different bodies. Basically it's like the big one over there, they have one life string but instead of one body they have two." He said as she looked surprised.

"I can see how that is a problem, but I have never heard of such a thing before." She said as he sighed.

"It was old titan magic meant for weddings and such ceremonies. I thought it might work on morphing them together but instead it just fused their strings of fate. I am afraid for them to come to life because of that reason. I know they will be two different beings but I am afraid what will happen if one of them perishes." He said as this intrigued the wisdom goddess.

"What happens if one dies?" She asked as he shrugged.

"From rumors I have heard that the two will die at the same time as their life sting is cut. But I have also heard that one can live if the other dies if they wish to stay in this world. It is not very explored on what can happen but I do know it is dangerous." He said as she smiled.

"Well how about we test it now, let's give life to these two and wait until one dies and see what happens. I will breathe life into them and give them minimal knowledge on how to live in the world bellow. After words I will transport them to the surface and give them a place to live for their time being. I will not tell father about these two I promise on my name, I simply want to know what this magic effects have." She said holding out her hand as he looked skeptically at her.

"Fine I agree with you as long as I get to name them." He said shaking her hand as she looked surprised.

"You want to name them?" She asked as if it were a slight joke.

"Of course I will what kind of creator would I be if I didn't name my creations?" He asked as she slowly nodded.

"So what have you decided to name them?" She asked him as he looked at the two beautiful clay creations.

"How about as a species we call them human beings." He said as she looked impressed at the same.

"It is simple but I like it, but what about their own names?" She asked as he seemed to think harder.

"How about Perseus and Irene." He said as Athena laughed lightly.

"You know those names translate to destruction and peace right?" She asked as he nodded.

"They will balance each other out." He said as she simply nodded.

"Fair enough, so why don't you go present your other creation to Zeus while I take care of these two humans." She said as he smiled and nodded.

"It would be a pleasure granddaughter." He said as she grew a slightly angry face.

"Whatever." She said as he disappeared in a flash with his much larger creation. All she could do was looked down at his much smaller ones, still she wondered why Prometheus would call these two a failure. She had a feeling it was something more than just simply just their string of fate fusing was what he meant but they were flaws. Something that would be his first and last mistake Prometheus ever made of this kind.

"I will have to ask him later." She said as she flashed out with the two smaller creations.


In a large forest by where the city of Athens would soon grow to be there was a flash. From the flash appeared Athena the goddess of wisdom. For some reason she always loved this area, for one it was strategically perfect in its own way. But aside for that it was just a simply beautiful forest that seemed to calm the goddess's mind. But as the flash darkened revealing the darkness of the night only lit by Selene as she dragged her chariot across the sky.

"This will do." She said as she walked forward as the clay bodies floated in silence behind her. But as she walked in the clearing that was in front of her she couldn't help but admire how perfect a little place this would be. The clearing was about a 100 meters squared that was completely free of trees. But running through the middle of the clearing was a semi large stream that was large enough that Athena saw fish swimming through it.

"This is perfect." She said as she moved towards the center of the clearing as she set the two down as she smiled.

"Now to give you life." She said as she bent down and slowly exhaled into her hands as a small grey light appeared trapped in her hands. Slowly she extended this light and pushed into the female's body first. Then she made another and did the same to the males, after she was done she simply waited and waited. After a few hours she was growing skeptical if this worked at all but suddenly the female's body jerked up in an arch as startling gasp for air came from her.

This scarred Athena a little as she jumped at the sight as the female began to cough harshly as Athena saw the clay on her skin falling off like dried mud as she rolled on the ground coughing. But as the last of it fell off and dissolved into the ground she was amazed at how much the human appeared to look a god. Her hair was brow and long as it came down to her waist, it was as smooth as silk and her skin was beautifully pale.

She wore nothing which didn't leave much to the imagination as Athena observed the female as she caught her breath from the rough coughing. Her body was perfectly curved in all the right places and her legs were long and elegant and her thighs would make any goddess jealous. Her back was small and smooth that let her long hair flow freely and glide across her skin. She was a solid D cup as Athena took notes in her mind as she slowly walked over to the female.

As she did the female looked up as her eyes startled Athena, her eyes were light blue and gave off a shy but strong vibe. Athena had to admit it, Prometheus had created a being of pure beauty that any goddess would kill to have. Though Athena was the not the jealous type about the body she couldn't help but worry for such a beautiful women. The female didn't say anything as Athena helped her sit on the ground.

"Do you know what I am saying?" She asked as the female just starred at the goddess as she didn't respond. Her eyes scanning the goddess for more than one answer.

"I guess not-." But she was cut off by another gasp but this one was louder and a much stronger tone. Both of the women turned to see the male now gaining life as he arched his back and then rolled onto his stomach like the women did. But as Athena looked at the male she couldn't help but blush as the clay on his skin fell away. His skin unlike the females was perfectly tan like all the male gods besides hades.

His body was built like a fortress of pure muscle but he was surprisingly lean at the same time like a swimmer perhaps. But Athena knew that with training any man with a body type like that would become a perfect killer. Though that idea slipper her mind as she looked at his body as it looked to be carved from marble and not clay. But his tall stature only added to it as he was perfect by any standards.

Athena the wisdom goddess and forever maiden goddess was stuck at a dilemma, she knew her vow was permanent but she couldn't help but feel a small amount of heat in her loins looking at the male. Prometheus didn't leave anything out either as his current package between his legs was much larger than most gods from what she had heard. But as she ripped her eyes from the meat rod she was met with the most beautiful sea green eyes that was under a mess of black windblown hair.

Though Athena didn't want to admit it she loved that color but she couldn't let her stubborn uncle know that. It was something about his laid back attitude that just ticked her off, gods were supposed to be serious but there he was all laid back no matter what. But as the goddess focused on what was happening in front of her she noticed the female managed to crawl over to the mall and help him sit up.

Athena was astonished at this at how they acted together as the female managed to get the male to sit down as he caught his breath. The goddess just watched in silence as the female patted down the male as if to check if he was hurt as he sat their regaining his breath. Athena could tell they shared a bond already from the way the female acted around the male but finally after a little bit of silence both the new beings turned to her.

"Hello." Athena said as both the new humans tilted their head like a confused animal.

"Right you two don't understand me." Athena said to herself just then about a hundred feet away in the depth of the forest there was a flash that the two human turned their head towards along with Athena. After a few seconds Prometheus exited the forest with a sad face but then he saw the two butt naked beings sitting by Athena as he smiled.

"Hello Athena I assume all goes well." He said as he walked forward and sat down by the goddess as they both turned to look at the newly born 25 year old humans.

"Yes it is just that they don't understand much, I was just about to put the knowledge of the basics of speech and living in the wilderness in their mind." She said as he nodded as he looked at the two.

"Well they do look better than I expected." Said Prometheus as the two still looked confused.

"I agree with you, now let me put the knowledge in their head and leave them to their own devices." She said as she snapped her fingers as both of them passed out right on the spot.

"You mind getting them some clothes by the way I think they might need them." She said as he nodded as he disappeared into the forest and flashed away as Athena walked over and placed her hands on both their foreheads. She place the knowledge of the current language the gods spoke and minimal knowledge about hunting, fishing, building, craftsmanship, swordsman ship, and simple other basic things like going to the bathroom, privacy, and embarrassment.

Things like those that make the gods unique from all other creatures. But she also left it so they could learn new things as they did them. Such as certain building techniques that work better than others only to be learned through trial and error. Many other things were put in their mind like walking and feelings but most important love. Athena didn't leave this one short to learn about like the others no she put the full knowledge of love in their minds.

"That should do it." She said as Prometheus reappeared with a couple of togas and other things which included a basket of food for a while until they figured everything out about the area.

"Thanks." Athena said snapping her fingers dressing the two as she also saw a sword by the basket made out of Celestial Bronze for killing monsters and one made out of normal steal that Hephaestus had forged out of melting rocks that could be used to kill animals.

"I believe it is all settled and done, now all we need to do is wait until they die." Prometheus said but he stopped finding a flaw in his statement.

"They can die right?" He asked Athena as she looked just as confused as him.

"I think so I sense something different in their blood, it doesn't have the golden blood we have." She said poking one of the fingers of the man to show that he had red blood instead of gold. By this both gods were intrigued.

"I must say that is something else, well we must wait and watch from a distance and conclude on how long they live." Prometheus said as he stood up as did Athena.

"Well come with me Athena you have more life to breathed into more humans I made." He said as she began to follow him leaving the two humans by themselves. Just in case though Athena put up a barrier that would shut off until they woke up. With that they both flashed away leaving the two new humans Perseus and Irene.



"I can't believe you lost that string!" One yelled at the other two as they searched a giant pile of cut strings.

"It isn't my fault Clotho if it wasn't for Atropos we wouldn't have lost it!" She yelled as she tossed aside a large handful of strings that weren't the one they were looking for.

"Hey it is your fault Lachesis if you hadn't yawned I wouldn't have yawned and then the stupid string would have been cut!" She yelled as the three sisters of fate tried to find a string of fate they had accidently not finished. They had just gotten to making it in fact when Lachesis did yawn causing the other two to yawn. As they all yawned Atropos missed her mark as she closed her eyes and accidently dropped the string of fate.

"If Chaos finds out that we lost a string she is going to have our heads!" Clotho said as they all gulped. Their grandmother was not exactly the most reasonable person when it came to fate. In fact one time they did lose a string of fate for 3 minutes, but then Chaos found out and banished them to the void for 3 century's. So far this marked hour 48 in their search for the string with no sigh of it.

"We are so dead." Lachesis said flopping down on a giant pile of cut threads.

"Hey keep searching it has to be in here somewhere." Clothos said.

"I have to agree with Clotho for once, come on keep searching." Said Atropos as they all sighed.

"What is this about searching?" Asked a new voice as a cold silence filled the voice as all three of the fates turned to see Chaos. There stood Chaos in all her glory as the fate couldn't help but gulp as a cold sweat poured down their backs.

"H-Hi Chaos." Stuttered Clotho as Chaos raised an eyebrow.

"Don't tell me you guys lost another string of fate." Chaos said as the fates all simply nodded in defeat as Chaos gave a large sigh.

"Well I won't punish you this time because you have a massive work load coming soon." Chaos said as the fates all exhaled avoiding punishment.

"But that doesn't mean you are getting any slack from now on, you lose one more string of fate and you will spend the rest of your immortal lives in this realm until I see that you are fit to be out of here." She said as the fates all nodded quickly as they began working no more strings as Chaos sighed as she floated away. As she did though she opened her hand revealing a the very string the fates lost.

The string in face actually was taken by the fates in that moment of the yawn by Chaos herself. This string had Chaos on edge as she observed two different strings slowly merging into one string. One was the purest white and the other was the darkest black, but as they slowly entwined one another they merged into a black and white string. This was a first for even Chaos she so decided she would watch over this string.

"In time I will give you back to the fates don't you worry but for now you are going to stay with me." She said as she flashed away with the string of fate that held the held the lives of Perseus and Irene. Not even their first events had been woven by the fates which left this string free of fate until it was given back to the fates. To be exact the first humans were free of fate and could live their lives that they themselves had chosen.

But since there was no actually beginning or end of planed out end for these humans who stings were merging they have what you could say no life span. They were not immortal like the gods and not mortal like animals. They were stuck in-between the two, to put it simply they could die from unnatural causes like a sword to the throat but not from age. But not an ounce of immortal blood runs in their veins.

They were mortals with no end to their life simply because it wasn't planned out by the fates. Unlike half immortals who must have a small amount of godly blood in them to become half immortals. No these humans beings had no godly blood they simply just didn't have a time they were planned to die. If you think about it they are immortals and mortals as the same time. But each species needs a name and Chaos knew of their circumstances and thought of a new name.

They will be called the deathless mortals of D mortals.



"Wake up." I heard from a mysterious voice as I slowly opened my eyes as I looked into a pair of light blue ones. Slowly whoever was above me leaned away as I sat up slowly as I looked around me. As I did I saw the giant blue thing above us with a giant glowing something in it, but somehow it felt warm as I relished in it. I think those were called the sky and the sun, but I don't know for sure.

"Hello." Said the voice again as I turned to see a women with long black hair wearing some sort of cloth over her body as I faced her.

"Hello." I said extending my hand as she shook it. Her hands were small and soft it was a comforting feeling as we shook hands as she smiled at me. As she did I blushed slightly at her beauty, for some reason I knew she was much more beautiful than others.

"My name is Irene I think it means peace." She said blinking a few time and tilting her head to see if she got her name right.

"My name is Perseus I know my name means destroy." I said as she smiled at me as I smiled back.

"Do you know why we are here?" She asked as she stood up as I did the same, as I did I took a look around to find us in a green area with lots of tall trees surrounding us.

"I think we are supposed to live here." I said pointing down at the basket with a letter on it that said 'this is your new home' on it.

"I guess you are right." She said as she went through the things as I was confused for a second.

"Why do I have no memories of anything before this but I have the appearance of an older man?" I asked as she looked at me strangely as she seemed to find the same thing wrong with her.

"I do not know, I think we were just born from something. Maybe someone that is powerful made us." She said as that seemed the most plausible answer as I nodded.

"I wonder if our creator is going to visit us." I said as she nodded thinking the same question.

"Well besides that I think we should start on making shelter, can you go get some wood?" She asked me as I nodded.

"I would be a pleasure Irene." I said with a small bow as she blushed a little.

"Please don't do that we just met." She said as I smiled, but for some reason I felt a deeper connection to this women.

"If you say so milady." I said as I walked over and grabbed an ax that was laying by the other things.

"Can you start on something to eat, I think you can catch fish from the stream running through." I said as she nodded a she started to go through the basket and pile of tools a she sorted them.

"Wait take this with you just in case." She said handing me a small dagger that shined a copper like color. For some reason my memories told me this was used for protection, I just nodded gratefully as I took the weapon and started to walk to the forest to find some suitable trees that would make a good house.

Quickly I found a good tree not but a few yards from the tree line but I decided against cutting it down for the sake of keeping this place beautiful around us. So I walked a few more hundred yards until I found a tree that was perfect for what I was looking for. In fact there was about 40 trees that fit my tastes in this little area. This was more than likely going to be my area I got my lumber from.

But as I stood there thinking of how to fall the tree I felt my current attire was not fit for wood chopping as I looked down at my toga. But I didn't really care as I took the ax of my shoulder and began chopping. But for some reason as I each ax swing I felt that I was somehow much stronger than I looked as after 3 swings I had a 2 foot thick tree on the ground. I was at first amazed but then I thought that maybe each person on this planet was this strong.

After a few hours had the tree clear of branches and bark and had it cut into 4 12 foot logs that would make a good start to our house. I just sunk the ax in the stump of the tree I just cut down, but as I tried to lift one of the chunks I found it heavier than I though. But I pushed through it as I carried the giant log on my shoulder, quickly I found a large enough path for me as I walked back to camp.

"Wow you are strong." I heard as I laid down the large log on the ground, I just turned to see Irene fishing in the stream. By the looks of things she had already caught a couple fish as they lay on the grassy ground already gutted and ready to eat. I just smiled as I walked over as I noticed she was blushing a little.

"What's wrong do you have a fever?" I asked placing my hand on her head as she blushed even harder.

"No but I think tomorrow I am going to work on making you a pair of clothes." She said as I looked down to see my cloak was torn a little as I sighed.

"Okay fair enough and soon or later I will have that house made for us." I said as I smiled as I tore off the top of my toga and threw it on the ground. As I did this I noticed her blushing more as she starred at me.

"You better I don't want to be outside when it start raining when it does." She said as I smiled.

"You can count on me your highness I will have a house for us before any of that happens." I said as I walked away leaving a flustered Irene.

"Males." She grumbled as she turned back to her fishing rode that currently had a fish on the end of it. I just found humor in the word and the way she said it as I turned back to my pathway and went to fetch the other logs. As the day came to an end I managed to cut down 3 more trees and skin 2 of them and carry one more back with my original. Soon I had eight 12 foot long 2 feet wide logs of wood in a pile.

"Back already I thought you might be gone another hour." I heard as I set down the last lot of the day. The sun was barely hitting the horizon so that meant the day was coming to an end.

"No I am done for the day, I just need to wash up in the stream and I will be good." I said as I Irene was cleaning up some roots she found in the forest near where I was working. Apparently our creator didn't leave us without proper tool to live, Irene somehow knew all the proper roots and planets we could use for certain things. I on the other hand knew most of the animals that lived in this region and how to gut and clean them.

We both shared common knowledge on simple things though like fishing and gardening which she planned to do tomorrow after she made me some clothes. But the thing was we didn't have anything to cook the fish with, I knew of this thing called fire but I didn't know how to make it. But I knew it was dangerous to eat any raw meat.

"So what do we do with them?" I asked her looking at the stack of maybe 20 fish.

"I don't know I didn't think ahead of how to prepare them." She said quietly as I sighed.

"What to do." I said as I noticed a bright light off to the right in the forest, as both me and Irene starred in the direction we both noticed a red glowing coming from the forest as a person walked forward. Instantly I was on my feet and my hand on the sword given to us, I forced Irene behind me as I didn't notice her blush at my sudden overprotectiveness. But as we watched suddenly a male that I remember seeing before walked out of the woods with stick that was glowing red at the top.

"I see you are working hard." Said the man as he walked forward towards us as he looked at our big haul of the day.

"Who are you?" Asked Irene as I stayed vigilant as he stopped a few feet in front of us.

"My name is Prometheus titan of forethought and creator of humans, or you two." He said with a fatherly smiled as I looked for any lies as I found none. I just gave a nod as I put away my sword as I gave Irene a nod it was okay.

"I see you two are getting along well." He said with a wink as both I and Irene separated quickly as a blush crossed out faces.

"It is nice to meet you." I said with a bow as I remember the whole thing with the gods and titans and all the history behind each one.

"The same can go for me, though I must say where did the top of your toga go?" He asked me as I looked down to see my bare chest which was glistening with sweat from my earlier wood chopping.

"It was torn so I got rid of it." I said as he seemed to think about tit for a second.

"I guess the toga was not the right choice of clothing for you two, I will give you both new clothes tomorrow morning so do not fret." He said as a small frown appeared on Irene's face as she took a glance at me like it was her last seeing me shirtless.

"Thank you very much Prometheus." I said as he nodded one last time.

"You are very welcome it is all I can do for my first creations." He said with a sad smile.

"Then it was you who put us here, please can you tell us what we were before we came to life?" Asked Irene franticly as he nodded.

"You were clay sculptures I made and the ones who gave your life was Athena or the female that was with me when you two woke up." He said as I realized something.

"Then were are the children of Prometheus and Athena then." I said as he nodded.

"If you put it that way yes you are but instead of being a god you are mortals who have a limited life span (he doesn't know that they have don't have a life span). We do not know how long you two will live but all I can say is make the best out of it, learn what those feelings inside you are, make stupid mistakes, love, and a whole lot of other things. All I can say is live your life the way you want it and love who you wish to love, it is your life make the best of it." He said with a smile as I smiled a little.

"Unfortunately though I must make this visit short of Zeus will get on me about it, but I have come bearing a gift that will help you live in this world and its darkness." He said as he walked forward and snapped his fingers as a couple small logs appeared with some stone around them. Suddenly he leaned down and put the glowing stick on the logs as they caught flame. It was beautiful as I stared into the orange flames.

But it carried the heat of the sun as I back away from it for a second as did Irene. It felt both dangerous and soothing at the same time, it was like it could hurt you and heal you at the same time. I just kept starring as Prometheus watched our reactions until he finally spoke.

"This is my first of 3 gifts I would like to give you two, this is called fire. It has many uses but the most prominent is for protection from the darkness and then cooking. You can use this to cook any food you may want to cook so you two don't get sick. The second is the clothes I will provide you with tomorrow, they will change according to the age of time you are in, to what activity you are doing, and the season."

"Finally my last gift is that I can give you is that you will remain blind to the gods of Olympus will more than likely harm you until the end of you days. But any ones such as Athena or maybe Hestia will know where you are, I trust those two with this information and I hope you do as well." He said looking at us as we sat across from the fire from him.

"I believe that those two are the correct decision, from what Athena has shown us in our memories is that Hestia is indeed a very trustworthy goddess. All I can say is thank you for making us." I said standing up as he did as I gave him a hug which seemed to surprise him, slowly he hugged me back as were parted. Quickly like me Irene gave our father a hug as well, but just as he was about to leave he stopped and turned back to us.

"I forgot to mention that due to you being my first creations you will notice something different about you from others when they start coming into the world. Like you for instant Perseus you have the strength of a god while Irene holds the mind of a god. You two will slowly learn to control these things as they come to you, such as Perseus when he gets his ability to have a mind like you Irene or when you get the strength that Perseus has. But in time both of you will share the same abilities as the other, unfortunately no powers though." He said as I laughed.

"I do not need powers like the gods if have someone as smart as Irene around." I said slinging an around the now blushing female.

"Yes I guess you are right, but I wish you two luck on your endeavors. Also I am afraid this is the last time I will visit you two." He said with a sad smile as I wanted to ask why, but I felt a pinch on my side as I turned to see Irene shaking her head. All I could do was nod as I watched our father disappeared into the forest to never come back.

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