The Castle of Misfits

By: Fandompacolypse

Chapter 1: The Girl Misfits

The Court Jester, Stephanie, was trying to cheer up her princess. She never did laugh through, she always sat on her cushy thrown looking out at the glass window behind the Jester. Stephanie desperately tried to make her friend happy, she tried juggling, nope, singing, nadda, and even dancing, not a grin. She gave up and sat down next to her friend. Maybe I should explain the situation. The princesses parents had recently died and left her and her brother, Prince Billy, in charge of their small kingdom. When I say a small kingdom I mean it, it mostly consisted of small farming villages but it was a beautiful place to live. The kingdom was called, Cassaria. Cassaria was indeed beautiful, and very fertile which made it perfect for living. Back to the jester, she had gotten the job a while before the King and Queen had died. She quickly became friends with the Princess, but had not seen much of the Prince, every now and then Meredith, the princess obviously, would get in one of these moods of which only time could heal. Still Steph tried.

Meredith loved her friend, as well as her kingdom, dearly. She truly did, but she also loved her parents and when they died it was such a shock to her. Her brother had closed himself off, only talking to the strategist and general of their small army, his closest friends. Meredith looked over at her friend, who had sat down next to the thrown with her back against it and her eyes closed. She sighed, Stephanie always cheered her up and she always felt so bad when she couldn't bring herself to smile. Stephanie had been one of the farmers daughters in their kingdom, yet her father met the same fate as Meredith's and soon left her an orphan. The Queen felt sorry for her and took her in, not as a child but as a maid to Meredith. She never minded though she loved the work and she always felt comfortable around Meredith, and vise versa. Meredith looked back at the window and closed her eyes as well.

Both girls were considered beautiful throughout the castle, one rustically beautiful and the other had a more natural beauty. In fact many had come to court her, before her parents death. When they died all she did was eat, she eventually got a bit bigger than most suitors would like and the courting ended. Stephanie's courting ended as well when she won a race, no man liked it when a woman was better at something than them. Meredith was still beautiful to some, even with her gluttony. She had soft brown curls and dark brown eyes. She never wore makeup of any kind and she always tried to wear the longest dresses. Her current dress was of a jade silk and had long flowing sleeves and matching slippers. Her tiara was placed at the foot of the thrown, her tiara was sliver encrusted with emeralds, as was her birthstone. Stephanie as I said was rustically beautiful. She had a sort of farmers charm from her years of helping her father. I guess I should mention that she is turning 16 next month, and Meredith is just a year older than her. Anyway, from her years on the farm she had strength, although her father never really allowed her to help for fear she would hurt herself. So it was her job to take care of the animals, mostly pigs, sheep, two sheep dogs, and a beautiful brown Shire Horse. Everyday after taking care of the sheep and pigs she would run with the dogs and horse so they got their exercise. So her legs were much stronger than her arms. Anyway, she had dark green eyes and light brown long hair that ended in golden tips. She wore a man's garb, which was look down upon but she didn't care it was comfortable and easy to move in, she also wore boots. Her hair was tied up and she turned down all dresses. She looked back up at her mistress and decided today was just one only time could fix. She got up and walked off to her room.

When she walked away, she walked past the Captain of the Royal Guard, Jenna. Yes, she was the captain. The castle only had one other guard, but he didn't want to be captain. Back to Jenna, she became captain a bit before Stephanie began working as the Jester. She wore the amour the guards were required to wear, a silver vest and dark blue pants along with her jade sash that indicated that she was captain and protector of the princess. She was younger than the Jester by about a month, but she was much prettier than the Steph. She had long blonde hair, that she kept up in a braid, blue sky eyes and she was very athletic. She used to have suitors, but she never said yes to any so they gave up. She and Steph had an almost sister relationship, but had grown apart for the past year. The Princess considered her as a sister, but they got along just about the same as Steph did with her. Jenna walked into the thrown room and took her post four feet in front of the thrown and to the left about one foot. They didn't talk much, but it was Jenna's job until someone else came to keep Meredith company. Jenna looked around the thrown room, it was in good shape. The money Meredith and Billy inherited was not a lot, but it was enough to keep the kingdom in shape and still provide for the castle. Even though it was small, Meredith tried her best to help Cassaria in anyway. To make new land, to give food, anything that would promise more crop income. Of course she could not make all these decisions herself, she got a lot of help from her Royal Advisor, Alyssa. Jenna shook her head from these thoughts and went back to guarding the princess.

Alyssa, meanwhile, was in her room. Everybody had their own room in the castle, save the cooks and a few maids. She was working on a way where the farmers of their kingdom could make and sell books to neighboring kingdoms, for she knew there were many elders and even some children who wanted to write. She smirked at this thought, she knew of another person who loved to write but they had more stuff to worry about. She sighed and went back to her plans. She sighed and sat down on her bed. She took off her glasses and rested them on a nearby table, then tried to look at herself through the mirror across from her. It was fuzzy, but she could make out her light brown hair and she knew she had soft brown eyes. She put back on her glasses and looked at her dress. She had borrowed it from one of the maids, it was black and sleeveless, as it was summer, and went down to her knees. There was nothing that special about it, except for the silver streak she had sewed on. She thought it would look pretty, she didn't think that anymore. She lied on her bed and closed her eyes as she listen to the cooks and maids rushing around getting ready for dinner. She decided to take a short nap and rolled onto her side to sleep.