Chapter 5: Surprises

There were three carriages on their way to the kingdom of Delgoon. A vast kingdom with a young king. Of course no one knew that. They all thought him old. He had not left his castle for five years and everyone either believes him dead or mad. He was neither, he was just planning. A plan so simple, yet so wonderful. He was to take on a queen, any queen, so she could run the kingdom. The real reason he had closed the castle was because he had become deformed. A cooking accident, he fired that cook, left half his face red and sunken. But with a queen she could make all the appearances and he could still work. He smiled at himself as he thought this, everyone thought him dumb but really it was a guise. He was leading a somewhat false sense of security for the princess, as they likely heard he was an idiot, and when they finally met him they would have to not only look past his face but also the rumors. That way which ever princess stays he would know that was the one.

In the carriages the princess and prince were discussing what was to happen when they got to Delgoon. The first carriage was a grayish color and inside were Evan and Cory, who were at the front incase of an attack. They didn't talk much to each other, having completely different personalities and never really getting along. In the second carriage, a dark blue and light green color, were the Prince and Princess. Meredith was not talking to her brother, for not exactly having a say in this. And in the last carriage was Stephanie, Ally, and Jenna. Who were also on guard duty as they rode. Steph was reading a book Ally had loaned her and Jenna was looking out the window, as for Ally she was napping. She always slept when given the chance because coming up with new ideas was actually time consuming work and often left her very tired.

Now you're probably wondering who is running the kingdom as they were gone, that's not very important right now. But it will be told later.

About two hours later they finally got to Delgoon. Jenna and Evan escorted the siblings at front, Cory and Alyssa at the side, and Stephanie at the rear. (She was the only one who could walk backwards almost as well as forward) When they got to the door, they opened slowly and they entered. The throne room was gigantic, but the grand throne at the back was empty. Meredith looked around at all the other princesses, they all looked so much beautiful than her. She looked straight ahead and tried to dismiss these thoughts, sure she always had them but that was just her life. Once all the princesses were lined up, with their servants or siblings behind them, one of the king's servants stepped forward. He was a tall individual who had huge black hair. He said that the king has turned in for the night and that he was very sorry. Then he explained who things happen in the castle and other servants came and escorted each princesses, along with their respective entourage, to their rooms.

Meredith was taken to the fourth room on the left and when they stepped inside everyone gasped. The room was like a house! A mansion even. They had stepped into a large den and saw a fireplace at the far wall. There were three couches that surrounded the fireplace and four hallways that went straight behind the fireplace. Stephanie went down the far left one and discovered four bathrooms all with large shower/baths, toilets, two sinks each, and even a sauna. They were all painted the same way, white with gold on the top and bottom. Jenna took the second to left hallway and found the bedrooms, two on the left and two on the right. She went inside each and saw they were decorated the same, but each had a different number of beds. The closest one to the end on the left had three queen-sized beds placed a decent amount away from each other, and the one next door only had one king-sized bed. The same arrangement was on the right. Evan went down the second to right hallway and found the kitchen, everything was stocked. Meat, vegetables, fruits, desserts, and every beverage known to man (save alcohol). There were two stoves ,one gigantic fridge, an equally large pantry, two dishwashers, and a microwave. They realized pretty quickly that this king liked to use new things called "electronics" they had heard of. They didn't have any because they didn't think they were that useful, but they learned they were very wrong. Finally Evan went down the far right hallway and found a large room with two desks at the far wall, an easel, a typewriter, several notepads stacked neatly on top of each other, large windows behind the desks that over looked the large garden the King had, even a bar were you could exercise.

When they had told everyone else what they had found Meredith and Billy agreed that the boys should be in the right side bedrooms and the girls should be in the left ones. Alyssa said she was going to spend some time in the large room and practice her drawing and maybe come up with some ideas, but Meredith stopped her short when she said that this was to be considered a vacation and that we were to enjoy ourselves. Alyssa still said she was going to draw, Evan was going to take a nap along, Cory was going to take a walk in the gardens, Jenna was going to decorate her side of the room, Meredith and Billy were going to go to sleep in their respective rooms, and Stephanie said she was going to explore the large castle.