Chapter 6: Background (Part 1)


I walked into the large room and smiled. I picked up a sketch book and some pencils and began a drawing. As my hand flew across I let my mind wander a bit, and it wandered to my family. I came from a proud family, my dad was knight for a neighboring kingdom and my mom had been the previous advisor for the Queen. My father died in battle and my mom died from old age, leaving me alone. Although I never really was alone, I had the princess and all my other friends. Still I missed my parents and the quaint house we had. My father had taught me to ride a horse, briefly, and mom taught me to draw. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked down at my current piece of art. My family standing in front of the house. I smiled and a small tear escaped my eye. I tore it out of the notepad and took it to put it in my leather back folder that Stephanie had made for me to keep plans.


This castle was enormous. Even bigger than ours, even though ours wasn't really the biggest. I didn't really know what I was looking for, I just had an urge to explore. I've always had an urge to explore, I would run to the edge of the forest near my home and even sometimes in the forest. I sighed when I thought of home, of dad. I never knew my mom, she died giving birth to me, but dad always said I looked just like her. He joked on how I even had the mischievous twinkle in my eye, and how the faintest of a smirk would come up whenever I was winning an argument. I always won the arguments. My thoughts were interrupted when I slammed into a large oak door. I grabbed my nose, wasn't broken, thank goodness. I looked at the door then saw the sign above it, a happy gasp escaped me. A library! I quickly pulled open the door and ran in, the library was twice as big as ours. Three stories of books surprised me a bit, I didn't even know that this many books existed. I saw the fictional isle and ran towards it, five full bookcases of fictional books from floor to ceiling, well the first balcony. I grabbed the first five books that caught my eye and sat down to read.


My room was looking good, my posters were up and my bed was pushed up against the wall. I looked out the window at the front of the castle and smiled, it was just something about this place that made you want to smile. I haven't really found time to smile. I don't know why, my parents were still alive and well as well as my brother. Maybe I missed them, but I see them twice a month. I could just feel something wrong, though every time I try to sit and think about it I get distracted. By him. He was always there, I never knew how he could just show up whenever I was feeling sad. I took my hands away from the wall and fell down on my bed. I thought about his brown curls and soft eyes, the way he barely smiled but when he did it just lit up any room. Some people said he had a dark sense of humor, but that made me like him even more. I liked the dark, mysterious types.

I decided that I needed a snack, so I got up and quietly excited the room. I could hear a soft snoring from the boys room, I smiled. He was asleep, but I was not a creep so I kept walking to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I leaned on the counter and looked out the window, the apple was the sweetest ones I had ever tasted, like it was just picked off the tree. I heard a door open and shut, but didn't think much of it, probably Meredith or Billy, so I kept looking out the window. My eyes wandered to my reflection's hair, it was in a braid and some hairs were sticking out. I put the apple down and let my hair fall across my shoulders, all wavy from the braid. I heard an intake of breath and turned around to see who was there, I gasped, Evan.