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Harry, Sebastian & Ciel

Bright rays of golden sunlight streamed through the open curtains of Harry's bedroom as he was awoken for the day, "My Lord, it is time to get up?"

Harry sat up, stretched and rubbed his eyes with a nod. "What time is it?" He asked.

"Seven O'clock my lord." Sebastian told him.

"Can you just call me Harry please?" The small black haired boy asked as he slid off his mattress and went to his closet, to pick something to wear for the day. After they'd left number four, Sebastian and Ciel had taken young Harry and bought him some things, like clothes and shoes and a toothbrush, more of course would be bought as time goes on

"Would you like some assistance?" Sebastian asked as he walked over to the young boy.

Harry just shook his head. "No, I'm fine." He said as he pulled out an outfit. "Can you leave so I can dress?" He added and nodding, Sebastian left the room.

Harry dressed rather quickly, then brushed his teeth. It did him absolutely no good to brush his hair for no matter what he did with it, it always stayed really messy.

When he was finished, he made his way from the room and went looking for Sebastian. He walked around a bit, till suddenly he realized, "I'm lost." He looked around, trying to find his way back to his room but with each corner he turned, he only seemed to get more lost. Suddenly tears filled his eyes and he called, "SEBASTIAN!" And just like that the demon was there, standing in front of him.

When Sebastian saw his masters face, he kneeled in front of the small boy and wiped away his tears, "Its Okay my yo- uh, I mean its okay Harry." Sebastian comforted, knowing that the small boy preferred to be called by his name.

Harry nodded and held out his arms and giving the boy a reassuring smile, Sebastian picked him up. Sighing, Sebastian brought Harry downstairs to the dinning room where Ciel was sitting at the table waiting,

After Sebastian sat Harry down in the chair next to Ciel, he went into the kitchen and got the breakfast he'd prepared. Walking it into the dinning room, he set it in front of the two boys and they began to eat.

"Hhhmmmmm, this is nummy!" Harry exclaimed, although, he couldn't finish all of it. The Dursleys had never let him eat much so he didn't have to eat a lot before he was all full.

"Are you finished Harry?" Sebastian asked and at the small boys nod, Sebastian took the boys plate and went to go clean it.

Smiling, Harry looked at Ciel and asked, "Will you play with me?" Ciel sighed but Sebastian had told him that his Schedule was empty so reluctantly, he nodded.

"Yay!" Harry cheered as Ciel finished his food and Sebastian came out to collect his plate.

The navy haired boy got to his feet and to Sebastian he said, "I am going to go entertain Harry so we will be in his room. At Sebastian nod, the two boys left.

Ciel took the small child first to the library so he could grab the chess bored and a couple other bored games, then they went to Harry's room and began to play.

By the time lunch rolled around, Ciel had let the young wizard beat him at chess, checkers, and two other random bored games. "My tummy is hungry." Harry said and nodding, Ciel called for Sebastian, who was there in a flash.

"Yes, my lord?" The butler said as he bowed to Ciel.

"Harry and I would like some lunch." The navy haired earl said and nodding again with another bow, the demon left and Ciel and Harry ended up eating in the young Potters room as they played an intense game of 'Would You Rather?' Where one would give the person two scenarios and the person given the choices would choose what they'd rather do.

"Would you rather live with the Dursleys or live in a killer lions den?" Ciel asked and Harry smiled.

"I should think that's obvious... I'd choose the lions." Harry replied and they both laughed as they they ate the lunch Sebastian made them.

"Would you rather have the last name DarkNight or SwordSpear?"

Ciel smiled and after thinking a moment or two he answered, "DarkNight."

The game continued like this till they were both finished with their lunch, suddenly, Sebastian walked in, carrying a letter from the queen, "My lord... we have a summons to the queens." He said.


Albus Dumbledore was pissed... he didn't show it on the outside but Severus Snape could easily tell. He had to admit... He was upset as well... The Dursleys were dead. (Not that this was exactly sad news.) And Harry Potter was missing... Lily's son... was nowhere to be found and so now, because of this, Severus was out roaming London, Hoping to find the small boy... he would look all night if he had to.


Sirius Black had seen the paper and he to say the very least was furious... he knew that there was no waiting, he had to escape, as soon as possible.

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