The way to dreamland

Hi I'm Grace. You might know me from some of my other stories. Well, I'm the same person but this will be a completely different layout to anything you've seen before. Why, you might ask? Well, this time we're going to be going to the world of dreams. My dream in fact. I want to share with you, that's why I'm writing this all down in my dream journal because they can be very bizarre indeed...

To set the scene, think of Avatar Last airbender during book three before Zuko and Suki join the group. Team Avatar and I were searching for a firebending master for Aang as we flew on Appa.

Along the way, we found a safehouse like a shelter with an indoor pool and all of the room had each nations' emblem in it for each member of the team.

Then unexpectedly, a group of men dressed in black found the hide-out.

I hid with Toph in the pool and saw the guy staring at us.

Aang, Katara and Sokka fought using bending, boomerang and space sword.

Me and Toph jumped out, surprising the some of the soldiers as Toph defeated them as easily as she had with the earthbenders.

But when I tried to help her, I couldn't bend!

"I can't bend anything, Toph!" I cried.

"Sokka, Protect Grace from the weird fire nation-like men!" Toph ordered.

"Yes, Melon Lord!" Sokka replied as he threw his boomerang and used his sword on the soldiers each time they tried to attack me.

I kept trying and trying the bend something but still nothing came.

Just then, I thought of Toph's Melon lord scene and Boom! I bent flaming rocks at the soldiers!

Then the Soldiers left like cowards and Aang and Katara developed their loving relationship while Toph confessed her crush on him as I couldn't stop smiling.

Before you know it, Zuko joins the team, Aang defeats the Fire lord and everything that happened in 'The Promise', 'The search' and 'The Rift' + 'Smoke and Shadow' etc comes to play.

Then I woke up, wishing I'd stayed asleep.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my irregular story! I will be updating this irregularly whenever I have a very strange dream.

Next time, There will be Hogwarts mischievousness(I had a strange dream about it once where they actually had computers!)!

Do you think my dreams are strange? Answer in the reviews or Pms, ok? Bye!;)