Unlucky For Some

Courtney wasn't exactly happy with downsizing. Her whole life she had been used to her three story home with four bathrooms, six bedrooms and enough space for her to never have to be in the same room as her parents no matter how hard they tried. She'd practically grown up at The Ritz compared to where everyone she had once gone to school with had lived.

But now, here she was, with her suitcases packed, her boxes sealed up, her bedroom bare. She about to say goodbye for the last time as her parents moved the three of them across town.

Courtney realized she may have been happy had it been maybe a smaller house. Maybe only four bedrooms, two bathrooms. She could have coped having to maybe share a meal time with her parents every so often. But what they were forcing her into was a crime against nature as far as Courtney was concerned.

She understood, though. There was no way around it. Her father had lost his job some months ago, no one wanting to hire the infamous Philip Taylor who lost the biggest case of 2015 before January was even over. He'd fallen into depression, then into gambling and before they knew it, the whole family was being evicted because they couldn't afford to keep up with their bills.

For a long time, Courtney thought he parents were going to divorce. Courtney wished they were getting a divorce. But no, instead she found herself standing in the slightly overgrown grass of the trailer park on the scary side of town in front of her new home. Courtney would be here for the next two years, at least until she was old enough to move to a college dorm room as far away from this hellhole as possible.

Her first nights sleep was interrupted by the slow dripping of water that sounded like it was coming from above her bed. Every time she turned on her flickering, yellow light, there was no water to be seen, but it didn't stop the feeling in the pit of Courtney's stomach that made her want to cry.

And if it wasn't the dripping water, it was the dogs howling or the new neighbors TV on too loud. Courtney was picking at every little thing she could over the course of the first week and when her parents told her to think more about some positive things, she slammed the trailer door shut so hard one of the hinges broke.

A low whistle let out behind her and she turned to see a grubby looking boy, around her age, standing behind her, a mischievous grin on his face.

"You got some arm on you, girly," he smirked. "I like 'em real tough like that." Courtney pulled a face for him to see, to which he simply laughed. "You're new around here, aren't ya?" She didn't even bother answering. It was obvious she was new, her clothes weren't stained and she still showered regularly- which was more than she could say for the mystery boy.

Courtney walked away from the conversation before it could develop further.

"I'm Scott, by the way," the boy continued, perusing after Courtney.

"I didn't ask," she replied over her shoulder, hoping to shake him off as she headed for the school bus.

"What's your name?"

"What does it matter?"

"Well, if I'm going to sit next to a pretty girl on the mornin' bus I might as well know her name." Courtney turned and glared at Scott who stood a few feet behind her, his unwelcome smile never wavering. "Jus' bein' polite to my new neighbor, is all."

"Well don't." And Courtney turned her back on him again. She figured he'd give up after that, not seeing the point if she wasn't going to play along with him, but she could still hear him trailing behind her. Courtney hoped it was simply because they apparently shared a school bus now.

"So, what's a girl like you doin' round here, anyways?"

"Okay, listen, Scott." Courtney tried to keep her tone even as she turned to him, but the anger was starting to rise. "Just because you're my neighbor now, it does not make us friend. Just because we go to the same school now, does not make us friends. Just because you seem to have some mild-stalker tendencies, that most definitely does not make us friends. Now go find someone else to bother."

For a moment he was a silent- and Courtney almost felt bad that shes hurt his feelings- but then he cracked that smug grin again. "What ever you say, beautiful," he teased, walking ahead of her and not looking back.

As much as Courtney wanted to knock a few of his teeth out, she couldn't help but watch him walk away.

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