Gadget's Farting Problem

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Chip and Dale were both relaxing in the Rescue Rangers' treehouse, with Gadget Hackwrench working on the Ranger Plane.

"So Gadget, how's the plane coming along?" Chip asked in his squeaky, high-pitched chipmunk voice.

"It's almost done, Chip!" Gadget responded, using a wrench to tighten one of the wings' loose bolts.

"That's good. Because you never know when someone will need our help again. Especially if we have to deal with Fat Cat or Professor Nimnul again."

"Well, without them around to do evil stuff, it sure is boring around here!" Dale stated in his high-pitched, yet chubby sounding voice. "I wonder what's on." Dale turns on the TV, changing the channel to a random cartoon show, laughing as he watched the blue colored ninja frog fighting an orange flying dragon that breathed fire on the TV. "Boy that's hilarious!"

Chip knocked Dale on the head. "You imbecile! You could at least make yourself useful and watch the news so that we know when something bad will happen next!"

Then, Montery Jack walked in along with his best friend Zipper, who flew in next to him.

"G'day mates!" Montery greeted the Rangers in his Australian accent, only to notice Chip and Dale fighting over the TV remote. "'Ey mates! What's this all about?" he then went in to stop their fighting as Zipper stood by.

"Now then, what are you two fighting about this time?" Montery asked.

"I'm sorry about that, Montery. Dale was just being stupid again." Chip stated.

"Hey, it's what I do best, isn't it?" Dale added, shrugging.

"Well whatever it is, you two shouldn't fight 'ere and now over something like this. If something is wrong, we'll know, won't we mates?"

Zipper buzzed in agreement.

"Of course, Monty!" Dale agreed.

"Yeah, true. It's not like there's anything around that we're not prepared for." Chip shrugged.

Gadget walked in. "Ok boys, the plane's ready to go." Gadget's stomach growled loudly. "I sure could go for a snack right about now."

"No problem, Gadget, love. I'll go prepare some of my Walnut Wallaroo Cookies." with that, Monty walked into the kitchen, with Zipper following him.

Dale rubbed his head. "Gee, you think Monty has a crush on Gadget? He keeps calling her love!"

Chip knocked Dale on the head again. "Of course not, you dummy! That's just a figure of speech!"

"He's right." Gadget stated. "Now to work on my next invention!" Gadget turned around, gawking and gaping as she accidentally ripped a loud fart in front of Chip and Dale, both of whom gawked as well, their jaws dropping to the floor as they saw Gadget farting, her tail being lifted by her loud blast of gas.

"Gee whilikers! What was that?" Dale gasped.

Gadget released another brassy poot that blew the chipmunks' fur back, blushing in flabbergast.

"Eeeeww! Gadget, did you just cut the cheese!?" Chip gasped, trying to fan the awful smell away.

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheese?" Monty stuttered, going into another one of his "cheese attacks" as his eyes spiralized and his mustache twisted itself, storming into the living room, only to be blasted by another one of Gadget's loud, blasts of flatulence, causing his eyes and mustache to revert as he was blown back.

"Golly! Did I just do that?" Gadget gasped, placing her hands on her butt, another powerful fart blasting her into the air for a few seconds as her fart blasted her tail.

"Peeyew!" Chip groaned, trying to fan Gadget's farts away. "Watch where you point that thing, Gadget!"

Gadget tried holding in her gas, only for another loud fart to rip from her sexy butt, which blew Chip's hat off his head. "Golly! I can't control these farts of mine!" Gadget farted again in the chipmunks' faces, her fart being longer as it blew Dale's red Hawaiian shirt off.

"Gosh that stinks!" Dale stated, plugging his nose, looking down at his chest. "And oh gosh I'm naked!"

"Crickey! I think you might 'ave had a bit too much, Gadget love!" Monty gasped, trying not to inhale Gadget's farts as Zipper fainted from the rotten flatulence.

"I'm trying, but I can't help it!" Gadget admitted, grabbing her butt as she farted another loud blast of flatulence that lasted for 30 seconds, her ongoing bouts of flatulence stinking up the entire treehouse.

"I think you need to go see a doctor about that. Peeyew!" Chip repeated, plugging his nose in an effort to keep Gadget's farts out of his senses as much as he couldn't.

Gadget's next fart was so loud and powerful that it lifted her off the ground and caused her to fly around the treehouse, her gas blasts getting longer as Gadget gawked in dismay from her flatulent gas blasts. "Golly! Maybe you're right!"

Gadget then landed face flat on the ground, groaning as her butt farted out another brassy blast of rotten fumes that caused everyone else to pass out from the awful stench.