"Look what I got!" Ike from Fire Emblem announced, holding a cage with a chicken inside, him and the other members of the MemeMemeMeme Brigade being inside their usual quarters in the Super Smash Brothers Mansion.

"A live chicken?" Shulk asked. "Let me guess, you're gonna kill it and fry it to make fresh fried chicken?"

"Yes! How'd you know?" Ike asked.

"Because that's your specialty!" Shulk mentioned.

"Yeah, true." Ike shrugged, putting down the cage.

Right before Donkey Kong came back, panting heavily as he spoke. "The Hot Topic Krew is at it again! They're stealing our memes!"

"What? They can't do that!" Shulk growled, he and the other MMM Brigade members running out to fight the HTK, leaving Ike's chicken alone in the room as the Rescue Rangers peered into the window, seeing Ike's chicken inside its cage.

"Golly! We've got to save that chicken before he's killed and deep fried!" Gadget stated.

"Why are we coming all the way here just to rescue a chicken?" Dale asked.

Chip knocked him on the head. "Because, dummy! We're the Rescue Rangers! And that's what we do!"

"Crikey! This is one big house for a bunch of blokes who are together for no good reason, eh mates?" Monty asked as Zipper meekly shrugged in response.

"I just hope that we don't have to deal with-" before Chip could finish, he was interrupted by Gadget's loud fart, which got brassier over a few moments and ended on a wet note, followed by a high pitched poot. "Never mind."

"Golly! My butt just won't stop, will it?" Gadget stated, fanning her butt as a raunchier fart lifted her tail.

Monty looked around to see that the coast was clear, before smelling something that was not Gadget's smelly farts.

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-CHEESE!" Monty exclaimed, going into another cheese attack as he stormed inside, going after what was apparently a wedge of cheese on the counter.

"Oh not again, Montery!" Chip slapped his forehead. "Now we have three problems to worry about!"

Suddenly, Little Mac came back into the room. "I forgot my cheese. Can't stop a thieving crew with cheese." he stated, gasping to see Monty munching down on it.

"Hey! Give me back my cheese, you stupid rodent!" Little Mac growled, punching where Monty was, which was in vain as Monty dodged it and finished eating the cheese wedge, with Little Mac pissed off as he chased Monty around, only to bump his head on the wall at some point and be knocked out, which was ironic for him.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers made it to the cage, with Gadget using a lock pick that she cleverly made out of a hook to open it.

"Thank you! I thought I was gonna be McDonalds!" Ike's chicken stated, being able to talk to the Rangers of course due to being an animal.

"You know, I'm glad this chapter doesn't focus too much on-" before Dale could finish, much to everyone's surprise, the MMM Brigade came back, having quickly stopped the Hot Topic Crew, only for Ike to gasp at the fact that his chicken has escaped.

"Gah! Rodents!" Ike growled. "Get them!"

All of the MMM Brigade members started chasing the Rescue Rangers around as Ike's chicken somehow slipped away in the midst, while Gadget continued ripping loud, brassy farts that quickly stunk up the room, the sexy-figured mouse letting out more gas than her tiny body could ever hold in as the other Brigade members were eventually knocked out by the putrid stench, the Rangers all fanning the air as Gadget blushed.

"Oh come on! You're so unladylike!" Chip fumed, repulsed by how smelly Gadget's farts were.

"Hey, it saved us, didn't it?" Gadget shrugged, her tail fluttering and the back of her coveralls rippling with every one of Gadget's following farts.

"I wonder what her butt looks like when she farts like that..." Dale rubbed his chin, having pervy thoughts about Gadget's farts.

"Don't get your hopes too high, mate. You might end up getting more than you wished for." Monty stated, fanning the air as Zipped simply passed out from the stench as Gadget continued to fart up a storm.

Later that Day, Bowser was conversing with Greninja about what happened with the MMM Brigade.

"It was bizarre, the whole room was stunk up for some odd reason." Bowser explained.

"You think Peach, Palutena, or any of the other girls were up to this?" Greninja asked.

Bowser rubbed his chin. "Not sure..."